MicroMillions II: Coimbra getting close, sleep needed

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngIt all seems so easy when you say it, 'I'll play 100 tournaments round-the-clock over the next 11 days.' But Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra is beginning to realise exactly what his challenge involves with two-thirds of the MicroMillions II series left to play.

Team PokerStars Online's Coimbra has had little more than 13 hours sleep since the MicroMillions began on Thursday and it's beginning to show in the 'State of Mind' section of his video blog. Despite the dearth of zzz's, Coimbra has made the money seven times out of the 35 tournaments he's played so far putting him in 80th position on the Leader Board with 115 points. The Portuguese grinder is consistently making the money but just can't quite get into those final deep positions.

As return on investment goes, we're sure that 'acoimbra' has scored better but this isn't just to do with with money or $10,000 PCA main event seats and MicroMillions Leader Board points. This is about drawing a line in the sand and saying, 'Sleep, you cross that line and I'll poke you in the eye.' Except, of course, when late registration and bust-outs conveniently coordinate at which point you tell sleep that it was all a misunderstanding, that it's been 'too long' and that they should should pop round for a chat. Until the next tournament starts anyway. This, Coimbra tells us below, is what happened last night resulting in the most fleeting of snoozes.

Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra is starting to feel the burn

acoimbra's MicroMillions roll of honour
Event #2 - 2,633/36,734 for $13.96
Event #7 - 94/6,467 for $33.95
Event #16 - 203/11,562 for $11.09
Event #18 - 993/15,768 for $9.46
Event #29 - 2,095/20,968 for $12.98
Event #33 - 915/17,444 for $32.03
Event #35 - 105/4,962 for $57.72

-Total Hours of Sleep: 13 hours 15 mins
-In the money finishes: 7 (through day 4)
-Tournament Earnings: $171.19
-Tournaments played: 35

We'll continue to post Coimbra's videos here just so long as he's able stay awake long enough to record them. Follow his progress here and through his @andrebcoimbra Twitter account.

micromillions_acoimbra video_andre hooded.JPG

Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra is starting to feel the burn

You can find acoimbra, and any other pro online, through the PokerStars lobby by clicking Requests>Find a Team PokerStars Player. Give the man from Portugal a nudge if you think he's fallen asleep at the table.

Click through the following link to find out more about the MicroMillions

Rick Dacey
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