MicroMillions: $HARKYMATTO$ attacks field, wins Event #26 ($3.30+R NLHE, 6-max.)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngA packed schedule of 10 different MicroMillions events kicked off on Sunday with a $3.30 no-limit hold'em tournament. Short-handed (6-max.) play ensured lots of action. This one included rebuys as well to add some excitement early on as well as further sweeten the prize pool.

Players started with 5,000 chips and could rebuy as many times as they liked during the first hour of play (provided they had 5,000 or less). Another $3.00 got them 5,000 more chips, then followed the add-on period where three more bucks could get them an extra 7,500 to take to the tourney's second hour.

By the time the dust settled following the first hour and late registration had closed, 3,432 players had joined the fun, purchasing 4,416 rebuys and 2,005 add-ons between them to create a total prize pool of $29,559, close to twice the event's $15K guarantee.

The top 450 finishers divided the loot with $15.07 going to the first cashers. Finding one's way into the top 30 guaranteed at least a $118.23 payday, making the six-handed final table ensured at least $517.28, and a handsome $4,583.74 awaited the winner.

It would take close to four hours to burst the cash bubble, and about an hour-and-a-half after that they were down to 100 players with $SHARKYMATTO$ leading with 1,222,269, Gun2her second with 1,477,095, and AintNoProJoe third with 1,442,516. As it turned out, two of those three players would be around to play the tourney's final hand nearly six hours later.

They reached the six-and-a-half-hour break, and soon just 50 remained. Weiche79 had built a stack of better than 3.68 million by then to lead, followed by sicksucker (2.84m), outpointed (2.73m), /7oKepp (2.27m), and gabichico (2.04m).

One more hour and they were down to 18 players gathered around three six-handed tables. For a while during that stretch nespeshonoff and gabichico were on top as the only players to have crossed the 5 million-chip mark. gabichico increased his stack while nespeshonoff slipped, with MIBondiola and snapon1966 rising to challenge gabichico for the lead.

Over the next hour another dozen would fall. First earning $192.13 for their $3.30 buy-in were Vrljic08 (18th), legoduri (17th), godzgiftdkid (16th), outpointed (15th), Zeka1988 (14th), and xx101099xx (13th). Taking $251.25 from the prize pool were Rass777 (12th), Baek27 (11th), and MARGA177 (10th). And earning a $325.14 return were nespeshnoff (9th), GodOfBingo (8th), and ioSoog (7th).

From the 3,432 who started, just six were left.


Seat 1: gabichico -- 12,862,650
Seat 2: $HARKYMATTO$ -- 5,927,648
Seat 3: AintNoProJoe -- 5,307,036
Seat 4: sicksucker -- 6,688,393
Seat 5: MIBondiola -- 11,671,750
Seat 6: snapon1966 -- 11,820,023

Shortly after the final table began the tourney was paused for the final half-dozen to discuss a possible deal, but noting his short-stacked status $HARKYMATTO$ quickly ended that conversation and play resumed with all six making it to the eight-and-a-half-hour break.

As fate would have it, the choice would prove most fortuitous for $HARKYMATTO$.

The group would battle for another 20 minutes, then $HARKYMATTO$ swiftly improved his status by doubling through MIBondiola in a hand in which $HARKMATTO$ was all in before the flop with K♦9♦ against MIBondiola's A♣J♥ and picked up a nine on the river to survive.

On the next hand AintNoProJoe used A♦K♥ to double through snapon1966's A♥T♠, leaving the latter with but 361,987 -- less than one big blind. It would all go in from UTG on the next hand for snapon1966 behind T♦8♠. His only opponent would be MIBondiola in the big blind with 4♠2♠, and when the board came K♦A♥3♦4♦K♥ MIBondiola had eliminated snapon1966 in sixth.

Four hands later the blinds were still 200,000/400,000 when AintNoProJoe opened for 1 million from the small blind, then sicksucker reraised all in for 6,207,143 from one seat over. AintNoProJoe called, tabling 5♣5♦, and sicksucker needed to improve his J♣T♣ to survive. But the board came 3♥2♦9♠9♥9♦ and sicksucker was sunk in fifth.

The blinds had moved to 250,000/500,000 when AintNoProJoe raised to 1.25 million from the button, then MIBondiola pushed from the small blind for 9.752,228 forcing a fold from gabichico in the big blind. AintNoProJoe called with Q♠J♥. MIBondiola had 3♠3♥. The flop hit AintNoProJoe, coming K♠K♦J♠, and after the 9♥ turn and K♣ river AintNoJoe had the better full house and MIBondiola was on the rail in fourth.

"Boom" was AintNoProJoe's one-word commentary on the situation, now leading with a little over 32.4 million chips. gabichico was next with about 11.6 million and $HARKYMATTO$ last with just above 10.2 million.

Another boom swiftly followed after $HARKYMATTO$ reraised all in before the flop and gabichico called. $HARKYMATTO$ had 6♣6♠ and gabichico A♠9♦. The flop came 3♦7♥2♦, changing nothing, but the 9♠ turn put gabichico in front and $HARKYMATTO$ at risk of elimination.

Then came the river -- the 6♦! $HARKYMATTO$ had hit a set to claim the 21.6 million-plus chip pot, and suddenly gabichico was crippled. Take a look:

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Down to just 209,743, gabichico would push it all in from the button on the next hand, $HARKYMATTO$ completed, and AintNoProJoe checked. The two remaining players checked the T♠2♥2♣ flop, and when $HARKYMATTO$ fired at the 3♥ turn AintNoProJoe stepped aside. gabichico had connected with Q♣3♠ for two pair, but $HARKYMATTO$ had A♠2♠ for trip deuces, and after the J♦ river they were down to two.

Heads-up play began with AintNoProJoe ahead with 31,849,443 to $HARKYMATTO$' 22,428,957. Both had to be thrilled, having entered the six-handed final table as the two shortest stacks remaining.

AintNoProJoe kept the lead for the first few minutes, then $HARKYMATTO$ doubled through to grab the advantage with Q♣Q♦ against AintNoProJoe's T♣8♠. The latter would then double back through $HARKYMATTO$ to even things up again, using 9♦8♠ to beat $HARKYMATTO$' A♠9♥ after the board rolled out 9♣4♥8♣6♦8♥.

$HARKYMATTO$ edged out ahead once more, then AintNoProJoe doubled up to seize the lead again after drawing T♥T♠ against $HARKYMATTO$' 6♥6♦.

The battle continued, with AintNoProJoe maintaining the edge. Then came two quick hands to end it all.

In the first, the blinds were up to 400,000/800,000 when $HARKYMATTO$ open-pushed for 19,430,679 from the button and AintNoProJoe called. $HARKYMATTO$ had A♥8♥ and AintNoProJoe 6♣6♦. The flop came T♣3♣A♠ to pair $HARKYMATTO$. The turn was the T♠ and river the 4♠, and $HARKYMATTO$ had pulled in front again with about 39 million to AintNoProJoe's 15,216,142.

On the nexthand, AintNoProJoe opened for 2 million from the button and $HARKYMATTO$ promptly made it 3.2 to go. AintNoProJoe called, and the pair saw the flop come 8♣Q♣5♦. $HARKYMATTO$ checked, AintNoProJoe bet 4.95 million, $HARKYMATTO$ check-raised to 9.9 million, AintNoProJoe pushed all in for 11,916,142 total and $HARKYMATTO$ made up the difference with a call.

AintNoProJoe: T♠8♠

A set of queens for $HARKYMATTO$ had AintNoProJoe's pair of eights in tough shape, prompting an early "nh" from AintNoProJoe. The 6♣ turn made the 2♠ river no matter, and $HARKYMATTO$ had won.

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Congratulations to $HARKYMATTO$ for outlasting a field of 3,432 -- plus battling back from a short stack at the final table -- to claim the MicroMillions Event #26 title and nearly $4.6K for a $3.30 buy-in!

MicroMillions Event #26 ($3.30+R No-Limit Hold'em) Results:
1st: $HARKYMATTO$ ($4,583.74)
2nd: AintNoProJoe ($3,354.94)
3rd: gabichico ($2,468.17)
4th: MIBondiola ($1,581.40)
5th: sicksucker ($960.66)
6th: snapon1966 ($517.28)

We're only about a quarter of the way through the 100 events scheduled for the PokerStars MicroMillions series. Check the schedule of remaining events (through March 25th) by clicking here.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions