MicroMillions II: nafnaf_funny the merry prankster in Event #60 victory

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngWaves and waves of players swarmed to MicroMillions II Event #60 $8.80 NL. After eight and a half hours of grueling poker, nafnaf_funny from Russia emerged unscathed from the battlefield as the sole victor.

Event #60 attracted 14,710 runners and the prize pool ballooned to $117,680. The top 2,025 places were paid out with $14,719.91 originally set aside for the champion.

PokerStars Team Online Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra is still in the middle of his quest to play every single one of the 100 events on MicroMillions II schedule. Check out Coimbra's online diary as he recaps his epic journey. Unfortunately, Coimbra failed to make the money when he busted in 7,553th place.

With 100 players remaining, lio10k from Switzerland topped the leader board with 2.5 million.With 27 players left on three tables, Romania's dansteel78 held the lead with almost 7.4 million.

With ten players remaining, action went hand-for-hand on the last two five-handed tables. BronzStarPro from the Netherlands was out in front with 13 million.

The suspense of the final table bubble only lasted few hands before tiratrocos bombed it all-in preflop and And19841 called with 8♠8♣ versus tiratrocos' 5♣5♥. The board ran out K♠J♦8♦Q♣7♦ and And19841 won the hand with a set of eights. Unfortunately, Portugal's tiratrocos bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #60 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: BrianL08 (2,639,233)
Seat 2: Sir Beyer (2,814,152)
Seat 3: geoffowen (7,198,585)
Seat 4: BronzStarPro (13,919,844)
Seat 5: dansteel78 (10,976,970)
Seat 6: And19841 (9,857,990)
Seat 7: lmrelvas (8,290,318)
Seat 8: nafnaf_funny (12,628,704)
Seat 9: Pantanaus (5,224,204)

The final table commenced at the end of Level 49 with the blinds at 200K/400K and a 50K ante. BronzStarPro held the overall chip lead with almost 14 million.

ST. STEPHEN: BrianL08 eliminated in 9th place

It didn't table long before the first player hit the rail. Fireworks occurred during a battle of the blinds when action folded around to the small blind. Pantanaus moved all-in for 4,336,704 and short-stacked BrianL08 snap-called all-in for 1,751,733 from the big blind. Pantanaus took T♦T♥ into battle against BrianL08's K♥J♣. The board ran out Q♦Q♥7♥8♦4♠ and Pantanaus' tens held up. BrianL08 failed to pair one of his overcards and he bounced out in ninth place, which paid out $706.08.

DUPREE'S DIAMOND BLUES: lmrelvas eliminated in 8th place

There's an old saying... don't go broke in a limped pot. Sir Beyer limped for 600,000, everyone folded, and lmrelvas checked from the big blind. Heads-up. On a flop of K♥Q♦8♣, lmrelvas checked, Sir Beyer bet 1,200,000, lmrelvas check-raised all-in to 7,377,818, and Sir Beyer called. Sir Beyer held A♥Q♥ for a pair of Queens, however, lmrelvas flopped two-pair with K♦8♠. The turn was the 9♥, which gave Sir Beyer outs with a nut-flush draw. The 3♥ spiked on the river and filled in Sir Beyer's heart flush draw. A stunned lmrelvas's two pair were no good. Portugal's lmrelvas busted out in eighth place and won $1,059.12.

With seven players remaining, Sir Beyer seized the lead with 20 million.

DOIN' THAT RAG: dansteel78 eliminated in 7th place

With seven to go, dansteel78 moved all-in for 5,108,915 and BronzStarPro called from the big blind. Unfortunately, dansteel78's A♦9♣ was ambushed by BronzStarPro's A♥K♠. The board ran out Q♣T♥2♣4♦6♦. Neither player improved their hand, and BronzStarPro won the pot with Ace-high and a King-kicker. Romania's dansteel78 was knocked out in sixth place, but won $2,059.40.

CHINA CAT SUNFLOWER: Pantanaus eliminated in 6th place

Pantanaus made a move and open-shoved for 3,957,496. Sir Beyer woke up to Big Slick and re-shoved for 15,405,482. The two were heads-up and Pantanaus' Q♦4♦ trailed Sir Beyer's A♥K♦. The flop was 8♦7♣7♦ and Pantanaus picked up a diamond flush draw. The turn was the J♣. Sir Beyer was still leading with just Ace-high (and a pair of sevens on the board) but needed to fade a diamond, a Queen, or a four. The river was 8♣ and Sir Beyer won the pot with two pair and an Ace-kicker. Pantanaus whiffed on his big draw and busted in sixth place, which paid out $3,177.36.


With five remaining, and less than 3 million separating the top three (Sir Beyer's 20 million, geoffowne's 18.4 million, and nafnaf_funny's 17.1 million), action was paused to discuss a deal. The arduous negotiations lasted twenty minutes before all players could be coaxed into accepting a deal with $1,000 set aside to the champion. The final five agreed upon: Sir Beyer ($9,320.05), geoffowne ($9,106.15), nafnaf_funny ($8,896.06), And19841 ($7,332.84), and BronzStarPro ($7,0107.95).

COSMIC CHARLIE: BronzStarPro eliminated in 5th place

Once action resumed after the delay, a player quickly busted. The fracas was initiated by nafnaf_funny who opened to 2,111,111, geoffowen called, BronzStarPro re-shoved for 5,889,424, nafnaf_funny re-raised over the top for 23,365,988, and geoffowen folded. Heads-up. BronzStarPro led with A♠4♣ against nafnaf_funny's K♥T♦. The board ran out 9♦7♠4♠6♥8♥ and nafnaf_funny rivered a ten-high straight. BronzStarPro was knocked out in fifth place and earned $7,107.95.

CLEMENTINE JAME: And19841 eliminated in 4th place

Action wasn't four-handed for very long before someone else busted. And19841 shoved for 8,475,984 with J♥T♦ and nafnaf_funny called with A♣J♦. The board ran out 8♣7♣5♥Q♦A♦. And19841 whiffed on a gutshot and nafnaf_funny won the hand with a pair of Aces. For fourth place, And19841 earned $7,332.84.

ROSEMARY: geoffowen eliminated in 3rd place

Sir Beyer limped, short-stacked geoffowen raised to 2,824,321, and Sir Beyer called. The flop was Q♣8♠2♥. Sir Beyer checked, geoffowen fired out 2,773,113, Sir Beyer check-raised all-in for 13,538,657, and geoffowen called all-in. Sir Beyer trailed with Q♥7♥ against geoffowen's K♦K♠. The 5♥ fell on the turn, which gave Sir Beyer some outs with a flush draw. The 9♥ spiked on the river and Sir Beyer won the pot with a Queen-high flush. Alas, geoffowen's Kings were cracked and he hit the rail in third place, which paid $9,106.15.

HEADS-UP: Sir Beyer (Denmark) vs. nafnaf_funny (Russia)

Seat 2: Sir Beyer (30,457,493)
Seat 8: nafnaf_funny (43,092,507)

With the blinds at 600K/1.2 million and a 150K ante, Russia's nafnaf_funny held a lead 43 million to 30 million.

MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON: Sir Beyer eliminated in 2nd place

On the second hand of heads-up, Sir Beyer won an 18 million pot and seized the lead by less than 4 million. Then things got ugly on the next hand. Sir Beyer tried to limp, nafnaf_funny bumped it to 3,600,000, and Sir Beyer called. The flop was 7♣5♣2♥, and nafnaf_funny fired out 3,333,333, and Sir Beyer called. The turn was the K♠. nafnaf_funny checked, Sir Beyer bet 8.4 million, nafnaf_funny check-raised all-in for 27,753,619, and Sir Beyer had him covered and called. Sir Beyer turned two pair and led with K♦2♣ against nafnaf_funny's K♣8♦ and just a pair of Kings. However, the 8♣ fell on the river and Sir Beyer was crippled because nafnaf_funn paired his kicker and won the pot with a better two pair -- Kings and eights. Sir Beyer slipped to 3.8 million while nafnaf_funny surged to over 69 million.

Five hands later... on the eighth hand of heads-up, a winner was finally determined when nafnaf_funny raised to 2,755,555 and Sir Beyer called. The flop was K♣7♦4♠. Sir Beyer shoved for 8,398,829 and nafnaf_funny called. Sir Beyer shoved with air holding Q♥T♠, meanwhile nafnaf_funny flopped bottom pair with A♦4♣. The turn was the 2♠ and the river was the 7♥. Sir Beyer failed to improve his hand and nafnaf_funny won the pot.

Sir Beyer was knocked out in second place. For a runner-up performance, Sir Beyer earned $9,320.05. Russia's nafnaf_funny won Event #60 and took home $9896.06.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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Event #60 $8.80 NL - Final Table Payouts and Results:
Entrants: 14,710
Prize Pool: $117,680
Places Paid: 2,025

1. nafnaf_funny (Russia) - $9,896.06 **
2. Sir Beyer (Denmark) - $9,320.05 **
3. geoffowen (U.K) - $9,106.15 **
4. And19841 (Lithuania) - $7,332.84 **
5. BronzStarPro (Netherlands) - $7,0107.95 **
6. Pantanaus (Brazil) - $3,177.36
7. dansteel78 (Romania) - $2,059.40
8. lmrelvas (Portugal) - $1,059.12
9. BrianL08 (Canada) - $706.08

** a five-way deal was struck

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in MicroMillions