MicroMillions Event 95 ($2.22 NL HU Hyper-Turbo) Fokenlol makes quick work of field

MicroMillions logo.pngThe final day of the first PokerStars MicroMillions series features the fastest tournament of the series, a $2.22 no-limit hold'em, heads-up hyper-turbo tournament. Players started each match with 5,000 chips with blinds at 20/40 as the blinds go up every 2 minutes. A field of 13,503 players created a prize pool of $29,436.54 parceled out to the final 2,048 survivors. The winner would have to go through 13 (if they had a 1st round bye) or 14 opponents to claim the title. Fokenlol went through the field without a loss, claiming the title and over $1,800.

Player of Series update

The Player of the Series race has just a few events left as AleksS69 edged past Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki and ELGrand4 to take the lead in the MicroMillions standings. The top three wouldn't earn points in this event, but several players in the top ten would take advantage. GMalex89 earned 20 points with their 337th place finish, to take over the lead by just 5 points over AleksS69. Two players currently in the top ten also added 20 points to their score: bem777ret (11th place) and Agasjo (384th place). Bem777ret was one match away from earning at least 20 more points, but fell in the round of 16.

Covering just the final match makes for a very short recap, so let's start with the quarterfinal matches, work our way down to a winner.

Quarterfinal round: (Losers earn $380.32)

MicroMillions Event 95 Quarterfinals.JPG

Quarterfinal #1 - jubacca111 defeats holdemboss11

It's ironic that two players with multiple 1's in their name would be seated at Table 1. Jubacca111 raced off to an early advantage after slowplaying aces to pick up a nice pot. The chip lead remained in the Bulgarian player's hands to the end as holdemboss11 was the first out in the quarterfinal round. Blinds were at 80/160 as jubacca111 raised to 320 and holdemboss11 re-raised to 923, as jubacca111 called to see a flop. The first three cards were the Q♥5♠4♠ as holdemboss11 bet 923 once again. Jubacca111 then set holdemboss11 all in for their remaining 1,500 chips. The cards were on their backs as jubacca111 held T♠6♠ for a flush draw and holdemboss held A♠[Q♣ for top pair and a backdoor flush draw. The K♠ on the turn made a flush for jubacca111 but left a redraw to the nut flush for holdemboss11. The 8♦ on the river meant holdemboss11 was dismissed in 8th as jubacca111 advanced.

Quarterfinal #2 - BabkaYojka defeats St. Spyridon

St. Spyridon was attempting to join their fellow Bulgarian into the final four, but BabkaYojka put a halt to those plans. St. Spyridon held the lead for most of the match, but two big hands near the end gave the victory to the Ukranian player. St. Spyridon lost the lead when BabkaYojka made a full house to take a 2-1 chip lead. Blinds were now at 400/800 as St. Spyridon found an ace and moved in while BabkaYojka held K-Q:

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St. Spyridon was the last player knocked out in the quarterfinal round

Quarterfinal #3 Chillerz867 defeats david@royal

Chillerz867 came back from a 3-1 deficit to move on to the semifinals as david@royal could not catch a break. Chillerz867's pocket threes held on against A-8 to double up, then with blinds now at 300/600, david@royal moved in for their remaining 2,852 chips with K♦J♥ against J♣tc]. Chillerz867 put the freeze on david@royal when the flop came A♦T♠6♣ david@royal was looking for paint, but the J♦ turn and 5♥ were of no use, finishing in 6th place.

Quarterfinal #4 Fokenlol defeats I_HATE_PS08

The final quarterfinal match featured another victory from behind as Fokenlol also emerged from a 3-1 deficit to make the final four. Fokenlol held pocket fours to K-Q to double up, then their A-8 dominated A-2 to hold 9,020 of the 10,000 chips in play. I_HATE_PS08 doubled up once, and with the blinds at 100/200 looked ready for another double with A♣6♠ against K♦Q♣. Once again in the quarterfinals, K-Q would make trips as the flop was Q♥ Q♠ 9♥, leaving I_HATE_PS08 drawing dead, winding up in 7th place as the semifinal lineups were set.

Semifinal round (losers earn $690.28)

micromillions event 95 semifinals 2.JPG

Semifinal #1 - BabkaYojka defeats jubacca111

The first semifinal match was another see-saw affair as both players moved out to a commanding chip lead, only for their opponent to take the lead back. At one point jubacca111 held over 8,000 chips several times but still couldn't put away the stubborn BabkaYojka. Jubacca111 now held a slight advantage, but BabkaYojka made a pair at the right time to take the lead and eventually the win. Blinds were at 250/500 as BabkaYojka raised to 1,000 with K♣8♣ as jubacca111 moved all in with A♠T♣. First three cards were Q♥8♦3♥ as BabkaJojka moved in front, holding on as the turn and river were 9♠2♦, leaving jubacca111 with just 860 chips. Those went into the middle, holding 9♠7♣ as BabkaYojka turned over K♦8♦. The board runs out T♠4s]2♣6♣ T♣ as king-high is good enough to make the finals.

Semifinal #2 - Fokenlol defeats Chillerz867

Fokenlol made quick work of Chillerz867 to face Babka Yojka in an all former Soviet Union final. Chilerz867 held the lead briefly, but Fokenlol started to pull away to a 2-1 lead. Chillerz867 shoved with 8♦7♠ only to be frozen in their tracks as Fokenlol snap-called with T♣T♦. The board ran out A♦Q♣9♦4♥ 4♠ to set up the final match.


micromillions event 95 final table.JPG

Fokenlol defeats BabkaYojka

Both players quickly agreed to split the top two spots, playing for the remaining $200.00 as Fokenlol had another fast match, lasting only into the second level. Fokenlol held a small edge when the final hand was dealt. Here's how it played out:

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BabkaYojka made a deep run, but couldn't stop the power of Fokenlol as the Russian tallies another victory for the country in the MicroMillions series.

MicroMillions Event 95 ($2.22 NL Hold'em, Heads-Up, Hyper Turbo) Results:

* Payouts reflect deal made heads-up

*1st: Fokenlol - $1,862.63
*2nd: BabkaYojka - $1,662.63
3rd: jubacca111 - $690.28
4th: chillerz867 - $690.28
5th: St. Spyridon - $380.32
6th: david@royal - $380.32
7th: I_HATE_PS08 - $380.32
8th: holdemboss11 - $380.32

In the live arena, the LAPT and ANZPT are playing down to champions today. Check out the PokerStars blog for updates on who comes out on top!