MicroMillions II: Lights out for Nighty180 in Event #87 ($3.30 FL Hold'em 6-Max, Turbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThis could have been a very different headline. Rather than a story about an average stack working his way up to the chip lead and closing out a victory, it could have been one about how the winner ended up taking home less than third-place money. When it comes to turbo-speed limit hold'em, almost anything can happen when stacks get shallow, and despite a late-game surge from mgernon, Nighty180 hung on through the turbulence, coming away with a MicroMillions title and nearly $3,400.

8,437 came out for the second and final limit hold'em event of the MicroMillions II, taking the prize pool up to $25,311. 1,080 places were paid with first place set to earn $3,801.97. Team Online's Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome and Andre Coimbra narrowly missed the money, finishing in 1,087th and 1,163rd places respectively, while Shane "shaniac" Schleger cashed in 313th place.

Three and a half hours after cards went in the air, the tournament was down to its final seven players. Blinds were 200,000/400,000 with betting limits of 400,000/800,000. Down to 1.01 million, jon011 three-bet all in and original raiser Nighty180 called, turning over 6♥6♦. The sixes hung on against jon011's Q♦J♠, the board running out A♦9♦2♣5♥3♣ to send us to the final table.


Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: xeneixez (3,590,368 in chips)
Seat 2: danejavier01 (7,903,267 in chips)
Seat 3: queenmillion (16,828,201 in chips)
Seat 4: Nighty180 (6,077,312 in chips)
Seat 5: Workforce55 (3,427,765 in chips)
Seat 6: mgernon (4,358,087 in chips)

Short stack Workforce55 scored a quick double-up, putting the rest of his chips in on the turn with the board reading Q♣J♣3♠T♥. Danejavier01 called and turned up K♣J♦ for second pair and a straight draw, but Workforce55 had already made Broadway with A♦K♠. Down to 3.17 million, danejavier01 put the last of his chips in on a Q♥8♠3♣ flop against Nighty180, but his K♥J♦ did not improve against Nighty180's A♣Q♣. For his sixth-place finish, danejavier01 collected $379.66.

Immediately following danejavier01's bustout, xeneixez started calling for a deal, his pleas intensifying as the 500,000 big blind approached his 2.8 million-chip stack. Xeneixez folded away 800,000 chips before his four opponents all agreed to pause the action and look at numbers.

When the action was halted, Nighty180 was the chip leader with 15.9 million and queenmillion was second with 14 million, followed by Workforce55 (5.1m), mgernon (5.06m), and xeneixez (2.04m). Although mgernon initially balked at the proposed numbers, they agreed to a straight chip-count chop that left $200 in play for the winner.

Cards went back in the air and Nighty180 quickly won a massive pot from Workforce55, his J♣J♠ flopping a set and rivering the nut boat against Workforce55's K♥K♣. A few hands later, xeniexez raised to 1.6 million preflop and tossed in his last 440,000 in on a K♠9♦5♠ flop. Mgernon called with K♣9♥, having flopped top two. Xeneixez didn't find the running cards he needed for his A♦7♣ to catch up and exited in fifth place. Xeneixez made out very well thanks to the five-way deal, taking home $960.01-- a 51.7% pay raise from the published $632.77 fifth-place prize.

With the betting limits up to 800,000/1.6M, Workforce55 more than doubled his 3.3 million stack when his A♦2♠ hit top pair against queenmillion's Q♥J♥. Workforce55's gains, however, were short-lived, as mgernon5 stripped him of half his stack when his A♠8♠ made two pair on the turn against Workforce55's flush draw. Workforce55 set about rebuilding and was back up to 7.8 million, before the pot of the tournament unfolded.

The betting was capped three ways preflop, Nighty180 putting in the final raise. Workforce55 was all-in on the flop with the nut flush draw while betting continued between mgernon and Nighty180.

Mgernon folded to one bet on the river and Nighty180 revealed A♣A♦, taking down the 27.9 million pot. Mgernon was left with 3.28 million and Workforce55 was eliminated in fourth place, his share of the deal totaling $1,451.62.

Nighty180 had a commanding lead, his 36.2 million dwarfing mgernon's 3.28 million and queenmillion's 2.67 million. However, mgernon picked up a little steam two hands later when he took out queenmillion, his Q♥4♠ flopping two pair against 5♦7♣. Queenmillion may have busted in third, but took home the second-largest share of the prize pool at $2,890.71.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 4: Nighty180 (35,724,934 in chips)
Seat 6: mgernon (6,460,066 in chips)

With stacks like these, heads-up could have easily been one-and-done, but mgernon put up one helluva fight. Mgernon doubled to 12.9 million on the first hand, his A♠T♠ flopping top pair against K♣8♣. They traded pots back and forth, mgernon never climbing above 15 million until he made top pair with A♦K♦ and got three streets of value to take over the chip lead. Nighty180, however, got those chips back only two hands later, when his A♥2♦ turned two pair:

Like a wounded animal, mgernon went on a tear, winning 16 of the next 18 pots to move back up to 31.5 million. Nighty180, however, undid all that work in the space of a single hand. After capping the betting preflop, Nighty180 led out for 1.6 million on a T♥3♠3♣ flop and mgernon flat-called. The rest of Nighty180's chips went in when the 4♣ hit the turn and mgernon called, revealing A♣2♣ for an ace-high flush draw and a wheel draw. The river, however, was the 6♦ and Nighty180's A♥J♦ prevailed to win the 21.2 milliion pot.

Nighty180 picked up a 25.6 million pot on the next hand, betting his K♣Q♣ to the river on a 9♠6♥4♥5♥Q♠ board. Left with 8.9 million, mgernon put the rest of his chips in on the next deal after a Q♣J♥T♦ flop fell. Nighty180 called and turned over 8♥9♣, having flopped the joint against mgernon's T♥3♦. Mgernon was drawing dead when the 5♠ hit the turn and Nighty180 locked up the win.

Congratulations to Nighty180 on his first MicroMillions title! He picked up $3,383.55 for the win while runner-up mgernon earned $1,444.01.

PokerStars MicroMillions II Event #87 ($3.30 FL Hold'em 6-Max, Turbo) results:

1. Nighty180 (Austria) $3,383.35*
2. mgernon (Ireland) $1,444.01*
3. queenmillion (Romania) $2,890.71*
4. Workforce55 (Canada) $1,451.62*
5. xeneixez (Venezuela) $960.01*
6. danejavier01 (Panama) $379.66

*= reflects the result of a five-way deal that left $200 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions