MicroMillions II: jayme1987 steamrolls final table in Event #10 ($1+R NL 3x-Turbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngSome days you just run good.

Final table chip leaders do not always win their prospective tournament, but in this instance, the U.K.'s jayme1987 went wire-to-wire at a final table that barely lasted twenty minutes.

MicroMillions Event #10 ($1+R NL 3x-Turbo) attracted 18,102 runners. The triple re-buy period boosted the prize pool to $107,434.60, with a total of 90,943 re-buys and 9,015 add-ons. First place paid out $11,601.45 -- a stupendous return for mere $1-buy-in.

The top 2,475 players got a cut of the prize money. Unfortunately Team PokerStars Pros and Team PokerStars Online posted a rare "doughnut" when not a single player cashed. PokerStars Team Pro Asia Bryan Huang from Singapore came the closest, yet he whiffed in 2,615th place.

If you don't know, Team PokerStars Online Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra from Portugal is in the middle of his Iron Man mission and quest to play in every single one of the 100 MicroMillions events. Alas, Coimbra didn't fare well in Event #10 when he busted out in 7,816th place.

Over 99.1% of the field was decimated in the first four hours. With 160 to go, Bazar891 from Russia held the lead with 12.3 million. When the tournament hit the fifth hour, only 33 players remained and lovemepayme from Russia emerged as the chip leader with almost 60 million.

With two tables remaining, jayme1987 knocked out two opponents in the same hand and was nipping at lovemepayme's heels. Both players amassed monster stacks in excess of 70 million and both were seated at the same table. Their closest rivals held 42 million.

With 14 players remaining, jayme1987 won a juicy pot worth 73 million and rocketed to first in chips, becoming the first player to pass the 100 million mark. Aconda1 was all-in with A♦Q♥ against jayme1987's pocket nines. It was a classic race. Aconda1 took the lead with the Q♠ on the flop, but the 9♥ on the turn improved jayme1987's hand to a set of nines. Aconda1 hit the rail in 15th place and jayme1987 became the new chip leader with over 116 million.

Meanwhile, with 13 to go... lovemepayme slipped to the middle of the pack and faltered for the first time in hours after losing set over set in a cooler against ergaommes.


A truly unique situation occurred when action reached hand-for-hand. With ten players remaining and the final two tables playing five-handed, two players busted simultaneously. On one table, lombra_26 made a final stand with K♠9♠ which failed to improve against zocca68's A♣5♦. The Netherlands lombra_26 finished in 10th place, officially bubbling off the final table. Meanwhile over on the other table, ergaommes ran 4♦4♣ into jayme1987's A♣A♠ and was eliminated in 9th place for a $644.60 payday.


MicroMillion Event #10 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: zocca68 (70,115,787)
Seat 2: /\ntiHer{} (51,735,181)
Seat 3: blufalken777 (45,053,488)
Seat 4: magosa34 (28,729,683)
Seat 5: lovemepayme (36,920,812)
Seat 6: bustafc (99,350,321)
Seat 8: GRAF502 (37,522,984)
Seat 9: jayme1987 (228,156,744)

The U.K.'s jayme1987 commenced the final table of eight with an overwhelming lead and an envious mountain of chips in excess of 228 million. No other player held a stack worth 100 million (bustafc was the closest at 99 million). It a remarkable final table performance, it only took twenty minutes before jayme197 vacuumed up every single chip and emerged as the victor.

BLUE MONK: /\ntiHer{} eliminated in 8th place

/\ntiHer{} opened-shoved for 7,681,693 and lovemepayme isolated with a re-shove for 37,560,812. It didn't look good for /\ntiHer's A♦4♥ against lovemepayme's A♠J♠. The board ran out Q♠5♠3♣T♠2♦. Although /\ntiHer rivered the Wheel, the straight was no match for lovemepayme's Ace-high flush, which he had locked up on the turn. Australia's /\ntiHer{} busted in eighth place, but won $966.91.

JUST A GIGOLO: GRAF502 eliminated in 7th place

One-time chip leader, lovemepayme, attempted to gain some momentum by knocking out the first two players at the final table. Short-stacked GRAF502 was all-in in the big blind for 2,993,301. Even though lovemepayme took a shot with 8♠4♠, GRAF502 dominated the hand with T♦8♦. The board ran out Q♦6♠4♦J♠A♣. A meager 4♦ on the flop sealed GRAF502's fate. For a seventh-place finish, GRAF502 earned $1,611.51. After that hand, lovemepayme improved to 71 million, but still trailed jayme1987's 225 million mountain.

BEMSHA SWING: lovemepayme eliminated in 6th place

The swings at the final table were immense and lovemepayme's stack incurred a major hit. With a dwindling stack, lovemepayme rumbled with magosa34 and the results were disastrous. Magosa34 opened for a 13,500,000 and lovemepayme called all-in with 9♠7♠. Magosa34 was ahead with K♦6♦ but improved to a nut flush on an all-diamond flop. The board ran out A♦Q♦2♦A♣9♦. Unfortunately, loebmepayme was drawing dead on the flop and hit the road in sixth place. The Russian earned $2,685.86.

LITTLE ROOTIE TOOTIE: zocca68 eliminated in 5th place

Another familiar race occurred with nines versus Ace-Queen after zocca68 open-shoved 77,465,787 and bustafc called from the big blind. The pocket pair prevailed against overcards when bustafc's 9♦9♣ held up against zocca68's A♥Q♠ as the board ran out J♠6♥4♦J♣8♣. Germany's zocca68 collected $3,760.21 for fifth.

SWEET AND LOVELY: bustafc eliminated in 4th place

With four players remaining, the idea of a deal was floated but magosa34 quickly shot it down. We also saw the first elimination that did not involve both players pushing their stacks all-in preflop. The hand was kicked off by bustafc, who opened to 11,250,000 and jayme1987 flatted from the big blind. The flop was 9♦6♦5♦. A raising war ensued -- bustafc fired out 13,500,000, jayme1987 bumped it up to 36,000,000, bustafc re-raised to 63,000,000, and jayme1987 smooth called. The K♣ fell on the turn and fireworks ensued when bustafc check-raised all-in and jayme1987 called. Although bustafc trailed with A♦9♣, he held a nut-flush draw and a pair of nines. Meanwhile, jayme1987 flopped a set with 6♥6♣ and was hoping to fade any diamond that didn't pair the board. That's precisely what happened when the K♦ on the river filled in bustafc's flush, yet it also improved jayme1987's hand to a full house. Ouch. Russia's bustafc busted in fourth place and won $4,834.55.

With three remaining, jayme1987 held over 400 million compared to blufalken777's 137 million and magosa3's 40 million.

MONK'S DREAM: blufalken777 eliminated in 3rd place

Pblufalken777 open-shoved for 142,533,952 and jayme1987 called from the big blind. Both players opened up their hands and jayme1987 led with A♠Q♥ against blufalken777's K♥T♠. The board ran out 9♣9♥2♥Q♦3♠ and blufalken777 whiffed on a gutshot draw, while jayme1987 won the hand with two pair. Australia's blufalken777 fizzled out in third place, which guaranteed a payday of $6983.24.

HEADS-UP: magosa34 (Turkey) vs. jayme1987 (U.K.)

It wasn't even close. The U.K.'s jayme1987 held a daunting lead --- 563 million to 34 million.

Chip Counts:
Seat 4: magosa34 (34,248,196)
Seat 9: jayme1987 (563,336,804)

TRINKLE, TINKLE: magosa34 eliminated in 2nd place

The heads-up battle lasted just 19 hands before jayme1987 finished off magosa34. It appeared as though magosa34 was not going to give up so easily after doubling up to almost 100 million, but that was the last pot that magosa34 would win.

On the final hand, magosa34 open-shoved with 9♥9♣ for 109,246,392 and jayme1987 called with A♣8♣. On the flop of T♦8♥2♦, jayme1987 paired his eight but magosa34 retained the lead. The turn was the Q♣ and magosa34 picked up a gutshot draw. However, the 8♦ on the river improved jayme1987's hand to trip eights. Alas, the unfortunate river card sunk all of magosa34's dreams. The pot was awarded to jayme1987 and a stunned magosa34 busted in second place.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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For an amazing runner-up performance, Turkey's magosa34 collected $9,131.94.

The U.K.'s jayme1987 picked up a first-ever MicroMillion title and earned $11,601.45 in cash for first place. Congrats!

MicroMillions Event #10 $1+R NL (3x-Turbo) Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 18,102
Re-Buys: 90,943
Add-ons: 9,015
Prize Pool: $107,454.60
Places Paid: 2,475

1. jayme1987 (U.K.) - $11,601.45
2. magosa34 (Turkey) - $9,131.94
3. blufalken777 (Australia) - $6,983.24
4. bustafc (Russia) - $4,834.55
5. zocca68 (Germany) - $3,760.21
6. lovemepayme (Russia) - $2,685.86
7. GRAF502 (Russia) - $1,611.51
8. /\ntiHer{} (Australia) - $966.91
9. ergaommes (Argentina) - $644.60

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Pauly McGuire
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