MicroMillions: farmer488 cultivates crown in Event #42 $5.50 PL Omaha Hi/Lo

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngPot-limit Omaha is the quintessential game for action junkies, but pot-limit Omaha high/low is a finesse game that attracts a varying mix ranging from the usual cast of "shoot first, ask questions later" degenerates who gamble it up, and meticulous split-pot veterans known for their nitty and cantankerous nature.

For a simple $5.50 investment, players from the farthest corners of the Earth had an instant ticket for a shot of a lifetime -- shipping a MicroMillions tournament. Event #42 attracted 6,215 runners and the prize pool swelled to $31,075. The top 810 places paid out with $4,863 set aside for first place.

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki from Poland was the lone PokerStars affiliated player who embarked on a deep enough run to made the money in this MicroMillions event. Horecki cashed in 531st place.

Action accelerated to a feverish pace when play reached the final table bubble. Sitting at a five-handed table, peutryklebo lost a detrimental pot against SicilianJit's Queen-high straight. As a result, peutryklebo from the U.K. bubbled off the final table for a tenth-place finish.


Seat 1: Taha(@@\1000 (2,706,171)
Seat 2: SicilianJit (2,941,348)
Seat 3: Biblio_x (1,559,588)
Seat 4: farmer488 (5,497,724)
Seat 5: EirroS88 (1,959,072)
Seat 6: Wenderr (5,436,823)
Seat 7: goga1975944 (4,084,746)
Seat 8: pullita23 (4,583,432)
Seat 9: syphalys (2,306,096)

Germany's farmer488 began the final table with a slim lead over Wenderr -- 5.49 million compared to 5.43 million. The idea of a nine-way chop was floated by one player, but the notion of splitting up the final table payouts was quickly shot down. Alas, play resumed and if you blinked, you could've missed an elimination hand.

YOU NEVER GIVE ME YOUR MONEY: syphalys eliminated in 9th place

Short-stacked syphalys opened to 625,000, but that raise did not deter SicilianJit, who re-raised to 2 million. Syphalys made a stand and called all-in for his his entire stack worth 1,306,096. The players tabled their hands:

SicilianJit: A♠K♦Q♠4♠
syphalys: Q♦7♦6♠4♦

Syphalys trailed but had some hopes when he flopped a gutshot draw. The board ran out T♠T♥8♦A♥A♣ and SicilianJit won the entire pot with trip Aces (and without a qualifying low). Nothing can sting and burn more than being the first player to bounce from the final table, but syphalys displayed a valiant effort and collected $248.60 for a ninth-place finish.

SUN KING: EirroS88 eliminated in 8th place

Action folded around to EirroS88, who raised to 1.05 million. Goga1975944 defended his big blind and made the call. The flop was K♥9♥3♦. Goga1975944 took a stab at the pot for 900,000, and EirroS88 insta-shoved for his last 759,072. Goga1975944 was ahead with A♥9♦8♥2♣ for second pair and a nut-flush re-draw. Meanwhile, EirroS88 was in trouble with A♦7♦7♣3♣ and only holding a paltry pair of sevens. The turn was the 6♣, and the river was the T♣. Without a qualifying low hand, Goga1975944 shipped the pot. EirroS88 hit the rail and earned $388.43 for an eighth-place finish.

MEAN MR. MUSTARD: pullita23 eliminated in 7th place

Pullita23 opened to 1.05 million and farmer488 flatted from the small blind. The flop was T♦7♠3♦. Farmer488 checked, pullita23 fired 2.4 million at the pot, and farmer488 called. The turn was the K♦. Farmer488 checked, pullita23 shoved for his remaining 508,432, and Farmer488 called. Pullita23 flipped over A♣A♦A♠6♣ and despite holding three Aces, he was actually ahead with a pair of Aces. Farmer488 showed A♥J♥8♦3♠ for bottom pair and a gutshot draw. The J♠ spiked on river and farmer488 backdoored two pair. No low hand qualified, so farmer488 won the entire pot. Spain's pullita23 was busto in seventh place and collected $699.18.

With five to go, Wenderr's leading stack was worth almost 7.3 million, but he'd bleed off half his stack within a few hands.

POLYTHENE PAM: goga1975944 eliminated in 6th place

In only took an orbit before another player bit the dust. Wenderr opened to 1.2 million and short-stacked goga1975944 decided to make a stand by moving all-in for 784,906. Wenderr was ahead pre-flop...

Wenderr: A♥K♦5♥4♦
goga1975944: J♣6♥3♥2♠

The board ran out J♦T♦T♠6♣K♠. Without a qualifying low, Wenderr won the pot with a better two pair (Kings and Tens vs. Jacks and Tens). Georgia's goga1975944 bowed out in sixth-place, but collected $1,009.93 in prize money.

With five to go, farmer488 led the way with 14 million.

SHE CAME THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW: Taha(@@\1000 eliminated in 5th place

Taha(@@\1000 opened to 1.4 million, SicilianJit re-raised all-in for 4,409,944, and Taha(@@\1000 called. The players opened up:

Taha(@@\1000: A♣8♠6♠3♥
SicilianJit: A♥J♠T♥2♠

Sean Connery's character from The Untouchables said it best, "You don't bring a knife to a gun fight... that's the Sicilian way!"

The board ran out T♦8♦4♥K♦4♣. Sadly, Taha(@@\1000's two pair (Eights and Fours) did not hold up against SicilianJit's superlative two pair (Tens and Fours). SicilianJit dragged the pot without a qualifying low. Taha(@@\1000 from Russia busted out in 5th place but won $1,320.68.

With four to go, farmer488 was still out front with over 13 million. SicilianJit was nearby in second place with 8.8 million. Biblio_x quietly held onto the short stack with 3.6 million.

GOLDEN SLUMBERS: Biblio_x eliminated in 4th place

Action folded to the blinds. Biblio_x opened for 1.2 million and farmer488 defended his big blind. The flop was Q♠4♠4♦. Biblio_x checked, farmer488 bet 2 million, Biblio_x re-raised all-in for 2,088,352, and farmer488 called.

Biblio_x: A♦A♣7♣3♣
farmer488: 8♦5♠4♣2♣

Biblio_x's Aces were ravished when farmer488 flopped trip fours. The turn was the 3♥, and the river was the T♣. Neither card helped Biblio_x. Without a qualifying low hand, farmer488 won the pot with trips. Unfortunately, Biblio_x had his Aces snapped off and was unceremoniously eliminated in fourth place with a $1,755.73 payday.

With three players remaining, farmer488 maintained his lead with almost 17 million. SicilianJit lurked in second place with 8.8 million and Wenderr was the shorty with 4.6 million.

CARRY THAT WEIGHT: Wenderr eliminated in 3rd place

The two big dogs on the block didn't waste anytime before they got into a barking match and one of them got its tail bit off. Wenderr opened to 1.5 million. SicilianJit bumped it up to 4 million. Wenderr shoved for his entire stack worth 4,100,397. SicilianJit called.

Wenderr: 9♦8♣5♥5♣
SicilianJit: J♥T♥4♥2♣

Wenderr was ahead with a pair of fives, but his lead was short-lived after SicilianJit flopped trips when the flop came down K♥4♠4♦. The turn was the 7♠ and the river was the K♦. Neither card helped Wenderr and SicilianJit dragged the entire pot without a qualifying low hand. Brazil's Wenderr finished in third place and collected $2,559.02.

HEADS-UP BATTLE: SicilianJit (Spain) vs. farmer488 (Germany)

Heads-Up Chip Counts:
Seat 2: SicilianJit (12,491,512)
Seat 4: farmer488 (18,583,488)

THE END: SicilianJit eliminated in 2nd place

When the heads-up battle began, it appeared we might be settling into a drawn-out finale, yet it only took a single hand to determine the winner when farmer488 landed a crushing blow and knocked out SicilianJit. Here's how the final hand went down:

SicilianJit tried to limp in, but farmer488 bumped it up to 1.5 million. SicilianJit called. The flop was A♠T♥2♦. Farmer488 fired out 3 million and SicilianJit called. The J♠ fell on the turn and fireworks ensured. Farmer488 bet 9 million and put SicilianJit to the test. SicilianJit was covered and called all-in for his last 7,991,512.

farmer488: A♦A♣9♥3♦
SicilianJit: T♠8♥4♥3♣

A fortuitous flop gave farmer488 a set of Aces. SicilianJit had a gutshot Wheel draw, but was in big trouble. The river was the T♣. SicilianJit improved to trip Tens, but without a qualifying low hand, farmer488 won the entire pot with a full house.

Spain's SicilianJit won $3,620.23 for a runner-up performance. Germany's farmer488 won the tournament and the MicroMillions title. Oh, and how can we forget about the $4,863.41 pay day? Not too shabby for a mere $5.50 investment!

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

RSS readers click through to view replayer

Event #42 - Final Table Payouts and Results:
1st - farmer488 (Germany) - $4,863.41
2nd - SicilianJit (Spain) - $3,620.23
3rd - Wenderr (Brazil) - $2,599.02
4th - Biblio_x (Germany) - $1,755.73
5th - Taha(@@\1000 (Russia) - $1,320.68
6th - goga1975944 (Georgia) - $1,009.93
7th - pullita23 (Spain) - $699.18
8th - EirroS88 (Norway) - $388.43
9th - syphalys (United Kingdom) - $248.60

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in MicroMillions