MicroMillions: eccles08 takes the largest slice of the cake in Event #81, $3.30 NLHE

An Eccles cake is a small, heavy bun made traditionally in the United Kingdom. It is no French fancy, there are no hundreds and thousands on its top, just a few tough currants scattered within the mix, possibly a mild dusting of demerara sugar. It's a good summary of Event #81 winner eccles08's final table performance; sturdy, no frills but ultimately very filling, which scored him $2,348.37 for a $3.30 buy-in.

The tournament had started with 5,892 players contributing to a $17,946 prize pool, smashing the $10,000 guarantee, but with nine players remaining eccles08 was sat in sixth with tunec74s blazing a trail as the chip leader. tunec74 won the first hand to go above six million, twice the average, with skeeterfan following close behind until a minor tangle in the blinds between them pushed tunec74s further towards seven million. But now was not the time of the big stacks, it was all to do with which of the shorties would survive and prosper or topple and bust.

micromillions_event 81 final table edit.jpg

The MicroMillions Event #81 final table

Standard poker theory dictates that when you're down to some ten big blinds that you should move all-in or fold from the button. Throwing convention to the win baaac limped his button with less than three big blinds behind and passed when Fugas805 shoved from the small blind and eccles08 moved on over the top from the big. That pass successfully laddered baaac one spot to guarantee himself an additional $80.76.

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The short stack doubled a few hands later with A♠J♣ through CoelB's 7♦4♦ but failed to flip well the hand after with 9♥9♠ against skeeterfan's A♥K♥. He departed in 8th. BatIB had been one of those shorter stacks but, perhaps released from the pressure of outlasting baaac, the Russian stuck it all in with K♥2♠ from the small blind for 1,469,552 at the 100,000-200,000 level. stelucolonel made a good call with A♣5♠ and was rewarded with a rivered ace. Unfortunately it didn't help him to move any further up the final table when he ran A♥J♠, shoved for ten big blinds from the small blind, into eccles08 button raise made with A♠A♦.

The largest pot of the tournament so far then took place with a grim suckout by skeeterfan through Argentinian fpastori04: "thought A good there," said skeeterfan. In a way it was, but only after it rivered the nuts putting skeeterfan second in chips behind eccles08. Check the hand out below.

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After that nasty turn of fortunes fpastori04 held with a big hand getting A♦K♥ in against the chipleader's A♣Q♥, a king settling it for sure on the river. The starting chip leader, tunec74s, had thus far dwindled from his strong start and finally got it across the line with A♣3♦ into eccles08's pocket 5♣5♥, which promptly flopped a full house on the 7♣7♦5♠ flop.

Four-handed deal
That left four players and it didn't take long for discussions of a deal to be brought to the table. A quick agreement on the numbers left $200 on out front for the winner and great four figure scores for all the remaining players, a stunning investment on $3.30.

micromillions_event 81 final table deal.jpg

The deal is done

A brutal turn of events
CoelB went in 4th after shoving ten big blinds from the small blind with K♥J♥ and getting looked up by skeeterfan with A♠9♠. The German caught his jack on the turn but it was the wrong colour for him, gifting skeeterfan the nuts on a 5♠4♥7♠J♠Q♥ board. That gave the Romanian the chip lead... for all of two hands, and he was out on the third! Check out the hand below to see the brutal turn that created the largest pot of the tournament with a 19,607,100 pot:

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eccles08, who had the largest chop of the deal, moved into the heads up with a six-to-one lead over fpastori04. The Argentinian did not prove to be a pushover taking 18 hands to get dispatched, during which time he'd managed to pare his deficit back to two-to-one and was eventually sent to the rail with A♦7♦ losing out to eccles08's A♠8♥ as the board ran out 4♣J♠J♦2♠9♥. eclles08 finally got to have his cake and eat it, picking up the $200 making him a clear winner, the ninth four-figure score of his PokerStars career.

1st: eccles08, United Kingdom, $2,348.37*
2nd: fpastori04, Argentina, $2,012.10*
3rd: skeeterfan, Romania, $1,492.29*
4th: CoelB, Germany, $1,542.97*
5th: tunec74s, Russia, $762.70
6th: stelucolonel, Romania, $583.24
7th: BatIB, Russia, $403.78
8th: baaac, Russia, $224.32
9th: Fugas805, $143.56

* Denotes a deal was made.

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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in MicroMillions