MicroMillions II: Day 7 round-up, fabio_bruxo defending the yellow jersey

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe Tour de France is entering its final stretch having already completed 17 gut-wrenching, muscle-burning stages. Just four days remain for Bradley Wiggins to maintain a two-minute and five-seconds lead over fellow Brit and team mate Chris Froome. That great bicycle race isn't the only gruelling marathon to finish this Sunday, although our 11-day MicroMillions series does involve less lycra, slightly less expensive machines and no need to plunge yourself in a bathtub full of ice cubes at the end of each tournament. Unless you're into that kind of thing.

Breaking away from the peloton yet again was fabio_bruxo who scored four more cashes since yesterday's round-up to mount a 420 point lead at the top. The Brazilian has only made one big score so far in the series with a fourth place finish for $1,669.97 in Event #37 but a terrifying 26 cashes from 61 events is certainly deserving of the MicroMillions II Leader Board yellow jersey at the moment. But will there be enough gas in the tank? Australian dunkmeister2 is chasing with 365 points and German beckersen81 is just over the next summit with 325. After 61 events $4,301,020.98 has made its way into the micro buy-in tournaments so far.

The MicroMillions top ten
1. fabio_bruxo, Brazil, 420
2. dunkmeister2, Australia, 365
3. Beckersen81, Germany, 325
4. kekec24, Slovenia, 315
5. olangotang, United Kingdom, 310
6. VX$52, Russia, 305
7. pikul, Poland, 290
8= blackDonii, Hungary, 285
8= dzikibawol, Poland, 285
8= Misha Myxin, Russia, 285
8= Pr0fiteer, Belarus, 285


Supernova fabio_bruxo (left, swirly) is making his experience pay

While the Leader Board and it's top 50 prizes are certainly worth chasing individual glory is still there for the taking. For just a couple of dollars you can make four figure scores and more, none more so than the $22 MicroMillions main event. The $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament starts on 22 July at 14.30 ET and has a mammoth $150,000 guaranteed payout for first!


Check out the full schedule by logging into the PokerStars lobby and clicking on Events>MicroMillions>Main Events tabs or by clicking on this MicroMillions II schedule link. And you can read final table reports of all the MicroMillions events by clicking through to the MicroMillions II reports page.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in MicroMillions