MicroMillions II: ber1212 breaks down Event #64 ($3.30 NLHE)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngWhen heads-up play began the two players that did all the damage on the final table stood toe to toe. Essentially even in stacks and ready to determine who would stand on the top. These two players eliminated the other seven players on the way to their heads-up battle and they were both looking for that last one. In the end it was ber1212 getting the best of vodyanoj777 for a career best cash.


Just over 9,000 players entered Event #64 of the MicroMillions II schedule. That generated a prize pool of over $27,000 with first place getting $4,096.67. Here is a look at the numbers:

Entrants: 9,090
Guarantee: $15,000
Prize pool: $27,270
Paid Players: 1,170

André "acoimbra" Coimbra was the only red spade to partake in this tournament. As he works his way thought his ironman challenge he has managed to get just over 31 hours of sleep over the past seven days while accumulating 14 cashes for $296.23. With only four days remaining on the schedule tried to pick up another cash in event #64 but fell short with a 2,613 place finish.

Without and red spades to get in the way the field worked its way to the final table. By the time the final nine was reached hunguptadry was sitting at the top after dispatching dito_na_me on tenth place. Here is the seat assignments for the final nine.

Seat 1: lew9 (4,841,188 in chips)
Seat 2: ber1212 (8,327,861 in chips)
Seat 3: Trigger987 (7,155,090 in chips)
Seat 4: manologelp (3,161,651 in chips)
Seat 5: hunguptadry (9,695,508 in chips)
Seat 6: ConstanceFry (1,845,494 in chips)
Seat 7: vodyanoj777 (4,279,334 in chips)
Seat 8: (3,414,092 in chips)
Seat 9: I7epHaTbIu (2,729,782 in chips)


First one down:

With the short stack on the table and having everyone else fold on the table ConstanceFry moved all-in from the small blind. vodyanoj777 called and the players cards were revealed with vodyanoj777's K♣Q♦ leading the way over ConstanceFry's 7♦5♦. Both players caught a pair on the Q♣J♠7♠ flop but it was the K♥ that essentially ended this hand giving vodyanoj777 two pair. The 4♣ was of no assistance to ConstanceFry who collects $211.34 for ninth place.



The next elimination came after l7epHaTblu was unable to eliminate vodyanjo777 in a 12.3 million chip pot. Facing an open to 1 million from Trigger987 and a call from vodyano777, l7epHaTblu called to go all-in from the button. The three players saw an A♣4♣2♦ flop. Trigger987 opened to 800,000, vodyanoj777 called and they saw the J♦ turn. Once again Trigger987 opened to 800,000 and vodyanoj777 called. The 5♣ river brought a check from both players and their cards were revealed with Trigger987 holding K♣K♠. Trigger987's kings were not enough to beat vodyanoj777's A♥Q♣ who increased the chip lead and eliminated l7epHaTblu in eighth place.


The previous elimination left Trigger897 as the short stack and it only took a couple hands before the rest of his chips moved into the middle. It was vodyanjo777 who was there again to take care of business. All the chips found their way to the middle pre-flop with Trigger897 holding K♠Q♣ against vodyanjo777's A♥T♦. The board ran out T♣9♠4♦9♦5♠ giving vodyanjo777 two pair, tens and nines, eliminating Tigger897 in seventh place collecting $545.40.

vodyanjo777 was not done there as manologelp decided to take a stab and try to end the elimination streak. It was the Q♦Q♠ that belonged to vodyanjo777 that led the way over manologelp's 9♦9♥. The 8♠7♣4♣T♣7♦ board was of no help for manologelp who became vodyanjo777's latest victim going out in sixth place collecting $818.10.

More of the same:

The next elimination came a few hands later but was not any different than the previous five. It was vodyanjo777 holding 7♦7♥ against lew9's A♦T♠. By the time the 5♠ turn hit the board vodyanjo777 had won the hand with a straight thanks to the 8♥6♣4♠ flop. lew9 collects $1,090.80 for fifth place.


Someone else get in on the action:

After watching vodyanoj777 eliminate the first five players on the final table her1212 decided it was time for someone else to step up and take care of business. The first victim of ber1212 was who he crippled a few hands before with A♥6♣ beating J♣9♥. That left with less than an ante. managed to survive one more hand getting just over one ante built up. In 's final hand he moved all-in from under-the-gun, both ber1212 and vodyanoj777 stuck around for the flop. They checked it down all the way through the river on the 9♣8♣6♦5♦4♥ board. vodyanoj777's cards were revealed first holding 6♠3♦, 's cards were mucked, and ber1212's T♦9♠ was shown to take the hand with a pair of nines eliminating in fourth place collecting $1,374.40.


ber1212 did not stop there as he took on hunguptadry with a chance to get heads-up. All the chips were in the middle pre-flop with hunguptadry holding K♥7♦ against ber1212's A♣6♠. The Q♦4♦4♠3♦4♥ board was good for ber1212 but bad for hunguptadry who was eliminated in third place collecting $2,045.25.


When heads-up play began the final two were close in chip counts and decided on a chip-chop with vodyanoj777 taking $3,500, ber1212 getting $3,296.37 with $300 left for the eventual winner.

With the deal finalized they now set forth on determining the winner. Eventually it was ber1212 who made the first move taking a three to one chip lead after catching a flush on the river.

That lead was just too much for vodyanoj777 as ber1212 kept the pressure on. The final hand stared with vodyanoj777 limping in from the small blind and ber1212 checking. The pair checked on the J♥T♣5♦, it was the 3♣ turn that brought the action. ber1212 opened to 800,000, vodyanoj777 raised to 2,400,000 and ber1212 moved all-in. vodyanoj777 called the all-in putting the tournament on the line with one card to go. Both players had a flush draw but it was the J♣8♣ that belonged to ber1212 that led the way with a pair of jacks over vodyanoj777's Q♣4♣. The 7♦ was of no use to either player meaning vodyanoj777 collected $3,500 for second place while ber1212 takes $3,596.37 for the win.


Congrats to ber1212 for winning Event #64 of the MicroMillions II.

MicroMillions Event #64 ($3.30 NLHE) Results (reflects a deal):

Players: 9,090
Prize Pool: $27,270
Places Paid: 1,170

1st place: ber1212 (Belguim) - $3,596.37*
2nd place: vodyanoj777 (Russia) - $3,500.00*
3rd place: hunguptadry (United Kingdom) - $2,045.25
4th place: (Russia) - $1,374.40
5th place: lew9 (United Kingdom) - $1,090.80
6th place: manologelp (Argentina) - $818.10
7th place: Trigger897 (Germany) - $545.40
8th place: l7epHaTblu (Latvia) - $313.60
9th place: ConstanceFry (Australia) - $211.34
*Reflects a heads-up deal

The MicroMillions II is moving into the final stages of the series. You can find information on what events remain, satellites, and leader boards on the main MicroMillions page.