MicroMillions: hazzy7 picks up snazzy $15K, Event #85 title ($8.80 NLHE, 1R1A)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngHard to believe the MicroMillions is nearly over -- just one more day! Today's schedule saw 10 more events play out, all featuring teeny tiny buy-ins and big bodacious prizes.

Event #85 was no exception, an $8.80 buy-in "1R1A" no-limit hold'em tourney with a huge $50K guarantee. Of course, as we've been seeing time and again over the last week-and-a-half, those guarantees are only benchmarks the total prize pools are routinely exceeding.

Event #85 drew 6,469 entrants. 4,665 of those took their one rebuy (5,000 chips for $8 more). And 2,272 took the add-on as well (5,000 for another $8), thus building a total prize pool of $107,248 -- better than twice the guarantee. The top 810 out of the field would cash, with $16,778.08 going to the winner barring any deal-making late.

It took about four-and-a-half hours for the bubble to burst, at which point GPRS87 led with almost 405,000, ludabaksy was next with about 379,000, and kymatoz8814 third with right at 368,000. Also in the money and representing Team Online was Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz of Poland, sitting just outside the top 200 with an above-average stack of about 100,000.

As players continued to fall, Mikielewicz added further to his stack to push into the top 50 where he remained over the next hour-and-a-half. They reached the six-hour break, with 155 players still alive and four sitting with stacks of more than 1 million: Kluger899 (1,200,535), Mindthis (1,159,146), dankas707 (1,095,760), and 1lovchevi1 (1,093,864).

They played on another 40 minutes, with the field shrinking to less than 100 and Kluger899, Malkshur, and Mindthis edging ahead and pushing toward the 3 million-chip mark.

Mikielewicz was still there, too, until finally he committed his stack with A♦T♠ against Valuebet69's pocket sixes. A six flopped, "DaWarsaw" couldn't catch up, and the Team Online member was out in 77th for a cash of $144.78.


Grzegorz "DaWarsaw" Mikielewicz, Team Online

Play continued, and once they'd crossed the eight-hour mark just 18 players remained. A.A_THE_W.55 had maintained the chip lead for some time and was just a few chips shy of the 10 million-chip mark, with bernatik the nearest challenger with just over 6.05 million.

It would take another half-hour or so for the next nine to fall, during which stretch A.A_THE_W.55 fell back to the middle of the pack, then to short-stacked status while osskon and hazzy7 surged out in front.

timo12889 (18th), juarnes (17th), and (16th) each scored $316.38 paydays. Then A.A_THE_W.55 hit the rail in 15th, followed by gambler300 (14th) and anton1343 (13th), all three taking $477.55 away. Finally Malkshur (12th), dankas707 (11th), and Profgigi (10th) were eliminated, each getting $638.12, and they were down to nine.


Seat 1: osskon -- 16,013,954
Seat 2: Bumer888 -- 2,381,528
Seat 3: srversus -- 4,129,801
Seat 4: JeffDan222 -- 7,334,928
Seat 5: BgsaPnaples -- 8,466,982
Seat 6: bernatik -- 4,805,832
Seat 7: fivebetbluf3 -- 6,618,594
Seat 8: hazzy7 -- 11,036,044
Seat 9: Valuebet69 -- 6,242,337

Just a few hands into the final table, they were approaching the nine-hour break when the first elimination occurred.

JeffDan222 lost most of his stack to Valuebet69 following a big preflop all-in confronation in which JeffDan222's Q♣Q♥ fell to Valuebet69's K♠K♣. Soon after that one, the blinds were 200,000/400,000 when bernatik open-shoved from early position for nearly 6.7 million, and it folded around to JeffDan222 who called for 692,591 total.

JeffDan222 had J♦9♥ and bernatik A♣K♠, and after the board came 7♣7♠2♣A♥2♥, JeffDan222 was gone in ninth.

Shortly after the break, Bumer888 opened with an all-in raise for 3,013,056 from early position and got one caller in hazzy7 from the big blind. Bumer888 had A♥Q♣ and was ahead of hazzy7's K♥Q♠, but the community cards came 9♠J♣K♠5♠Q♦, and hazzy7's two pair were best, eliminating Bumer888 in eighth.

The blinds moved up to 250,000/500,000, at which point BgsaPnaples open-pushed from middle position for 5,754,282, then bernatik reraised for just a little more from one seat over, forcing folds all around. BgsaPnaples had T♥T♦ and bernatik A♥K♦. The flop was 4♥6♣7♣ and BgsaPnaples was still in front, but the A♣ fell on the turn to give bernatik the edge. The river was the 5♥, and BgsaPnaples was knocked out in seventh.

Then came a big three-way all-in involving osskon (button), srversus (small blind), and bernatik (big blind). First osskon open-pushed all in for 7,108,109. Then srversus reraised all in for 10,542,691. The action on bernatik, he thought for several seconds about whether or not to call. He had about 12.15 million, meaning a call would be committing most of his stack.

Finally bernatik did call, showing A♣K♦. He was ahead of osskon who had A♥5♠, but needed to improve to beat srversus' 7♠7♥. The board came 4♣6♥9♥6♦J♥, and srversus' sevens held. osskon was out in sixth, and bernatik down to a little over 2.1 million.

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On the very next hand, Valuebet69 opened with a min-raise to 1.2 million from the cutoff, then bernatik pushed all in for 2,035,014 from the small blind. fivebetbluf3 folded the BB and Valuebet69 called.

bernatik had Q♦J♦, but Valuebet69 had A♠A♣. The flop came K♦T♠J♥ to give bernatik straight hopes, but the turn was the 3♣ and river the K♥ and bernatik was sent railward in fifth.

A few hands later fivebetbluf3 open-raised all in for nearly 7.2 million from the small blind and hazzy7 called with the 6,598,722 he had behind in the big blind. fivebetbluf3 had J♥9♥, behind hazzy7's A♠K♠. The board ran out 6♣4♥3♦A♥A♦ -- trips for hazzy7, and a fourth-place finish for fivebetbluf3.

With three left, srversus was in front with almost 33.3 million, with hazzy7 second at about 18.0 million and Valuebet69 third with a little over 15.7 million.

The trio fought on, and after several hands Valuebet69 scored a big double-up through srversus, hitting a jack on the flop after going all in pre with J♥T♠ against srversus' T♥T♣.

srversus eventually slipped to about the 9.5 million-chip mark as the blinds creeped up to 500k/1m. Then came a hand in which Valuebet69 opened for 2 million from the button, then srversus shoved from the small blind, getting hazzy7 to fold. Valuebet69 quickly called.

srversus: 2♦2♣
Valuebet69: 9♥8♥

The flop came A♦9♦A♣ and suddenly srversus was looking for one of a couple of deuces to save him. But the turn was the 5♠ and river the T♥ and they were down to two.

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Heads-up play began with hazzy7 out in front with 38,149,980 to Valuebet69's 28,880,020. They played a few hands, during which Valuebet69 closed the gap to about 2 million, then the tourney was paused to discuss a possible chop.

"Chip chop" numbers were produced, leaving $1,000 for which to play, and the players were both amenable. A deal was struck, and play continued.

The pair traded a few small pots, and soon were almost exactly even, both sitting with right around 33.5 million. Then hazzy7 grabbed a few pots to push out over 45.2 million to Valuebet69's 21.7 million, and the final hand arrived.

The blinds were still 500k/1m, and Valuebet69 raised to 2.5 million from the button. hazzy7 then rereraised with essentially his entire stack and Valuebet69 called with the 19,120,020 he had behind.

Valuebet69: A♦7♣
hazzy7: A♥Q♦

Aces for both, but hazzy7 had the better kicker. And five cards later -- 4♠K♣6♠9♥8♠ -- and about nine hours and 45 minutes after the tourney had begun, hazzy7 had won.

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Congratulations to hazzy7 for topping a field of 6,469 to snare the Event #85 win and a nifty $15k-plus score. And kudos as well to Valuebet69 for making it to heads-up and a profitable deal.

MicroMillions Event #85 ($8.80 No-Limit Hold'em, 1R1A) Results (*reflects two-way deal):
1st: hazzy7 ($15,186.20)*
2nd: Valuebet69 ($14,086.27)*
3rd: srversus ($8,831.87)
4th: fivebetbluf3 ($6,059.51)
5th: bernatik ($4,558.04)
6th: osskon ($3,485.56)
7th: BgsaPnaples ($2,413.08)
8th: Bumer888 ($1,340.60)
9th: JeffDan222 ($857.98)

The MicroMillions Main Event is coming! Just one more day -- a $1 million guarantee for a $22 buy-in! Check the schedule for details.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions