MicroMillions II: gosh22 gallops away with a win in Event #13 ($8.80 H.O.R.S.E.)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngEight bucks can't even buy you a decent sandwich in San Francisco. It won't buy you a day's worth of rides on the London Underground and it would be a serious sweat to see if it covered the cost of a single cocktail at my local watering hole. Eight bucks, however, was all it took for a shot at a $5,600 first-place prize in MicroMillions Event #13 ($8.80 H.O.R.S.E.) There are far more expensive ways to refine one's mixed game skills, and 4,362 players agreed, the $34,896 prize pool blowing past the $15K guarantee. 560 players made the money, and there wasn't a Red Spade among them, Team Pro Portugal's Henrique Pinho and Andre Coimbra both making mid-field exits.

Betting limits were up to 200,000/400,000 with nine players remaining, two of them with little more than a big bet apiece. The game was Razz, and following a completion from Dr dakon, smoofbettor raised to 400,000. Dr dakon reraised and smoofbettor called off his last 38,000.

Dr dakon (2♦ A♦) / 5♣7♥3♦4♠ (9♠)
smoofbettor (2♥5♠) / 8♠Q♦6♣3♥ (4♦)

Dr dakon hit a seven low by fifth street and improved to a wheel on sixth, ending smoofbettor's run in ninth place.

Meanwhile, one table over, the same deal of hand-for-hand play saw chebunin put his remaining 400,000 in the middle on fourth street. Gosh22 called.

gosh22 (3♥7♥) / 5♥4♦K♥4♥ (2♠)
chebunin (5♣A♣) 3♠A♦A♠8♣ (4♣)

Although chebunin made an 8-5 low on the river, gosh22 did him one better with a 7-5 low. Chebunin exited in eighth place, sending us to the final table seven-handed.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Dr dakon (3,983,431 in chips)
Seat 2: Chrizt3r (5,794,452 in chips)
Seat 4: gosh22 (4,575,604 in chips)
Seat 5: skypoker77 (2,491,333 in chips)
Seat 6: Giocus (1,086,843 in chips)
Seat 7: Dedyl (923,666 in chips)
Seat 8: guillehn (2,954,671 in chips)

Shorties double only to bust

Short stacks Giocus and Dedyl scored early double-ups in the stud high round, Giocus making aces up against Dr dakon's pair of eights and Dedyl making tens and nines against skypoker77's pair of aces. Giocus hung on for only a few more orbits before putting the rest of his chips in on fourth street against gosh22 in a stud hi/lo hand.

gosh22 (4♠A♣) / 3♥5♥7♣2♦ (6♦)
Giocus (7♠Q♣) / Q♦A♥T♦J♠ (4♥)

Gosh22 won the low on fifth street, improved to a wheel on sixth, and improved even further on the river, making a seven-high straight for high. Giocus' split pair of queens never improved and he hit the rail in seventh place, earning $471.09.

As the game turned back to hold'em and the blinds rose to 250,000/500,000, skypoker77 was down to his last 388,000. He tossed them in preflop with K♠8♠, both guillehn and Dr dakon coming along. The two active players checked down the T♥Q♥7♥J♦Q♣ board and guillehn tabled K♦T♠ for two pair and the win. For his sixth-place finish, skypoker77 collected $1,046.88 while gosh22 moved out to a significant chip lead with over 10 million.

Dedyl doused

Down to two and a half big bets, Dedyl opened an Omaha hi/lo pot with A♠T♣T♥5♦. Chrizt3r called from the small blind, and checked over to Dedyl on the A♦9♦8♦ flop. Dedyl bet and Chrizt3r called. Dedyl's remaining 580,000 went in when the A♥ turn made him trips and Chrizt3r called, revealing A♣7♥6♣3♥-- the same trips, with an open-ended straight draw to boot. The 3♠ river, however, doused Dedyl and made Chrizt3r aces full of threes. Chrizt3r moved up to second in chips while Dedyl had to settle for fifth place and $1,744.80.

Razz claims Dr dakon, guillehn

Chrizt3r lost many of those newfound chips to gosh22, but reclaimed a few when he crippled Dr dakon in a Razz hand. Left with 421,500, Dr dakon put them in the middle on third street against guillehn.

guillehn (2♥Q♥) / 6♦A♥4♦K♦ (8♦)
Dr dakon (9♥3♠) / 5♦8♠5♥9♦ (9♠)

Guillehn pulled out an 8-6 low on seventh street, while Dr dakon paired up twice to bust in fourth place, earning $2,442.72

Six hands later, guillehn's chips went in the middle on fifth street in a three-way pot. Gosh22 called with four to a six low and guillehn tabled four to a seven low. Gosh22 made a ten on sixth street and improved to an 8-6 on seventh. Guillehn also caught an eight on the river, but his 8-7 wasn't enough. Guillehn was out in third, his evening on the felt earning him $3,140.64.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: Chrizt3r (2,909,284 in chips)
Seat 4: gosh22 (18,900,716 in chips)

With gosh22 out to a 6 to 1 lead over Chrizt3r, this was a lopsided heads-up match to say the least. Gosh22 whittled away at Chrizt3r and got him down to 1.04 million before this stud high hand sealed his win:

Congratulations to gosh22 on turning $8.80 into $5,654.51 in under eight hours. For his runner-up finish, Chrizt3r earned $3,925.80.

PokerStars MicroMillions II Event #13 ($8.80 H.O.R.S.E.) results:

Players: 4,362
Prizepool: $34,896
Places paid: 560

1. gosh22 (Germany) $5,654.51
2. Chrizt3r (Sweden) $3,925.80
3. guillehn (Honduras) $3,140.64
4. Dr dakon (Lithuania) $2,442.72
5. Dedyl (Russia) $1,744.80
6. skypoker77 (Russia) $1,046.88
7. Glocus (Germany) $471.09
8. chebunin (Russia) $279.16

We're just getting warmed up in the MicroMillions II. Head over to the MicroMillions page for more information and a full tournament schedule.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions