MicroMillions II: mantecacacao mans up in Event #18 ($3.30 NLHE, Turbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngIn a tournament the only elimination that matters is the last one. For most that last elimination means their shot at winning is done but for one that elimination means they just won.

On the final table of the MicroMillions II Event No. 18 mantecacacao only had one elimination while lenonss had five. It was that one elimination that mattered though as mantecacacao defeated lenonss heads-up to secure a career best cash.

The 18th event of the MicroMillions II schedule boasted a $40,000 guarantee for a $3.30 buy-in. A total of 15,768 players came together to surpass that guarantee. Here is a look at the final numbers:

Entrants: 15,768
Guarantee: $40,000
Prize pool: $47,304
Paid Players: 2,025

It only took 133 minutes to lose the first 13,743 players to get into the money. It was D221L from Russia leading the way while ~VJD from Kazakhstan had the unfortunate honor of becoming the bubble boy.

The only Team Online member in the field was André "acoimbra" Coimbra who managed a 993rd place finish for a $9.46 cash.

Over the next 158 mins the field worked their way to the final table. By the time they reached it wono23 sat at the top and the chip leader at the time of the money bubble, D221L, was still hanging in, squarely in the middle of the final nine. Here is how they stacked up as final table play began:

Seat 1: lenonss (12,087,462 in chips)
Seat 2: mantecacacao (15,360,577 in chips)
Seat 3: kiko_cf27 (4,402,530 in chips)
Seat 4: durken23 (3,473,256 in chips)
Seat 5: pavlovpaveli (7,722,962 in chips)
Seat 6: D221L (5,237,332 in chips)
Seat 7: Saraga (7,694,179 in chips)
Seat 8: Skeptikus (4,877,146 in chips)
Seat 9: wono23 (17,984,556 in chips)


One versus four:

When you are the short stack you hope to get doubled up or even tripled up, but to have a chance to increase our stack five times that of what you started the hand makes you smile, but it also means you have to beat out four other players. That is just what pavlovpaveli was trying to do a few hands after getting crippled at the hands of Saraga. pavlovpaveli moved all-in with well less than an ante left after wono23 and mantecacacao limped into the hand. Saraga limped behind from the small blind and Skeptikus checked from the big blind. The five players saw a Q♥T♦T♣ flop and all checked, once again they checked around on the Q♦ turn. The 3♥ river finally brought a bet, it was Skeptikus led out with a bet of 1,000,000. Everyone folded leaving Skeptikus the task of eliminating pavlovpaveli. The pot belonged to Skeptikus, who held Q♣J♥ over pavlovpaveli's 9♥5♣ who collects $283.82 for ninth place.


Another one drops:

With less than one big blind, durken23 was all-in to start the hand in the big blind. It was lenonss who wanted to take on durken23, as he opened from middle position to get everyone else to fold. lenonss held Q♦Q♥ while durken23 had T♥2♥. The A♠Q♣6♠ flop put an end to everything leaving durken23 drawing dead eliminating durken23 in eighth place collecting $425.73.


Last hand before break:

In the final hand before the break wono23 and lenonss tangled in an almost 30 million chip pot. lenonss opened from under-the-gun to 2,400,000, wono23 called from the big blind after everyone else folded. The pair saw a J♦9♣3♦ flop. wono23 checked, lenonss bet 2,400,000, wono23 moved all-in for 11,709,556, and lenonss called. wono23 showed K♦J♠ for top pair but it was the J♣J♥ held by lenonss that had the lead with top set. That lead was too much for wono23 to overcome as the board ran out 7♣6♥. wono23 collects $827.82 for seventh place.


Next hand:

After an elimination just before the break the players were not ready to slow down. As the first hand back from the break another player made their exit. It was D221L who moved all-in pre flop, Skeptikus called from the button and the blinds folded. D221L showed A♦8♥ against Skeptikus' 6♣6♦. The 7♣6♠3♥ flop gave Skeptikus a set of sixes. The 9♦ turn gave D221L a open-ended straight draw but it was the 9♥ river that gave Skeptikus a full house eliminating D221L in sixth place collecting $1,277.20.


Another quick elimination:

The action did not slow down with a third elimination in as many hand as once again lenonss doing the dirty work. lenonss opened from the button to 2,400,000. kiko_cf27, who only had 277,530 more, moved all-in from the big blind and lenonss called. lenonss held 3♥3♦ while kiko_cf27 held K♣J♠. The Q♠7♥4♣5♣5♥ board was a safe one for lenonss' pocket threes eliminating kiko_cf27 in fifth place collecting $1,750.24.


Familiar results:

Things slowed down a bit as it took two hands before the next elimination came, but it had a familiar participant. It was a battle of the blinds with Skeptikus moving all-in from the small blind and getting called by lenonss from the big blind. Once again lenonss held the advantage with a pocket pair, this time it was Q♠Q♥ against Skeptikus' A♠2♣. The J♥T♦8♠3♦3♠ board brought no assistance to Skeptikus who collects $2,223.28 for fourth place.


Let's play a bit:

After four eliminations over five hands the final three players dug in to get to heads-up. It took 29 hands before the next elimination happened as the two big stacks on the table patiently waited out Saraga who had the short stack. After successfully getting a couple of doubles to stay alive Saraga's luck finally ran out, and once again it was lenonss who took care of business. Saraga moved all-in with Q♦5♥ from the small blind and lenonss called showing 9♦7♥. Everything was pointing towards another double-up for Saraga through the turn with the board reading 8♣3♦3♠K♥ but it was the 7♦ river that changed everything sending Saraga out in third place collecting $3,169.36.



When heads-up play began lenonss held a 3.5 to 1 chip lead. That lead lasted on hand as lenonss tried to quickly put an end to things by raising enough to put mantecacacao all-in. Unfortunately for lenonss mantecacacao held pocket aces. lenonss Q♦7♦ was not able to catch enough to win the hand and things were now almost even.

Seat 1: lenonss (44,145,562 in chips)
Seat 2: mantecacacao (34,694,438 in chips)

At this point the players decided to discuss a deal. After a brief conversation the two agreed to the following numbers and play continued to see who would collect the $800 left.

lenonss - $4,685.93
mantecacacao - $4,566.83

From there the players played 19 hands before the champion was crowned. Having taken the chip lead mantecacacao kept the pressure on lenonss who eventually moved all-in with 4♣4♦. mantecacacao called with K♦4♥. The K♦K♥6♠ flop all but crushed lenonss giving mantecacacao a set of kings. The 2♠ turn and A♥ river delivered no help to lenonss who collects $4,685.93 as mantecacacao collects $5,366.83.


Congrats mantecacacao on your MicroMillions II win.

MicroMillions Event #18 ($3.30 NLHE, Turbo) Results:

1st place: mantecacacao (Argentina) - $5.366.83
2nd place: lenonss (Bulgaria) - $4,685.93
3rd place: Saraga (Germany) - $3,169.36
4th place: Skeptikus (Netherlands) - $2,223.28
5th place: kiko_cf27 (Paraguay) - $1,750.24
6th place: D221L (Russia) - $1,277.20
7th place: wono23 (Australia) - $827.82
8th place: durken23 (Australia) - $425.73
9th place: pavlopaveli (Russia) - $283.82

The MicroMillions has only just began. You can find information on what events remain along with satellites on the main MicroMillions page.