MicroMillions II: Day 4 round up, $2,763,378 prizes won

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe MicroMillions festival is now a third of its way through its low buy-in, big prize run and has so far given out an incredible $2,763,378 (and 12 cents) in prizes. For the low stakes grinder there really is nowhere else on Earth, or the internet, where you can find anything else like it. We're 33 events down with four currently running and another 63 yet to go. Put it this way, there are plenty of chances for you to spin up yet.

Beckersen81 from Germany is leading the Player of the Series race with 270 points, but this is a marathon not a sprint. Beckersen81 will have to keep the pace but with nine cashes, two final tables and one victory the German is looking good for a top ten finish.

PokerStars Team Online's Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra is nestled deep in the peloton with 95 points thanks to scoring a number of small cashes. A single deep run will propel him up the leader board, with a victory picking you up 100 points, but only as long as he manages to stay awake.

micromillions_round up_Beckersen81.jpg

Beckersen81 (top left) is leading the chase for the $10,000 PCA main event seat

You can look at the full schedule by logging into the PokerStars lobby and clicking on Events>MicroMillions>Main Events tabs or by clicking on this MicroMillions II schedule link.

We're also posting up final table wraps of each and every event which can be found by clicking through to the MicroMillions II reports page.


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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in MicroMillions