MicroMillions II: ActionJunk smokes the field in Event #68 ($2.20+R NL Omaha 6-max)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngWith a screen name like ActionJunk you're bound to get noticed at the tables. Call it fate or sheer luck... but ActionJunk was destined to win an Omaha event in MicroMillions II.

I don't know who gets credit for popularizing the term "action junkie," but it's a fitting description of the exhilarating feeling of playing Omaha. In this instance, the format was short-handed with 6-max tables, which in turn cranked up the action. But, there was also one special added twist... instead of the usual pot-limit format, this tournament featured no-limit Omaha. That's right... NLO.

The pot-limit aspect of PLO gives the swingy game some semblance of structure, whereas short-handed NL Omaha is straight up anarchy. It's a game designed perfectly for action junkies.

Event #68 $2.20 NL Omaha (6-max, 3x-Turbo) attracted 7,028 runners. The re-buy period for this event was 90-minutes which facilitated 34,259 re-buys and 2,815 add-ons. The total prize pool swelled to $88,204 and the top 900 places were paid out.

PokerStars Team Online Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra from Portugal continues his quest to play all 100 events on the MicroMillions II schedule. Check out Coimbra's online diary as he recaps his epic journey. Coimbra failed to cash in Event #68 and busted way before the money.

On a flop of 7♦5♠2♦, Coimbra shoved with Q♠8♦6♥4♦ and _PIA_One_ called with A♠Q♣7♠5♣. _PIA_One_ held top two pair against Coimbra's multitude of draws. The turn was the 7♥ and the river was the A♥. _PIA_One_ won the hand with a full house and Coimbra busted out in 2,068th place.

Team PokerStars Online Kristian "CharismA3" Martin made a deep run and was the only notable player who cashed. With 1,000 to go, CharismA3 was sitting in the top 10 in chips with over 600K. When the money bubble approached, CharismA3's stack took a slight hit and he slipped to around 100th overall. He'd end up fizzling out in 407th place.

With 100 players remaining, heipa333 from Germany held the lead with a hefty stack worth 10 million. With 50 to go, matsuf from Finland topped the leaderboard with 13.5 million. With 18 remaining on the final three tables, matsuf improved his big stack to 36 million. With 12 remaining, matsuf chipped up to over 50 million.

When action reached the final table bubble with seven players remaining, catta_allin from Romania had snagged the top spot with 57 million and mastuf slipped to third. The final table bubble lasted a couple of levels. It finally burst when short-stacked jet235 moved all-in for 5,911,180, and MarcoDelgado called. Russia's jet235 held a very strong A♣A♦K♣J♠ against MarcoDelgado's T♥9♥8♠6♣. However MarcoDelgado flopped a flush draw and got there on the river when the board ran out K♥5♠3♥6♠6♥. Ouch. Jet235 got Aces snapped off and bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


Event #68 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: catta_allin (56,697,589)
Seat 2: rubak787 (17,337,474)
Seat 3: MarcoDelgado (60,978,561)
Seat 4: Giraffii (13,830,816)
Seat 5: matsuf (38,319,224)
Seat 6: ActionJunk (21,147,336)

The final table commenced during Level 53 with blinds at 500K/1 million. Canada's MarcoDelgado led the pack with 60 million and Germany's Giraffii brought up the rear.

I BET YOU: Giraffii eliminated in 6th place

It took a while before the first player exited the final table. When it finally happened... matsuf initiated the ruckus with a raise to 2,756,845, catta_allin flat called, Giraffii also called from the big blind. The flop was K♦T♥2♣. Giraffii didn't waste any time and insta-shoved for 11,344,787, matsuf re-raised all-in 38,991,551 to isolate. That move worked because catta_allin bailed. Heads-up. Giraffii tabled Q♥J♦9♦3♦ and picked up a straight draw. Meanwhile, matsuf flopped a set of Kings with K♥K♠5♥4♠. The turn was the 3♥ and the 6♥ fell on the river, which improved matsuf's hand to a flush. Giraffii only had a pair of treys and became the first player to bust from the final table. Giraffii from Germany earned $1,323.06 for sixth place.

I GOT A THING, YOU GOT A THING, EVERYBODY'S GOT A THING: rubak787 eliminated in 5th place

Short-stacked rubak787 open-shoved for 6,474,442 and ActionJunk called from the big blind. ActionJunk's 9♣9♥8♦3♠ was ahead of rubak787's 8♥7♥6♣4♦. The board ran out K♦Q♣5♠2♣6♠ and ActionJunk's pair of nines held up. Alas, rubak787's hand failed to improve and as a result, rubak787 was knocked out in fifth place, which paid $2,215.68.

QUALIFY AND SATISFY: matsuf eliminated in 4th place

Action folded to the blinds and fireworks ensued. MarcoDelgado shoved for 89,613,995 and matsuf called all-in for 17,065,977. Although matsuf slightly led with A♦K♦T♠6♦ against MarcoDelgado's A♥Q♦9♥4♦, MarcoDelgado caught running hearts and made a flush to win the pot when the board ran out T♥8♦3♦2♥8♥. One-time chip leader, matsuf from Finland, earned $3,969.18. for a fourth-place performance.

WHAT IS SOUL: catta_allin eliminated in 3rd place

On the very next hand, another elimination occurred. ActionJunk shoved for 76,154,964, and catta_allin called all-in for 20,796,064. ActionJunk took A♦K♥T♥3♥ into battle against catta_allin's K♠K♣K♦2♠. The flop was A♣8♠5♥ and ActionJunk seized the lead. The turn was the A♠ and ActionJunk's hand improved to trip Aces. The 2♣ fell on the river and catta_allin whiffed on a flush draw. ActionJunk won the hand and catta_allin busted out in third place, which paid $6,615.30.

HEADS-UP: MarcoDelgado (Canada) vs. ActionJunk (Netherlands)

Seat 3: MarcoDelgado (109,019,972)
Seat 6: ActionJunk (99,291,028)

Heads-up commenced during the middle of Level 56. MarcoDelgado only led by 10 million. A deal was worked out between the final two.

CAN'T SHAKE IT LOOSE: MarcoDelgado eliminated in 2nd place

Heads-up only lasted 28 hands. When the dust settled, ActionJunk emerged as the victor. On the final hand, MarcoDelgado min-raised to 4.8 million and ActionJunk called. The flop was K♥J♥5♠. ActionJunk checked, MarcoDelgado bet 7.2 million, ActionJunk check-raised all-in for 109,106,512, and MarcoDelgado called all-in for 81,924,488. ActionJunk showed A♥Q♥5♦3♣ for a monster draw -- a Royal Flush draw. MarcoDelgado flopped two pair with K♣Q♣Q♦5♥ and was hoping to fade a multitude of draws. The turn was the 8♣, but the 7♥ spiked on the river. ActionJunk filled in am Ace-high flush and won the pot... and the tournament.

Canada's MarcoDelgado busted out in second place and won $10,980.00 for a gutsy second-place performance. Congrats to ActionJunk from the Netherlands for winning MicroMillions II Event #68. He earned $11,516.59 for first place in an event truly catered to "action junkies."

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

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Event #68 - Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 7,028
Re-Buys: 34,259
Ad-Ons: 2,815
Prize Pool: $88,204
Places Paid: 900

1. ActionJunk (Netherlands) - $11,516.59 **
2. MarcoDelgado (Canada) - $10,980.00 **
3. catta_allin (Romania) - $6,615.30
4. matsuf (Finland) - $3,969.18
5. rubak787 (Russia) - $2,215.68
6. Giraffii (Germany) - $1,323.06

** denotes a deal was cut among the final two

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in MicroMillions