MicroMillions II: KnuggleKing reigns supreme in Event #43 ($3.30 NL 6-max)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThese days, $3.30 barely buys you a cup of gourmet coffee. But that's the beauty of MicroMillions II because it gives players with limited bankrolls an opportunity for a quick score. For a simple $3.30 investment, players in the MicroMillions had a shot at padding their bankrolls with a $6,000 payday. That's roughly what was set aside to the eventual champion of Event #43 $3.30 NL. The actual first place prize is $6,084.93, which is a hefty chunk of the prize pool that swelled to $44,373.

You can add Germany's KnuggleKing name to the list of MicroMillions champions. In an admirable performance, KnuggleKing came from behind and survived a grueling field of nearly 15,000 blood-thirsty piranhas trying to feed off of one another in a short-handed format.

MicroMillions II Event #43 $3.30 NL (6-max) attracted 14,791 runners and only the top 2,100 places paid out. The most notable player who cashed was PokerStars Team Online Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra. In case you don't know, Portugal's Coimbra is playing all 100 events on MicroMillions II schedule. Check out Coimbra's online diary as he recaps his journey.

Coimbra cashed in another MicroMillions II event when he finished in 1,776th place. On his final hand, Coimbra shoved for 13,724 with 6♣2♣and alexsongyu called with K♣3♥. The board ran out A♦A♣K♥6♠J♥ and alexsongyu won the pot. Coimbra busted out in 1,776th.

The short-handed action facilitated a burst money bubble in a roughly three hours. When the tournament reached its sixth hour, approximately 100 players remained. Norway's Tinas21 held the overall lead with 2.6 million as the tournament approached the final stretch. With 24 to go, Tinas21 retained the lead with 10.7 million.With 12 to go, AAsKKin4abet momentarily took command of the lead with 13.5 million.

With action hand-for-hand with seven players in the hunt, short-stacked wildbrake bombed it all-in with Q♣7♦ for his last 3,542,406. Chip leader Tinas21 called with A♣7♥. The board ran out J♦T♠2♠ 3♥ 5♣ and Tinas21 won the pot with Ace-high. That meant wildbrake unceremoniously bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


Event #43 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: saras4426 (3,056,250)
Seat 2: AAsKKin4abet (5,018,592)
Seat 3: KnuggleKing (20,518,622)
Seat 4: strawberykid (14,990,915)
Seat 5: Antonina86 (5,694,898)
Seat 6: Tinas21 (24,675,723)

The final table commenced at Level 49 with blinds at 200K/400K and a 62.5K ante. The chip leader was Tinas21, who sat on top a 24.6 million stack.

DR. JACKLE: saras4426 eliminated in 6th place

On the first hand of the final table, fireworks occurred. Tinas21 min-raised to 600,000, saras4426 moved all-in for 3,018,750 and Tinas21 called. Tinas21 trailed with K♦8♠ against saras4426's A♣Q♣. However, the board ran out Q♠5♣2♣K♠4♠. A King on the turn sunk saras4426's dream of winning a MicroMillions event. Tinas21 won the pot and added more chips to a menacing monster stack. Meanwhile, Lithuania's saras4426 was the first player eliminated from the final table but won $532.47 for sixth place.

SID'S AHEAD: AAsKKin4abet eliminated in 5th place

Shorty AAsKKin4abet open-shoved for 773,694 and KnuggleKing re-raised to 1,350,000 to isolate. Everyone got out of the way and the two rumbled. KnuggleKing took A♣Q♥ into battle against AAsKKin4abet's Q♣5♦. The board ran out T♣6♣2♦7♠7♦ and KnuggleKing won the pot with a pair of sevens and his Ace-kicker played. AAsKKin4abet earned $887.46 for a fifth-place finish.

MILESTONES:: Antonina86 eliminated in 4th place

Antonina86 open-shoved for 4,264,796, and Tinas21 snap-called with A♠2♥. Antonina86 looked in good shape with A♦Q♣ until Tinas21 flopped two pair. The board ran out A♥9♥2♠4♦J♥. Tinas21 shipped another pot, while Antonina86 hit the rail and collected $1,553.05 for fourth place.

BILLY BOY: strawberykid eliminated in 3rd place

KnuggleKing started the fracas with a raise to 1,400,000, strawberykid shoved for 8,515,915, and Tinas21 called. The strawberykid trailed with A♠8♦ against Tinas21's A♦J♦. The board ran out K♠6♥4♣T♣T♥. Neither player improved their hand, but Tinas21 won with Ace-high and his King-kicker clinched the pot for him. The U.K.'s strawberykid busted in third place, but took home $2,884.24.

HEADS-UP: KnuggleKing (Germany) vs. Tinas21 (Norway)

Seat 3: KnuggleKing (19,573,694)
Seat 6: Tinas21 (54,381,306)

When heads-up began, Tinas21 held roughly a 25-million chip edge over his opponent. But blinds were beginning to escalate. Over the first 29 hands, KnuggleKing won two decent-sized pots, but Tinas21 won most of the small battles including the largest pot of their match (15.1 million) with a 4-bet shove on the flop. Tinas21 increased the lead to almost 63 million to 11 million.

KnuggleKing avoided elimination and doubled up with Q♦6♣ against Tinas21's A♠J♦ to win a 16 million pot. That hand gave him some momentum and he won five hands in a row before chipping up to almost 25 million. KnuggleKing kept up the pressure and got as close as 36 million to almost pull even in chips, before finally taking the lead.

KnuggleKing methodically chipped away at Tinas21 stack, but couldn't deliver the knock-out blow. When both players finally bombed it in pre-flop, they were racing. Tinas21's T♦T♠ held up against KnuggleKing's A♠K♥. Tinas21 avoided an elimination, doubled up to 42 million, and most importantly -- regained the lead.

Tinas21 coughed up the lead when KnuggleKing won a pot with trip treys holding A♥3♦. KnuggleKing was back on top once again.

STRAIGHT, NO CHASER: Tinas21 eliminated in 2nd place

And then it finally happened after almost an hour of heads-up play...

Tinas21 opened to 3 million, KnuggleKing shoved for 48,469,776, and Tinas21 called all-in for 22,235,224. KnuggleKing held 3♥3♠ against Tinas21's A♠8♦. The board ran out J♣9♥4♥J♠6♣ and KnuggleKing's pocket treys held up. Norway's Tinas21 was knocked out in second place.

For an impressive runner-up performance, Tinas21 earned $4,215.43. For winning MicroMillions II Event #43, KnuggleKing took home $6,084.93.

Check out the final hand here in the replayer:

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Event #43 - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 14,791
Prize Pool: $44,373
Places Paid: 2,100

1. KnuggleKing (Germany) - $6,084.93
2. Tinas21 (Norway) - $4,215.43
3. strawberykid (U.K.) - $2,884.24
4. Antonina86 (Russia) - $1,553.05
5. AAsKKin4abet (Australia) - $887.46
6. saras4426 (Lithuania) - $532.47

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in MicroMillions