MicroMillions: Brazil's JuvasJr wins Event #3 ($5.50 NLHE)

MicroMillions logo.pngA quick search of the PokerStars blog site turns up no sign of JuvasJr ... until now. The Brazilian player entered the third MicroMillions event of this inaugural series looking to shine and did just that. When entering the final table at nearly 40 million behind the chip leader, the task must have seemed daunting, but playing a solid game and never giving up awarded JuvasJr a prestigious online poker title.


The first day of the MicroMillions series was an astounding success, and Event 3 was the perfect evidence. The $5.50 buy-in No Limit Hold'em tournament carried a $75K guarantee, but the prize pool soared over the $100K mark more than 15 minutes before the start time. When the cards were finally dealt to kick off the action, there was more than $121K in that pool. And it only grew from there.

At the end of the 120-minute registration period, the final numbers were:

Players: 40,323
Guarantee: $75,000.00
Prize pool: $201,615.00
Paid players: 5,292

Impressive, no?

The money bubble approached rather quickly before the four-hour mark of the tournament, and said bubble left LuckyDazzle unluckily out in 5293rd place. Pingvatrader, on the other hand, was the first to cash and garnered $10.08 for making it into the money.

As for the team of PokerStars players in the event, only one of them made his way into the money. Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas of Greece ended his run in 2841st place, and there were no more PokerStars red spades left in the tournament.

The rest of the players were looking to turn their $5.50 buy-ins (or less if they won their seats through the numerous satellites) into a five-figure score. The field thinned past the nine-hour mark, as three tables eventually turned to two.

Boliebolie held the chip lead when the final two tables began, but teoren was close behind, as both players had more than more than 23 million chips. It didn't take long for easywithaces to surpass the two, though, and jump into the lead with nearly 30 million.

Just past the 10-hour mark, p4rc23 was ousted in 12th place, and the 11th place elimination of boliebolie set hand-for-hand play into motion. With new-contras in the lead, no one else was very close to that 48 million chip count. And when wiksy made the all-in move preflop from the button with A♦K♦, new-contras called from the big blind with 7♦7♠. That pair held up to the 9♣6♣T♥Q♠4♣ board, and wiksy was gone in tenth place with $651.21.

Chip leader: new-contras

The final table began in Level 55, with blinds of 700,000/1,400,000 and a 175,000 ante. Players' starting stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: CHIPmeUP133 (2,604,449 in chips)
Seat 2: JuvasJr (19,835,206 in chips)
Seat 3: new-contras (58,387,647 in chips)
Seat 4: Henn0r19 (17,951,666 in chips)
Seat 5: LordOfFish (12,453,353 in chips)
Seat 6: easywithaces (42,111,680 in chips)
Seat 7: teoren (27,585,575 in chips)
Seat 8: 123 lalala (8,163,644 in chips)
Seat 9: lanjungelan (12,521,780 in chips)

MM FT - Event 3.JPG

And ... action! On the second hand, CHIPmeUP133 doubled through easywithaces and did it again a few hands later against Henn0r19. That left 123 lalala as the new short stack, but a double-up via new-contras rectified that situation.

With lanjungelan holding the fewest chips at that point, an initial raise from JuvasJr prompted a call from lanjungelan from the big blind. The J♥3♦4♣ flop prompted an all-in bet from lanjungelan with A♦4♦, but middle pair wasn't good compared to the A♣J♣ and top pair of JuvasJr. The 5♥ turn and K♠ river allowed the jacks to hold, and lanjungelan departed with a "GG" note from 123 lalala and $870.97 for the ninth place finish.

Time for school, time for work

Speaking of 123 lalala, it was time to move in more ways than one. "In 3 hours I sit in school, lol," typed 123 lalala, and moments later moved all-in for 8.8 million with 9♦9♣. New-contras called from the small blind with K♦K♠, and the board blanked with 3♦6♣4♣7♥J♥. That left 123 lalala out in eighth place with $1,479.85, certainly enough to buy some school supplies.

Two hands later, Henn0r19 pushed all-in from the button, and LordOfFish reraised all-in from the small blind. Easywithaces easily folded the big blind, and Henn0r19 was at risk with 7♥3♥. LordOfFish dominated with A♥A♠, and the aces stayed good as the dealer provided 7♣T♠J♥6♥5♠. Henn0r19 headed out in seventh place with $2,175.42.

Teoren, who commented on a lack of sleep and need to get to work, decided to get involved by raising from middle position with A♦T♦. CHIPmeUP133 reraised all-in from the button with A♣Q♠, and teoren called. And instead of going to work, teoren saw the board come 7♦4♥6♠5♦4♦ for the diamond flush. CHIPmeUP133, on the other hand, was out in sixth place with $3,133.09.

Soon after, teoren got involved again, that time with LordOfFish. They went to see a raised flop of 2♣Q♣9♦ and checked to the Q♥ turn. Two more checks brought the 4♦ on the river, and teoren checked. LordOfFish bet more than 10 million, and teoren called all-in for his last 5 million chips with Ks]6♥. LordOfFish showed Q♦9♠ for the full house, and teoren was out and able to head to work with an extra $4,697.62 for fifth place.

JuvasJr jumps into lead

With this double through easywithaces, JuvasJr took over:

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Easywithaces was the newest short stack and pushed all-in with A♠K♦ in an attempt to double up. LordOfFish called with K♥Q♠ from the big blind but improved with the very first card on the Q♣8♦T♣5♠7♦ board. Easywithaces ended up finishing in fourth place with $6,262.16.

Deal, please?

JuvasJr and LordOfFish were more than ready to discuss a potential deal, but new-contras had other ideas. After mentioning minutes before that heads-up would be the time to discuss something, new-contras did not respond to the new requests.

Meanwhile, JuvasJr was scooping big pots and climbing to over 100 million chips. There seemed no stopping the new chip leader, but LordOfFish turned on the aggression and came close. But a key double for new-contras through JuvasJr changed the entire scenario:

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Slow and easy for final three

The last three players slowed things down a great deal through Levels 59 and 60, with a few all-ins but no calls. The money at stake for the final payouts was too great to risk everything unnecessarily.

Eventually, LordOfFish and new-contras split a big pot when both made ace-high straights on a K-9-Q-T-J board, saving the life of new-contras to fight another few rounds. New-contras found another opportunity and did double through LordOfFish, but the latter then doubled back through new-contras. A rivalry had emerged.

On the next hand, LordOfFish raised all-in as the first to act, and new-contras called all-in with 2♠2♦. LordOfFish showed Q♠T♠ and made the best straight from the 7♦8♦6♦5♥9♠ board. Former chip leader and strong player new-contras was out in third place with $7,838.79.

Heads-up play starts with a deal

Just one hand into action, the two players paused the tournament to discuss a potential deal. And with the reveal of the payouts based on chip counts, an agreement was reached. Only $1,500 was left over for the winner, and the payouts were set as follows:

Seat 2: JuvasJr (104,802,125 in chips) = $13,629.49
Seat 5: LordOfFish (96,812,875 in chips) = $13,504.97

And on the fourth hand of the match, the two players got involved. LordOfFish was the first to act and moved all-in with 8♥7♥, and JuvasJr called with K♦K♠. The flop of 7♠6♦Q♦ gave LordOfFish the pair of sevens, and the 6♣ on the turn made things interesting. But the T♦ on the river ended it with JuvasJr holding the best two pair. LordOfFish of Germany had to settle for second place with $13,504.97 in prize money.

JuvasJr of Brazil won the third MicroMillions event title and a substantial $15,129.49 payout. Congratulations!

MicroMillions Event #3 ($5.50 NLHE) Results (reflects deal):

1st place: JuvasJr ($15,129.49)*
2nd place: LordOfFish ($13,504.97)*
3rd place: new-contras ($7,838.79)
4th place: easywithaces ($6,262.16)
5th place: teoren ($4,697.62)
6th place: CHIPmeUP133 ($3,133.09)
7th place: Henn0r19 ($2,175.42)
8th place: 123 lalala ($1,479.85)
9th place: lanjungelan ($870.97)

*Numbers based on a two-way chop with $1,500 added to winner's money

The MicroMillions just began, but there are plenty more on the schedule with 100 tournaments in all. Check out the main page for all tournament and satellite information, as well as the Leaderboard and Statistics pages.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in MicroMillions