MicroMillions II: fecooo wins Event #55 ($2.20 NLHE)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThirteen dollars and seventy-one cents, that's it just under fourteen dollars. Not even ten times the buy-in for this event. That is all that fecooo had as winnings before entering Event #55. That will not even buy you a decent meal at an Outback, maybe a Blooming Onion and a drink with a small tip but don't expect much more.

Tonight fecooo will be able to splurge for a steak and maybe even take a few friends out thanks to the $2,212.97 payday from winning this $2.20 buy-in event.

With just under 10,000 entrants sitting down for Event #55 the prize pool came close to doubling the $10,000 guarantee falling $546 short. That didn't dampen the mood for everyone involved who all wanted to take down the $2,867.81 top prize money. Here is a look at how the numbers stacked up after the 120 minute late registration period ended:

Entrants: 9,728
Guarantee: $10,000
Prize pool: $19,456
Paid Players: 1,260

It took just over eight hours to get down to the final nine. Leading the way was mainantoni followed by NamsraiRichi and Laporta89. Over the next hour that number would shrink to just one. Here are the seat assignments for the final table:

Seat 1: Buckers10 (5,708,975 in chips)
Seat 2: Cemcam (1,846,895 in chips)
Seat 3: Glonkosaur (4,452,473 in chips)
Seat 4: Laporta89 (7,181,596 in chips)
Seat 5: CashDroid (4,208,548 in chips)
Seat 6: mainantoni (9,342,197 in chips)
Seat 7: fecooo (3,535,774 in chips)
Seat 8: Blaag (4,622,063 in chips)
Seat 9: NamsraiRichi (7,741,479 in chips)


First one out:

The first elimination came as a few players were lobbying to look at the numbers for a nine-way chop. Action folded to Cemcan, who was in the small blind. Cemcan only had one player on the table covered and that was Glonkosaur who called from the big blind. Glonkosaur was poised for the double up holding A♥T♦ against Cemcan's K♥3♠. The 4♥3♦2♠ flop changed that giving Cemcan a pair of threes and the lead. The 4♦ and J♦ that came on the turn and river did not change things sending Glonkosaur out in ninth place collecting $150.78.


The river hurts:

A double-up seemed to be destined when Buckers10's chips were moved into the middle. Even though his opponent, Blaag, had a couple draws things looked good for Buckrs10's A♣5♦ on the 9♥5♥3♣ flop against Blaag's K♥Q♥. The 7♣ turn was nice to Buckers10 but the Q♠ river was not, eliminating him in eighth place collecting $214.01

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Best hand holds:

In the first two eliminations the hand that held the lead when the cards were revealed was not the hand that held it at the end of the hand. CashDroid moved all-in over the min-raise of Laporta89. Laporta89 called showing A♦T♣ against CashDroid's A♥9♥. The J♣8♠5♦6♥3♠ board was a safe one for Laporta89 sending CashDroid out in seventh place collecting $389.12.


Who's next?:

After folding down to under four big blinds Cemcam decided to finally take a stand with K♥8♦ against mainantoni's 8♠7♠. The 7♦4♣4♠ flop gave mainantoni two pair, sevens and fours, to take the lead. The 3♥ turn and A♣ river meant the end for Cemcam who collects $583.68 for sixth place.


Sitting in the small blind with just over 2 big blinds and having the action fold to you is a standard spot to put those chips in the middle. That is just what Laporta89 did into mainantoni, who called. The players cards were revealed with Laporta89 holding K♦4♦ against mainantoni's Q♠9♦. The 9♣4♦3♣ flop gave each player a pair but mainantoni continued to hold the lead. The A♦ turn changed nothing and the 9♥ river only improved mainatoni's lead eliminating Laporta89 in fifth place collecting $778.24.


No Deal!:

Three of the final four players were interested in looking at the numbers for a possible chop. The lone hold out was NamsraRichi who sparred with Blaag in a battle of the blinds. Blaag opened for a min-raise preflop and NamsraRichi called. The pair saw the A♠T♣6♣ flop. Blaag opened to 1,350,000 and NamsraRichi called. The 8♣ turn brought an all-in shove from Blaag, who had enough to cover NamsraRichi. NamsraRichi called and the players cards were revealed with NamsraRichi holding A♥2♣ for a pair of aces while Blaag held A♣A♦ for a set of ace. The 5♦ river meant nothing eliminating NamsraRichi in fourth place collecting $972.80.



With NamsraRichi now gone the final three players that were looking for a deal could see the numbers. They quickly agreed to the following terms and play resumed with a minor delay.

Left To Play for: $200.00


With the deal stamped and sealed the only thing left to do was play for the extra $200 and title of being one of the latest MicroMillions champs. For Blaag that dream would have to wait another day as mainantoni eliminated him in third place. mainantoni's A♥Q♥ had Blaag dominated from the start and that never changed. Blaag takes home $2,315.40 for a third place effort.



With fecooo holding an almost four to one chip lead heads-up play only lasted a few hands. It was the fifth hand that decided everything when mainantoni moved all-in over the min-raise of fecooo who called. fecooo held A♠3♠ while mainantoni held Q♣9♣. The J♥T♥5♣4♥6♦ board put an end to things sending mainantoni out in second collecting $1,890.16 while fecooo collected $2,212.97 for the win.


Congrats to fecooo on winning Event #55 of the MicroMillions II.

MicroMillions Event #55 ($2.20 NLHE) Results (reflects a deal):

Players: 9,728
Prize Pool: $19,456
Places Paid: 1,260

1st place: fecooo (Hungary) - $2,212.97*
2nd place: mainantoni (Greece) - $1,890.16*
3rd place: Blaag (Canada) - $2,315.40*
4th place: NamsraRichi (Mongolia) - $972.80
5th place: Laporta89 (Australia) - $778.24
6th place: Cemcam (Germany) - $583.68
7th place: CashDroid (Russia) - $389.12
8th place: Buckers10 (United Kingdom) - $214.01
9th place: Glonkosaur (United Kingdom) - $150.78
*Reflects a three-way deal

Only a few days remain in the MicroMillions II schedule. You can find information on what events remain, satellites, and leader boards on the main MicroMillions page.