MicroMillions II: Day 5 round-up, another $588,864 won

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngIt's still a tough one to get our heads round. Someone, in this case Wieger1980, buys into a $1 rebuy turbo tournament and six-and-a-half hours later they've got an additional $13,569.70 in their account. That victory was the Dutchman's only score in this MicroMillions II series and while it might not be enough to retire from your the day job, it is certainly enough to retire to the local bar to party with a few compadres and still have enough to buy yourself a car and into several Sunday Millions afterwards. For as little as a buck. That's why the MicroMillions is so great. It's low, low, low buy-ins (you could even say 'micro') with big, fat, chunky prizes up top (okay, not individually millions, but certainly cumulatively).

In fact, after 43 events the MicroMillions has paid out $3,352,241.94, and we're not even halfway through the online festival yet. Event #98 will boost that number considerably. The $22 MicroMillions main event, a $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament with a minimum $150,000 payout for first, starts on 22 July at 14.30 ET. Don't worry if you're locked out your flat, committed to going to your gran's birthday or due in court for a parking violation: the main event has a slow structure and three whole hours of late registration.


Weiger1980's came into the final table mid-field

While the likes of Wieger1980 may pick up individual glory there's also a battle for the heart of the MicroMillions II Leader Board. German Beckersen81 has been knocked off his perch by Brazilian fabio_bruxo who takes pole position in the race for the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure package, which includes entry into the $10,000 main event, accommodation and flights.

The MicroMillions Top Ten
1. fabio_bruxo, Brazil, 330
2. Beckersen81, Germany, 290
3. dunkmeister2, Australia, 285
4= Iwantbearich, Russia, 255
4= olangotang, United Kingdom, 255
6. dzikibawol, Poland, 240
7= Limwonster, Germany, 230
7= VX$52, Russia, 230
9. pikul, Poland, 225
10. stefanoy, Romania, 220

If you're further down the pecking order, or even yet to pick up any points, don't be dismayed. There are still more than 50 events left to play and thousands of points to pick up. If you finish in the to fifty (a current benchmark of 155 points) you'll get a $215 tournament ticket credited to your account. Finish in the top ten behind the champ and you can make that a $1,050 WCOOP ticket.

If you've been following PokerStars Team Online's Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra's endurance test of playing all 100 events over the 11 day series you may be interested to know he's ground his way into 24th place on the leader board with 180 points. You can catch up with Coimbra's daily video posts by clicking through this link.

You can look at the full schedule by logging into the PokerStars lobby and clicking on Events>MicroMillions>Main Events tabs or by clicking on this MicroMillions II schedule link.


Find out who won what by clicking through to the MicroMillions II reports page.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in MicroMillions