MicroMillions II: acoimbra breaks lamp, mind not far behind

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngOh dear, as metaphors go it's quite a clear one. The lamp that shone upon Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra's challenge has broken. That illuminating bulb above his head has shattered leaving Coimbra in the dark. Or, in actual fact, in his kitchen which is, quite frankly, a lot better for us watching his video blogs than his bathroom. No-one wants to see that.

The last day's play hasn't been the best for acoimbra and he readily admits to it. The lack of sleep is stopping him from thinking through hands as much as he usually does and his results have been paying the price: he went through a 16 tournament MicroMillions dry spell.

micromillions_broken lamp.JPG

An illuminating process for Coimbra

The key stats
- Total hours of sleep: 31 hours 10 mins
- In the money finishes: 14 (through day 7)
- Tournament earnings: $296.23
- Tournaments played: 62

acoimbra's MicroMillions roll of honour
Event #2 - 2,633/36,734 for $13.96
Event #7 - 94/6,467 for $33.95
Event #16 - 203/11,562 for $11.09
Event #18 - 993/15,768 for $9.46
Event #29 - 2,095/20,968 for $12.98
Event #33 - 915/17,444 for $32.03
Event #35 - 105/4,962 for $57.72
Event #37: 210/4,107 for $22.26
Event #38: 328 of 8,985 for $17.52
Event #42: 508/18,295 for $27.44
Event #43: 1,776/14,791 for $5.32
Event #44: 401/4,292 for $19.75
Event #61: 840/15,824 for $22.64

There's acoimbra in me kitchen, what am I gonna do?

The challenge is still on though. Coimbra has played every event so far and is still on for his 100 tournament MicroMillions clean sweep and with 215 points he's sat in 38th position on the PokerStars MicroMillions Leader Board.

Follow all of acoimbra's video blog posts in the run-in to the $22 main event on Sunday, the rest of which you can see here. Give your support by tweeting to the PokerStars Team Online's @andrebcoimbra Twitter account.

You can find acoimbra, and any other pro online, through the PokerStars lobby by clicking Requests>Find a Team PokerStars Player. Give the man from Portugal a nudge if you think he's fallen asleep at the table.

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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in MicroMillions