MicroMillions Event 65: 8csvb8 is great, wins $5,300

MicroMillions logo.pngTime to go through the MicroMillions checklist before reporting the final table:

1. Small buy-in - $5.50 CHECK
2. Large field - 8,781 entries CHECK
3. Guarantee easily met - $43,905 prize pool, compared to the $25,000 guarantee CHECK
4. Big first place prize compared to buy-in - $6,591.07 CHECK

That first place prize would be decreased a bit after a three-way deal as Slovakian 8csvb8 topped a pair of Russians to claim the title and $5,300.

Agentul05, loses on final table bubble

The final table bubble was reached during level 46, with blinds at 100,000/200,000 with a 25,000 ante. Agentul05 doubled up on on the previous hand with pocket jacks, but on the next hand, they would take their A♥Q♠ into the J♦J♠ of babyninja930 in a pot worth over 3,700,000 chips. No help comes on the board of K♦8♦8♣T♥ T♦ and we have our final table as agentul05 earns $234.89 for their 10th place finish, setting up this final table:

2012 MicroMillions Event 65 final table.JPG

Seat 1: Jax Jarrett (3,530,709 in chips)
Seat 2: timohinpoker (4,389,884 in chips)
Seat 3: clemenza135 (3,829,790 in chips)
Seat 4: babyninja930 (3,887,940 in chips)
Seat 5: triskac (2,913,677 in chips)
Seat 6: kazipup (8,062,576 in chips)
Seat 7: ls58621 (4,659,822 in chips)
Seat 8: benetton123 (934,172 in chips)
Seat 9: 8csvb8 (11,696,430 in chips)

Clemenza135 cancelled in 9th ($340.26)

The final table kicked off with benetton123 on a flyer with a pair of double-ups to move over four million chips. They were poised to pick up another two million when holding A-A against the 7-7 of Jax Jarrett until another 7 on the turn took some of the air out of their sails.

First player out was Germany's clemenza135, falling at the hands of kazipup. Players now faced blinds of 125,000/250,000 with a 31,250 ante as clemenza135 open-shoved for 1,786,446 chips with A♦J♦. That hand looked the best until kazipup called with K♥K♦. Kazipup made a set on the K♠T♥3♠ flop, but clemenza135 had four queens in the deck to pull ahead. The 7♥ turn and J♠ river set clemenza135 to the cashier to see a nice bump to their funds.

Ls58621 left with 0, finishes 8th ($504.90)

Romania's ls58621 became the next victim, falling to chip leader 8csvb8. The hand begins with ls58621 moved all in for 2,175,014 with K♥J♦ as 8csvb8 decided to race, calling with 9♣9♠. Five cards later, 8csvb8 remained in front, improving to a flush on the board of 7♠T♠3♣8♠3♠, leaving seven players seeking a MicroMillions title.

Jax Jarrett jammed in 7th ($878.10)

Jax Jarrett finished in seventh place after losing back-to-back hands with the best hand. First, triskac's A-T outflopped Jax's pocket sevens, then Jax Jarrett moved all in for their remaining chips with A♦K♠ against the A♥3♠ of kazipup. Let's see how Jax Jarrett gets unlucky in this hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Kazipup's rivered straight leaves a field a six-pack of probable winners.

Triskac tripped up in 6th ($1,317.15)

The high point of the final table for Slovakia's triskac was their hand against Jax Jarrett to move over 8,000,000 chips. A few hands later, down to just over 4,000,000 chips with the blinds now 150,000/300,000 with each player kicking in 37,500, they decided to go at countryman 8csvb8 with disastrous results. 8csvb8 min-raised as triskac called from the big blind. The flop came 9♣6♥2♠ as triskac moved in for their remaining chips, flopping a pair with J♦6♦. 8csvb8 called the all-in after flopping a bigger pair, holding K♦9♠. No improvement after the turn and river went 5♣7♥ sending triskac to the rail and 8csvb8 retaking the lead from kazipup.

Benetton123 no longer united with their chips, out in 5th ($1,756.20)

Benetton123's early momentum was long gone when their final hand played out, down to just 2,250,000 chips. From the small blind, kazipup set benetton123 all-in as kazipup held A♦7♥ to benetton123's A♣T♥. Kazipup moved in front after the first three cards on the virtual board were 7♥3♣2♠, holding that lead when the turn and river went 4♣7♣ for trip sevens, running benetton123 from the table in 5th.

Babyninja930 found out in 4th ($2,212.81)

The lone player from Asia at the final table, Japan's babyninja930, finished 4th in a similar situation to benetton123, holding a dominating hand in a blind v blind battle but getting outflopped. The blinds moved to 200,000/400,000 with a 50,000 ante as timohinpoker puts babyninja930 all in for over 2.6m chips with A♠2♠ against A♣T♦. This time, the flop would give the dominated player trips: 6♣2♥2♦, leaving babyninja930 drawing to running tens. The 3♣ on the turn made it official as the 7♠ completed the hand, leaving three players.

A little negotiating, and a deal is made

The two players who were chip leaders for most of the final table, 8csvb8 and kazipup had timohinpoker well ahead in chips until the Russian closed the gap, doubling through 8csvb8. At that point, the players decided to talk deal. After the host arrived at the table, deal numbers were given ($500 was set aside for the eventual winner):

kazipup: 18,258,721 - $5,095.61
8csvb8: 14,357,973 - $4,710.48
timohinpoker: 11,288,306 - $4,407.40

kazipup and timohinpoker quickly agreed, but 8csvb8 wanted $5,000, which was quickly denied by the remaining players. A second attempt by 8csvb8 suggested the other two players give up $100 each, and that was dispatched just as fast. Finally, 8csvb8 asked the two Russians for $4,800, just below 2nd place money. That figure was acceptable, leaving these adjusted payouts :

kazipup: $5,050
8csvb8: $4,800
timohinpoker: $4,363.49

Kazipup muzzled in 3rd ($5,050.00)

With a deal in place, play continued three-handed with kazipup and timohinpoker attempting to win another MicroMillions title for Russia. Kazipup's hopes were eclipsed by 8csvb8, moving ahead for good in this hand against timohinpoker:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Timohinpoker had drifted towards the back again with just over 7.5m chips, but served as a bystander as 8csvb8 and kazipup played the biggest hand of the tournament. Blinds were now 250,000/500,000 with an ante of 62,500 as 8csvb8 min-raised with A♦9♦. Timohinpoker folded from the small blind as kazipup shoved for 15,114,971 chips with K♠4♥. 8csvb8 called, likely surprised at the hand he was against. In the end, ace high was good as neither player improved on the board of Q♣T♥6♠5♥ 3♠, giving 8csvb8 a nearly 6-1 chip advantage heads-up.

Timohinpoker flushed away in 2nd ($4,363.49)

Being at a severe disadvantage, timohinpoker tried in vain to stage a comeback. One hand after doubling to over 13 million chips, the tournament would end on the next hand.
Timohinpoker opened with a min-raise as 8csvb8 called from the big blind. The first three cards were the T♠8♥6♠. Both players had a piece of the flop as timohinpoker held top pair with K♠T♥ while 8csvb8 held 8♠7♠ with a flush draw, gutshot straight draw and second pair. 8csvb8 checked, timohinpoker bet 1,000,000 followed by a re-raise to 2,650,000, then timohinpoker four-bet shoved for over 12,000,000 chips and 8csvb8 called. The 9♣ on the turn gave 8csvb8 the straight as timohinpoker could not catch up. The unneeded 4♠ on the river meant 8csvb8 finished with a flush and all the chips, good for $5,300.00. Timohinpoker settled for the runner-up prize of $4,363.49

That concludes another MicroMillions tournament with a full lineup available for the next three days. Check out //www.pokerstars.com/poker/tournaments/micro-millions/ for the remaining schedule!

MicroMillions Event 65 ($5.50 NL Hold'em) Final Table Results:

Payouts reflect a deal made three-handed:

*1st: 8csvb8 - $5,300.00
*2nd: timohinpoker - $4,363.49
*3rd: kazipup $5,050.00
4th: babyninja930 - $2,212.81
5th: benetton123 - $1,756.20
6th: triskac - $1,317.15
7th: Jax Jarrett - $878.10
8th: ls58621 - $504.90
9th: clemenza135 - $340.26

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