MicroMillions: devilspenny does God's work in Event 30, $8.80 NLHE (6-max)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngImagine, for a second, that you are a small-stakes players that makes it to the final table of one of the 100 MicroMillions events taking place during the 2012 MicroMillions series on PokerStars. How likely would you be to seek a deal to smooth out the top payouts and ensure that most of the final table players received a hefty prize?

That was the dilemma that presented itself to the final table of 2012 MicroMillions Event 30, $8.80 No-Limit Hold'em (6-max). And although it took three tries, the players ultimately did reach a deal.

The guarantee for Event 30 was $75,000, and once again it was easily met. 13,435 players signed up, creating a prize pool of $107,480 and 1800 in-the-money finishes. Micro players could dream about taking down a very non-micro 1st-place prize of $14,732.52. I'm no mathemagician but $14,732.52 is a mighty impressive return for an $8.80 buy-in.

Seven members of Team PokerStars were a tiny drop in the bucket of the Event 30 field. Only Team Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki found paydirt; his 168th place finish was an impressively deep run given the field size, but still came up a bit short of the final table.

And what of that final table?

2012 Micro-Millions-Event-30-Final-Table.jpg

Seat 1: bacardi611 (14500312 in chips)
Seat 2: zuh4ir (13370963 in chips)
Seat 3: lolekss (7495008 in chips)
Seat 4: dejanaceking (5746842 in chips)
Seat 5: devilspenny (7428417 in chips)
Seat 6: sbj1000 (18633458 in chips)

Blinds: 125k / 250k Ante: 31250

Deal or no deal? No deal.

Right away the short stack, dejanaceking, suggested looking at chip-chop numbers. None of the other five players replied to the suggestion. Some poker was left to be played before any deal would be made.

Within the first five minutes of final table play, devilspenny got all in pre-flop against sbj1000. sbj1000's pocket sixes led the whole way against devilspenny's Q♣T♣, but the river queen not only saved devilspenny's tournament but took devilspenny from the edge of elimination to the chip lead.

dejanaceking tried to broker a deal a second time. devilspenny (now sitting with the chip lead) was amenable, as was bacardi611. While they continued to lobby for a discussion, sbj1000 and zuh4ir got all the chips in after the flop. It was a "set up" hand that ended badly four zuh4ir.

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Down to about 400,000 chips, zuh4ir climbed back into contention by doubling up first with a bare ace against a pair and then doubling up a second time with A♥J♥ against A♦[10c], both times at the expense of lolekss. The comeback was complete when zuh4ir flopped a full house against devilspenny and got full value for it.

By the 7pm break, due to dejanaceking's insistent lobbying, each player checked the "Discuss Deal" checkbox and agreed to look at the numbers for a chip-chop deal. Once the numbers were presented, all players agreed except dejanaceking, who immediately asked for $4500 ($500 more than on a straight chip chop), saying a big pot immediately before the break knocked back dejanaceking's share. The other players objected to changing the chop deal and so play resumed.

Deal or no deal? Deal!

The "let's deal" / "I won't deal" banter continued for more than 10 minutes. First dejanaceking was the chop-blocker; than zuh4ir took over that role. But still nobody busted.

Blinds rolled over to 250k / 500k with a 62,500 ante when lolekss finally became the first casualty of the final table. bacardi611 opened all in for 7.1 million from first position; lolekss called all in for 4.4 million with the worse hand. lolekss showed down A♠Q♦ to bacardi611's A♣K♥. A king on the flop and a blank on the turn left lolekss drawing dead heading into the river.

A few moments later zuh4ir, the player that refused to deal, followed lolekss to the rail. zuh4ir had just 1.6 million in chips, about three big blinds, and put them in from the button with 9♥8♥. dejanaceking had been dealt two queens and made a four-flush in clubs to drag the pot and knock zuh4ir out of the tournament in 5th place.

The remaining four players requested that the tournament be paused again and new chip-chop numbers produced. At that point, dejanaceking held the chip lead with 25.4 million, followed by devilspenny (16.4 million), sbj1000 (14.1 million) and bacardi611 (11.0 million). Again, however, no deal was forthcoming. sbj1000 requested $8,500, $800 more than a straight chip-chop would give. Dejanaceking refused, pointing out that the $7,800 that the 3rd-in-chips sbj1000 would get on a straight chip-chop was more than 3rd place money and more than twice the scheduled 4th-place prize of $3,761. sbj1000 relented and the deal was made.

There was still $1,500 left for the champion. With the formalization of the deal, play resumed to determine whose payout would be padded by that amount. devilspenny became the early favorite after rivering an ace from space, all in pre-flop with A♣8♦ against dejanaceking's K♠K♦ for a 35.5 million-chip pot.

sbj1000 also took a hit, doubling up bacardi611 and falling almost level with dejanaceking as the shortest stack. With 10 big blinds each, a confrontation seemed pre-ordained; it happened when dejanaceking picked up big slick to sbj1000's pocket 7s. The 7s won this flip, knocking out dejanaceking in 4th place.

Only a few more hands were played before big stacks devilspenny and bacardi611 repeated the all-in pre-flop pas de deux, with devilspenny getting the better of a queen-jack versus pocket 10s flip by catching a jack on the flop.

Heads-up play lasted all of two hands. devilspenny won the blinds and antes in the first hand, then won every chip on the table in the second hand. After opening for 1.2 million pre-flop, sbj1000 called off 11 million more against devilspenny's 3-bet shove. Each player had a medium ace: A♣6♣ for sbj1000, A♠8♥ for devilspenny. The board blanked out 5♥3♠Q♠Q♦7♣, giving the pot and the MicroMillions Event 30 title to devilspenny.

2012 Micro Millions Event 30 $8.80 No-Limit Hold'em (6-max) results (after 4-way deal):

1st: devilspenny ($9,960.67)*
2nd: sbj1000 ($7,805.13)*
3rd: bacardi611 ($6,906.50)*
4th: dejanaceking ($11,018.82)*
5th: zuh4ir ($2,149.60)
6th: lolekss ($1,299.43)

It's hard to believe we're already 30 events into PokerStars' first-ever MicroMillions tournament series. It's even harder to believe that there are still 70 more events to come, with buy-ins ranging from $1 to $11. Get all of the details at the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions