MicroMillions II: fab1070 pummels field in Event #22 SuperKnockout victory

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngSometimes all the stars in the universe align perfectly for you. As a tournament player, you can't ask for anything more from the universe aside for a little good fortune and being the one whom issues the bad beats instead of the one absorbing them. Anyone who ever wins a tournament will confess that they got a little lucky along the way. That's just the nature of the beast. The causalities of war are licking their wounds on the sidelines while the victor counts their blessings while sitting on a mountain of cash.

The SuperKnockout featured a bounty that equaled the buy-in. All you have to do is send two players to the rail and you break even. Everything else, as they say, is gravy.

Event #22 $11 NL SuperKnockout attracted 21,529 runners. They contributed to a prize pool worth $113,027.50, in addition to creating a bounty pool of equal value. The top 2,700 places got a cut of the prize pool with $11,314.28 set aside for the eventual champion.

PokerStars Team Online Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra from Portugal is ensconced in a quest to play in all 100 tournaments on the MicroMillions II schedule. Alas, Coimbra didn't fare well in Event #22 when he finished in a disappointing 12,946th place.

When the tournament reached its sixth hour, 258 players remained with Russia's Tim Diam out in front with 1.7 million.

With 100 players remaining, Russia's tincl held the top spot with almost 4 million in chips. With 50 players left, Germany's figoguido seized the lead with over 8 million. With 30 players remaining, tincl regained the lead momentarily. With two tables to go, figoguido jumped back into the top spot with 13 million.

After a somewhat-estended final table bubble, the final nine was finally set when zenslayer busted in 10th place. Zenslayer open-shoved for his last 6,730,404, and fab1070 snap-called from the big blind with T♣T♠. Zenslayer was in trouble with Q♥4♥ and got into a deeper mess when fab1070 flopped a set of tens. Zenslayer did not improve and bubbled off the final table in tenth place. For knocking out zenslayer, fab1070 collected a bounty and snagged the overall lead.


Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: fab1070 (23,798,655)
Seat 2: ColSlavik (9,354,419)
Seat 3: delle57 (11,429,872)
Seat 4: Jester279 (5,365,614)
Seat 5: drrenegade (10,071,220)
Seat 6: glockwood81 (6,002,360)
Seat 7: PREVED-_-l (8,874,348)
Seat 8: tincl (13,049,527)
Seat 9: figoguido (19,698,985)

The final table commenced in the middle of Level 51 with blinds at 300K/600K and a 75K ante. Belgium's fab1070 held the lead with almost 23.8 million.

SPACE ODDITY: delle57 eliminated in 9th place

It didn't take very long before we had a first elimination at the final table. Chip leader fab1070 opened to 1,800,000, delle57 shoved over the top for 12,029,872, and fab1070 called. Both players tabled their hands and fab1070 led with A♣Q♣ against delle57's A♥4♦. The board ran out K♣K♦9♥2♠6♣. Neither player improved, but fab1070 won the hand with Ace-high and a Queen kicker. fab1070 won the pot and collected a bounty for knocking out delle57. Meanwhile, delle57 won $678.16 for a ninth-place finish.


Short-stacked PREVED-_-l shoved for 5,399,348 and tincl re-raised all-in in an attempt to isolate. No one else called. It was heads-up with tincl leading with A♥9♣ against PREVED-_-l's A♦8♠. Both players flopped an Ace and the board ran out A♣Q♣7♦6♥T♦. The pot was awarded to tincl, who out-kicked PREVED-_-l. In addition, tincl won a bounty while PREVED-_-l hit the rail in eighth place, collecting $1,017.24.

LETTER TO HERMIONE: Jester279 eliminated in 7th place

Chip leader fab1070 opened to 3,000,000, shorty Jester279 re-raised all-in for 4,631,228, and fab1070 called. Classic race. Jester279 trailed with A♠K♦ against fab1070's T♦T♠. The board ran out 7♥5♣3♥5♠7♠. Jester279's Big Slick failed to improve and busted in seventh place. The big-stacked fab1070 retained the lead and collected a bounty. Meanwhile, Jester279 earned $1,695.40.

With six to go, fab1070's stack topped 44 million and he improved his overall lead by 20 million.

CYGNET COMMITTE: ColSlavik eliminated in 6th place

ColSlavik open-shoved for 8,302,610 and drrenegade re-raised all-in for 8,917,440. Heads-up. ColSlavik took A♣5♦ into battle against drrenegade's 8♣8♠. The board ran out K♥9♦7♠9♣J♥. drrenegade's pocket eights prevailed, thereby collecting a bounty for picking off ColSlavik. Alas, ColSlavik took home $2,825.68 for a sixth-place performance.

AN OCCASIONAL DREAM: glockwood81 eliminated in 5th place

Big-stacked bully fab1070 opened to 4,000,000 and glockwood81 shoved all-in for 8,584,440. fab1070 called with Q♣7♦ and was way behind glockwood81's A♣K♦. The flop was A♠K♠J♠ and glockwood81 solidified his lead with top two pair, though fab1070 picked up a gutshot. The turn was the 9♠, but the river was the T♦. It was a devastating river card because fab1070 filled in a Broadway straight. Unfortunately, glockwood81 busted in fifth place yet won $3,955.95. Chip leader fab1070 collected yet another bounty and held more than 50% of the chips in play.

WILD EYED BOY FROM FREECLOUD: tincl eliminated in 4th place

Short-stacked tincl shoved for 10,693,767 and fab1070 called. Both players opened up their hands -- tincl was racing with 7♠7♦ against fab1070's K♥Q♥. The board ran out K♣6♣2♥8♠4♥. The King on the flop cooked tincl's goose and fab1070 won the pot, in addition to collecting a bounty. Meanwhile, one-time chip leader tincl from Russia received $5,086.22 for fourth place.

With three remaining, fab1070 chipped up to almost 65 million.

MEMORY OF A FREE FESTIVAL: figoguido eliminated in 3rd place

Sometimes it's not your day. figoguido got Aces snapped off in brutal fashion and busted in third place. figoguido limped for 700,000, fab1070 raised to 11,200,000, figoguido limp-shoved for 19,413,530, and fab1070 called. figoguido led with A♣A♠ versus fab1070's K♣Q♠. The board ran out J♣T♦4♠5♠9♠. When fab1070 flopped an open-ended straight draw, everyone on the rail was expecting the inevitable to happen on the river. Doom. fab1070 won the pot with a straight and collected a bounty. Meanwhile, a stunned figoguido busted out in third place, which paid $6,781.63.

Check out the hand via the snazzy replayer:

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HEADS-UP: fab1070 (Belgium) vs. drrenegade (Germany)
Seat 1: fab1070 (88,629,900 in chips)
Seat 5: drrenegade (19,015,100 in chips)

Once heads-up was set, fab1070 was in control with more than a 4 to 1 lead in chips.

THE PRETTIEST STAR: drrenegade eliminated in 2nd place

Heads-up lasted one hand. If you blinked, you might have missed it. On the final hand... fab1070 opened to 4,200,000, drrenegade shoved for 18,840,100, and fab1070 called. fab1070 led with A♠K♦ against drrenegade's K♣Q♦. The board ran out J♣8♥3♦7♣6♥. Neither player improved their hand, but fab1070 won the pot with Ace-high. He shipped the tournament and also collected a bounty for knocking out drrenegade. For a gutsy second-place performance, drrenegade collected $9,026.35.

For winning MicroMillions II Event #22, Belgium's fab1070 earned $11,314.28.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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Event #22 - Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 21,529
Prize Pool: $113,027.50
Bounty Pool: $113,027.50
Places Paid: 2,700

1. fab1070 (Belgium) - $11,314.28
2. drrenegade (Germany) - $9,026.35
3. figoguido (Germany) - $6,781.63
4. tincl (Russia) - $5,086.22
5. glockwood81 (Canada) - $3,955.95
6. ColSlavik (Switzerland) - $2,825.68
7. Jester279 (Germany) - $1,695.40
8. PREVED-_-l (Ukraine) - $1,017.24
9. delle57 (Germany) - $678.16

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in MicroMillions