MicroMillions Event 11 ($8.80 NL Hold'em): Thehibee2 buzzes competition, wins $11,879

MicroMillions logo.png Day 1 of PokerStars' first MegaMillions was a huge success. Day 2 brings more of the same as huge fields mean prize pools well over the listed guarantees. Event 11 is no exception as 10,393 players put up $8.80 to create a prize pool of $83,144, which was distributed to the top 1,350 players. Tonight's winner is expected to earn over $11,000 for less than $10, something you don't see every day. In the end, it was the UK's thehibee2 coming from behind the defeat his opponent heads-up and claim victory.

Team PokerStars results

Team PokerStars players taking part (but not cashing) in this event were Maxim Lykov, Bryan Huang, Marcin "Goral" Horecki, Henrique "Henrique.P" Pinho,

Final table bubble

Ten players would be left after over nine hours of play, as the blinds rose to 2500,000/500,000 with an ante of 62.500. Hand-for-hand play was very tight as several players were under ten big blinds, hoping to make the final table. Several hands at each table were played with players seeing the flop a rare occurrence.

Eventually, someone had to go for it. The final hand with ten players left took place at table 97 as tenpo42 min-raised from UTG to 1,000,000 and Mallorca971 re-raised all-in for 1,302,090 chips as tenpo42 called. It was the classic pair v overcards race situation as tenpo42 showed 9♣9♦ against Mallorca971's K♠Q♥. The board ran out A♦8♠5♠2♦ 8♥ to give tenpo42 the win as Mallorca971 settled for 10th place money, good for $432.34.

Here's how the final table was seated when everyone was seated:

MicroMillions Event 11 final table.JPG

Seat 1: tatanka75 (5,577,707 in chips)
Seat 2: BestHand8888 (995,434 in chips)
Seat 3: madlandse (584,6249 in chips)
Seat 4: thehibee2 (8,927,977 in chips)
Seat 5: k3ep3r.pt (3,785,596 in chips)
Seat 6: tenpo42 (10,092,130 in chips)
Seat 7: TioRicoLPP (10,771,461 in chips)
Seat 8: Haley!...xD (3,622,906 in chips)
Seat 9: super-sania (2,345,540 in chips)

Super-sania not feeling so super in 9th ($582.00)

Super-sania started the final table 8th in chips, and figured they could outlast BestHand8888's less than two big blind stack. BestHand8888 then went on a tear by doubling up twice in the first six hands at the final table to move off the bottom into a more comfortable position. The blinds were now up to 300,000/600,000 with a 75,000 ante and super-sania hoped to catch a heater after falling under 1,000,000 chips.

Super-sania moved all-in for 958,040 chips from UTG with Q♥T♠, feeling confident after action folded around to Haley!...xD in the big blind. However, the A♥A♠ they found meant a triple-fistpump snapcall. Super-sania was in a world of trouble, but would catch some hope before their hopes were dashed on the river as the five cards revealed were the 8♥5♠3♣Q♣2♥, sending super-sania to the rail first at this MicroMillions final table.

k3ep3r.pt kaput in 8th ($914.58)

One hand after tripling up, k3ep3r.pt looked for more when they open shoved for with K♣T♣ as Haley!...xD called with A♠K♥. No help for k3ep3r.pt left the Portuguese player with under 100,000 chips on the next hand. BestHand8888 raised to isolate as k3ep3r.pt called with Q♠9♣ as BestHand8888 held A♥T♠. The K♣9♦6♣ flop moved k3ep3r.pt in the head, but the T♣ on the turn changed the situation, and the 8♠ on the river left seven players remaining.

TioRicoLPP bankrupt in 7th ($1,662.88)

Deep in the tournament, TioRicoLPP held the chip lead, at some points holding twice the chips as the player in second. However, their stay at the final table was short-lived as their fall from grace took just two hands. Tenpo42 was now the chip leader, and tangled with TioRicoLPP in this pot to move even further in front:

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TioRicoLPP then open-shoved from UTG for 3,529,719 holding A♥7♠ as tenpo42 called from the big blind with Q♦9♦. The flop moved tenpo42 in front: Q♥9♠2♣ for a flopped two pair. TioRicoLPP turned a pair with the 7♣. but no help on the 2♦ river sent the Colombia player wondering what just happened to their chips.

Madlandse upset in 6th ($2,494.32)

UK player thehibee2 started their move to the front in a series of hands against Germany's madlandse. The blinds were now up to 400,000/800,000 with an ante of 100,000 as thehibee2 doubled up when their A-K was best against his German opponent's A-J to leave them with less than two big blinds. Madlandse doubled back through thehibee2 on the next hand, but gave their chips back one hand later. Madlandse moved all-in with T♦9♠ as thehibee2 called from the big blind with K♠7♥. Both players were unable to improve their hand on the Q♣6♥4♦A♦ 5♥ board leaving just five players as thehibee2 solidified their second place standing.

Tatanka75 tanked in 5th ($3,325.76)

Left with just 630,414 chips, tatanka75 felt they were due to stay in the hunt, looking at A♦Q♥ and calling all-in. Haley!...xD didn't have to do anything as they were in the big blind with J♥3♦. Although well behind, Haley!...xD crushed the J♦J♠7♥ flop, hitting trips. The 6♥ on the turn meant the other German player was drawing dead as Haley!...xD improved to a full house on the 6♠ river as four remained.

BestHand8888 finally bested in 4th ($4,157.20)

BestHand8888's early run was long gone as their stack dwindled to just 541,892 chips and in the small blind for 400,000. Tenpo42 min-raised to 1,600,000 with A♣J♣ as BestHand8888 called with T♥5♥. BestHand8888 moved ahead on the T♣8♦4♣ flop, but tenpo42 had plenty of outs with their flush draw and overcards. The J♣ on the turn put the massive chip leader ahead in the hand, and the 6♦ river left a trio of contenders locking up over $6,100.

Haley!...xD loses their smile in 3rd ($$6,190.07)

Three-handed play featured plenty of aggressive action, necessary when there were so few big blinds in play as the blinds moved up to 500,000/1,000,000 as each player anted 125,000. The commanding lead tenpo42 once held was reduced and Haley!...xD moved to take the lead. But like the Barry Greenstein book, an "Ace on the River" ended the Spanish player's tournament:

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Thehibee2 runs hot heads-up

Tenpo42 started heads-up play with nearly a 2-1 advantage as the Russian appeared certain to make short work of thehibee2 as the blinds moved up to 600,000/1,200,000 with an ante of 150,000. Pots were usually taken down without a flop as tenpo42 moved further in front before an attempt a bluff backfired badly, losing the chip lead:

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Now it was thehibee2 in front with a 3-2 chip advantage, not wanting to give it back to tenpo42. The final hand started with thehibee2 calling from the small blind with K♥K♣. Tenpo42 held A♥J♠ and raised to 3,600,000. Thehibee2 reraised to 9,600,000 and tenpo42 reraised all-in as thehibee2 called.

The board ran out Q♦8♦7♣3♣ 2♥ as thehibee2's pair held up, giving him a come-from-behind victory and the MicroMillions Event 11 title, earning $11,879.51. Tenpo42 had to settle for the runner-up spot, collecting $8,730.12, still a nice amount for such a small buy-in.

MicroMillions Event 11 ($8.80 NL Hold'em) final table results:

1st: thehibee2 - $11,879.51
2nd:tenpo42 - $8,730.12
3rd: Haley!...xD - $6,190.07
4th: BestHand888 - $4,157.20
5th: tatanka75 - $3,325.76
6th: madlandse - $2,494.32
7th: TioRicoLPP - $1,662.88
8th: k3ep3r.pt - $914.58
9th: super-sania - $582.00

There's still over 80 tournaments left in the MicroMillions series, so visit the MicroMillions page for the schedule and the additional prizes available for top performers.

Also a reminder, EPT Madrid is at their final table Saturday with 545,000 Euros up for grabs to the winner. Coverage of the final table is available at www.pokerstars.tv or follow the PokerStars blog for coverage of the action!