MicroMillions: Donkaey stomps way to $9K win in Event #48 (NLHE $8.80, Big Antes)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngEvent #48 of the MicroMillions series, a no-limit hold'em tourney, featured a (relatively) bigger buy-in of $8.80. Equally notable was its "big antes" format, one of just two such events in the 100-event series (along with Event #29, won by Rafa_Nadal10).

That meant antes from the first level, with the size of the antes eventually settling to one-fifth the big blind (usually) -- in other words, around twice antes' usual size. All of which meant big pots before the flop and after, and big action from the get-go as well.

Only about 2,000 were seated when the first hands were dealt on Tuesday morning, but players continued to sign up during all of late registration, and eventually 7,455 joined the fun. That group created a total prize pool of $59,640, thus crushing yet another MicroMillions guarantee (in this case for $40K). The top 990 finishers would divide those riches, with $9,076.11 due the winner.

It took just about three-and-a-half hours for the field to shrink to 990 and the money bubble to burst. At that point flyermc led everyone with a little over 191,000, with sir1981 and TJMAAD the closest challengers, both hovering above the 150,000-chip mark.

The floodgates opened thereafter, with nearly 800 players hitting the rail over the next hour-and-a-half. With 200 remaining portillo23 had risen to the top of the counts with more than 763,000, royalendy was next with about 715,000, and lterra12 third with just over 606,000. And sitting in 13th place was Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki with about 366,000 chips.

An hour later they'd reached the six-hour break, at which point 90 players remained. Four of those 90 had crossed the 1 million-chip mark, led by Goudvis_90 with a little more than 1.35 million, moord next with almost 1.27 million, jaymour close in third with about 1.265 million, and fromRU33SIA with 1.01 million. Horecki was still there, too, sitting in 28th place with an above-average stack of 458,925.

Over the next half-hour the field shrunk below 60. Then, with the blinds at 10,000/20,000, it folded around to INLOVE who raised to 60,000 from the small blind, then Horecki shoved all in from the big blind for 697,125 total. INLOVE called quickly, tabling A♥K♥ to Goral's A♠8♠, and after the board ran out 6♣5♣4♥K♠6♠ Horecki was out in 58th place for a $94.82 cash.


Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki

INLOVE would use those chips to help push out into the lead with 45 players left, followed by ninskymo13 and jaymore as the only players with more than 2 million chips.

INLOVE would continue to lead as they crossed the seven-and-a-half-hour mark and just 20 remained, moving up over 650,000 chips when no one else yet had 400,000. Soon GRACH SGO (20th) and gokkel82 (19th) would go out, each earning $139.55, and just two tables remained.

Over the next half-hour nine more would fall, during which stretch INLOVE's stack would shrink as well. Doszel (18th), Hannes42 (17th), and Kaktus26rus (16th) would each take $166.99 as parting gifts. mak_mich (15th), bololegend (14th), and pepe155 (13th) would each earn $250.48. And also eliminated just shy of the final table were stensballe (12th), portillo23 (11th), and finally INLOVE (10th), each securing a $333.98 addition to their balances.

A little over eight hours after the tourney had begun, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: pokerniss -- 4,958,348
Seat 2: ultravires -- 11,553,694
Seat 3: Mauri1976 -- 3,356,742
Seat 4: rashevski2 -- 1,680,763
Seat 5: eduardcostin -- 4,442,875
Seat 6: holllly -- 4,818,858
Seat 7: Donkaey -- 1,618,793
Seat 8: rnoord -- 1,542,332
Seat 9: fromRU33SIA -- 3,302,595

With the blinds 70,000/140,000 -- and antes 28,000 -- it would take just four hands for the first elimination of the final table to come.

After it folded around to the small blind, Donkaey raised to 420,000 and rnoord called from the big blind. The flop came T♠J♥2♦ and Donkaey immediately pushed his stack of more than 1.6 million into the middle. rnoord called with the 1,022,332 he had left, showing A♣J♠ for top pair, while Donkaey turned over Q♣9♦ for an open-ender.

The turn was the 5♣ and rnoord was still best, but the Q♠ fell on the river to give Donkaey the better pair and send rnoord to the rail in ninth.

Ten minutes later the blinds had moved up to 80,000/160,000 and antes to 32,000 when rashevski2 open-shoved from UTG for 986,763 with 8♥8♣ and got one caller in Mauri1976 from the big blind who held 9♠9♥. The board came 4♠A♠7♥4♣5♣, and rashevski2 was eliminated in eighth.

A little over an orbit later it was fromRU33SIA opening with a minimum-raise to 320,000 from early position, then holllly pushed all in from the small blind for 3,228,858. Donkaey folded the BB, but fromRU33SIA swiftly called, showing K♥K♦. holllly needed help with 9♦9♣, but the community cards came 7♥8♥4♠K♣T♠ and they were down to six.

Those six continued to battle through to Level 46 (blinds 100k/200k, antes 40k), with ultravires out in front with more than 10.82 million and pokerniss next with about 9.32 million. That's when Mauri1976 opened with an all-in raise to 1,708,630 from UTG+1 and both Donkaey (button) and fromRU33SIA called (small blind).

The flop came 2♥6♦2♦. fromRU33SIA promptly bet all-in for more than 3.38 million, and Donkaey called with the 2,849,620 he had left.

fromRU33SIA: 8♥8♠ -- eights and deuces
Donkaey: T♣T♠ -- tens and deuces
Mauri1976: K♦Q♠ -- just deuces

The J♠ turn and 7♥ river meant Donkaey's hand remained best, earning him all 11,265,130 in the middle and the chip lead. Meanwhile, fromRU33SIA slipped down to just 533,758 while Mauri1976 hit the rail in sixth.

Just a few hands later eduardcostin opened with a 3x raise to 600,000 and it folded around to ultravires who shoved from the big blind for more than 10.7 million, earning a call from eduardcostin with the 3,118,234 he had behind.

eduardcostin had J♣J♠, but had run into ultravires' A♠A♣. The board ran out 8♠4♦2♦4♠A♦, giving ultravires a full house and knocking eduardcostin out in fifth.

After that hand, ultravires appeared to be in fine shape, sitting in first with more than 14.76 million with Donkaey second with about 12.72 million. ultravires would soon grab a couple more pots to push over 18 million, including a hand in which he wiped out a short-stacked fromRU33SIA in fourth place.

In that one fromRU33SIA had committed the last of his chips preflop with K♠9♠ against ultravires' A♣3♦. The first four cards came 5♣4♦6♣7♣ to give ultravires a straight. The river then brought the K♣ to improve ultravires further to a flush, and fromRU33SIA was out in fourth.

Then with three players left came a crucial, tourney-changing hand in which Donkaey would succeed in claiming about two-thirds of ultravires' stack.

In that hand ultravires had the initiative through the turn as the board came T♣5♥J♣K♦, at which point ultravires called a check-raise, all-in shove from Donkaey. Donkaey had top two pair while ultravires had an open-ended straight draw with 9♥8♣. The river was the 6♥ and suddenly Donkaey was the overwhelming chip leader. Take a look:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Those three battled for several minutes with Donkaey adding a few more chips while both pokerniss and ultravires saw their stacks decrease. Then, with the blinds 125k/250k (antes 50k), Donkaey opened from the button with a big raise to 7.25 million and ultravires called all in from the big blind with the 4,655,392 he had left.

Donkaey had 6♠6♣ and ultravires A♥K♦, and five cards later -- 2♦4♦Q♣2♥5♣ -- Donkaey's sixes had held to send ultravires out in third place.

Heads-up play began with Donkaey way out in front with 32,030,652 to pokerniss' 5,244,348. They'd play three hands with pokerniss adding a few to push up to a little over 6.41 million. Then, eight hours and 46 minutes after the first hands of the event had been dealt, the end arrived.

In the final hand, Donkaey made a 3x raise to 750,000 from the button, pokerniss reraised all in, and Donkaey called. pokerniss had A♥7♦ and was hoping to hold on against Donkaey's K♣]5♣. The flop was a good one for pokerniss, coming A♠A♣J♠ to give him trips. But the turn was the Q♣ and river the 9♣, giving Donkaey a backdoor flush and the victory.

RSS readers click through to see replay

Congratulations to Donkaey for besting a field of 7,455 to turn $8.80 into more than $9K!

MicroMillions Event #48 ($8.80 No-Limit Hold'em, Big Antes) Results:
1st: Donkaey ($9,076.11)
2nd: pokerniss ($6,709.50)
3rd: ultravires ($4,771.20)
4th: fromRU33SIA ($3,280.20)
5th: eduardcostin ($2,504.88)
6th: Mauri1976 ($1,908.48)
7th: holllly ($1,312.08)
8th: rashevski2 ($715.68)
9th: rnoord ($462.21)

We're just about to the halfway point of the 100-event MicroMillions series. Check the schedule and take a chance to do like Donkaey and make a whole heckuva lot out of very little.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions