MicroMillions: Duttert does it, wins Event #94 ($5.50 NLHE); ZabrodinK binks $7K in chop

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngWhat a wild ride it has been over the last 11 days of PokerStars' first ever MicroMillions series! With just a few events left to count today -- including that $1 million guarantee Main Event -- the 100-event series has seen more than 1.2 million entrants participate, with many among them having turned super-small buy-ins into super-sized scores along the way.

Among the offerings on today's final day was Event #94, a $5.50 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with a $75K guarantee. This one saw 17,569 more join the fun, making for a guarantee-busting $87,845 prize pool. The top 2,250 were paid, with $10,285.41 scheduled to go to the winner.

It would take nearly four hours for the field to be cut down to 2,250 and the cash bubble to burst. At that moment valvegasss led everyone with more than 213,000 chips, followed closely by NOONSADE with almost 211,000. Meanwhile DrewMmm, 991920, and olivetti03 filled out the top five, all hovering right around 170,000.

By the time they were approaching the five-hour mark just 1,000 remained, with .C.D.aniel leading as the only player over the 500,000-chip mark and dekota222 and Racio90 the nearest challengers, both just under 400,000.

A half-hour later they were down to 500, with classic0995 having moved to the top of the counts with better than 750,000, martin fisher next with about 718,000, and NICECAN third with just over 713,000.

Soon after returning from the seven-hour break the field had been trimmed to 100 players, with four of them then sitting with stacks of greater than 2 million: Max Lundvall (2,604,399), Ro2s7h (2,580,627), McKeanC (2,137,264), and ahhthatone (2,118,678).

Another hour and 45 minutes went by and just 18 were left. CreepPT had assumed the top spot with more than 10.37 million, Ro2s7h was still up there in second with more than 9.06 million, and ZabrodinK third with right at 8.89 million.

Over the next half-hour nine more fell: Vis. god (18th, $180.08), josebnf (17th, $180.08), cjyout (16th, $180.08), shuklinya (15th, $263.53), AkilaN222 (14th, $263.53), barcapanos7 (13th, $263.53), lksksr (12th, $351.38), dmitriy222 (11th, $351.38), and Racio90 (10th, $351.38).

They were down to nine.


Seat 1: chaz_nawti -- 10,822,196
Seat 2: Ro2s7h -- 11,688,210
Seat 3: aynin -- 10,775,661
Seat 4: McEddy316 -- 6,523,758
Seat 5: ZabrodinK -- 8,705,296
Seat 6: Duttert -- 5,155,963
Seat 7: Oooowaa -- 11,428,006
Seat 8: AlexB84 -- 3,639,668
Seat 9: CreepPT -- 19,106,242

They were only a half-dozen hands into the final table when the first elimination took place.

With the blinds 150,000/300,000, leader CreepPT opened from under the gun with a raise to 621,199 and chaz_nawti called from one seat over. It folded to Duttert on the button who called as well, and Oooowaa folded the small blind. That's when AlexB84 reraised all in for 3,452,168 from the BB, prompting an over-the-top reshove from CreepPT which caused both chaz_nawti and Duttert to skedaddle.

AlexB84: J♥J♣
CreepPT: Q♣Q♥

A couple of big pairs, but CreepPT's was bigger, and after the five community cards came 5♠9♣2♠Q♦T♦ CreepPT had a set of queens and an 8.6 million-plus chip pot while AlexB84 was out in ninth.

About an orbit later the blinds had risen to 200,000/400,000 when aynin made a min-raise to 800,000 from early position, then McEddy316 reraised all in for 4,418,373. It folded back to aynin who, having McEddy316 covered, called the reraise.

aynin had A♦K♠ and McEddy316 A♣K♦ and it appeared a chop was soon to come. But the board rolled out Q♠6♠T♠2♠Q♥, giving aynin the flush and wiping McEddy316 out in eighth.

Five hands later it folded around to Duttert in the small blind who made a big 10x raise to 4 million, and Oooowaa called from the big blind with the 1,722,710 he had left. Duttert held A♠T♦ and Oooowaa J♠2♠. The flop came 3♠2♥6♠ -- nice for Oooowaa who'd picked up a pair plus a flush draw. But the turn was the 3♣ and river the 6♥, which made that pair of deuces meaningless and left Duttert with the better hand, knocking Oooowaa out in seventh.

The final six played five more hands, then the tourney was paused in order for them to talk about a possible deal. At that point CreepPT remained the leader with more than 20.4 million, but aynin was close with about 19.4 million.

"Chip chop" numbers were proposed, and while the bottom four were amenable both CreepPT and aynin were not. aynin finally did come around, but CreepPT held out -- "I will win it anyway," he typed, responding to others' pleas -- and so after a bit more back-and-forthing play resumed.

On just the fifth hand after the failed deal talks, a huge pot developed between CreepPT and ZabrodinK in which the latter was all in for about 12.8 million before the flop with A♥A♠ against CreepPT's A♣K♦. The board came 3♠J♥Q♣5♥6♥, and suddenly ZabrodinK was the big leader while CreepPT was now sixth of six.

The others were less than sympathetic.

chaz_nawti: there you go
ZabrodinK: you see ???
Ro2s7h: nice
ZabrodinK: you see noW ?
Duttert: ok new deal ?

They did soon stop the tourney to talk about a deal once more, and as they waited for new numbers CreepPT showed in the chat box he was a good sport about his misfortune.

CreepPT: lol.. no problem.. i deserved it.. sick cooler.. no problem :)

New figures were produced -- this time with ZabrodinK the chip leader -- and with a small revision the six agreed to a "chip chop," leaving $1,500 on the table for which to play.

On the second hand back, ZabrodinK made a min-raise to 1 million from UTG, then Ro2s7h reraised all in from the small blind for 11,475,710, getting a fold from aynin in the big blind and a call from ZabrodinK. Ro2s7h had A♥9♠ and ZabrodinK J♠J♦, and after the 8♥8♦5♦Q♥5♠ board, Ro2s7h was sent away in sixth.

A few more hands passed, then another big preflop all-in occurred between chaz_nawti and CreepPT. chaz_nawti had raised to 1 million from UTG, then CreepPT reraised all in from the blinds for 7,609,047, getting a quick call from chaz_nawti.

chaz_nawti had A♥A♦ and CreepPT 9♥9♠, but the flop came 9♣8♥4♣ to give CreepPT a set. The turn was the 4♥. Then came the river -- the A♠! A better set for chaz_nawti, and CreepPT was gone in fifth.

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With four left ZabrodinK was leader with nearly 38 million, aynin second with about 20.6 million, chaz_nawti third with just over 18.4 million, and Duttert last with right at 10.8 million.

The blinds had moved to 300,000/600,000 when chaz_nawti raised to 1.2 million from the small blind, then aynin pushed all in from the big blind, prompting a call from chaz_nawti with the 11,458,052 he had left.

chaz_nawti had 7♦7♥ and was hoping to hold versus aynin's A♦3♥, but the community cards came 2♠3♠Q♦T♣3♣ to give aynin trip treys and eliminate chaz_nawti in fourth.

aynin would soon grab a few more pots to pull out ahead of ZabrodinK and into the lead. Then came a big hand in which aynin put Zabrodink to the test with an all-river shove on a 7♠7♦K♠6♠T♣ board. After thinking for a while, Zabrodink made a big -- and correct -- call. Take a look:

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ZabrodinK was back on top with more than 55 million, well ahead of aynin's 18 million and Duttert's almost 14.4 million. Duttert soon doubled through aynin with A♣K♠ to aynin's A♠Q♠, and the latter was suddenly on the super-short stack.

A few hands later the blinds were 400,000/800,000 when aynin shoved from the small blind for 3,636,726 and ZabrodinK called from the big blind. aynin had K♥2♣ and ZabrodinK A♦3♣, and five cards later -- Q♠J♦3♦5♥8♥ -- they were down to two.

Heads-up play began with ZabrodinK ahead with 54,949,726 to Duttert's 32,895,274. They would ultimately battle for more than 100 hands. ZabrodinK started out increasing the lead, then had Duttert on the ropes more than once but Duttert continued to survive. Then Duttert scraped back to take the advantage before ultimately the final hand took place.

By then the blinds had ballooned to 500,000/1,000,000. Duttert opened for 2 million from the button, then ZabrodinK raised all in for 32,610,808 and Duttert called.

ZabrodinK had 9♣9♦ and was hoping to hold against Duttert's A♦Q♣. The flop came J♥7♦8♦ and ZabrodinK was still ahead. Then the turn brought the Q♠ and a better pair to Duttert. The river was the K♣, and Duttert had won.

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Congratulations to Duttert for topping a field of 17,569 to grab one of the last MicroMillions titles of the series! And congrats as well to ZabrodinK who took away the biggest payday thanks to the six-way chop.

MicroMillions Event #94 ($5.50 No-Limit Hold'em) Results (*reflects six-way deal):
1st: Duttert ($6,188.56)*
2nd: ZabrodinK ($7,000.00)*
3rd: aynin ($6,149.01)*
4th: chaz_nawti ($4,822.90)*
5th: CreepPT ($3,848.50)*
6th: Ro2s7h ($4,676.89)*
7th: Oooowaa ($1,493.36)
8th: McEddy316 ($790.60)
9th: AlexB84 ($527.07)

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions