MicroMillions II: OmG_WoW_LoL liquidates field in Event #78 ($5.50 NL 6-Max) victory

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngMicroMillions II is so insanely popular that many of the events attract five-figure sized fields. Winning a MicroMillions II tournament is an impressive feat considering how many other combatants you have to beat out. Imagine Blackpool football stadium filled to capacity and that's how many people you have to outlast over a ten-hour period before a champion is declared.

Event #78 $5.50 NL (6-Max, 2x Chance) attracted 16,234 runners and because of the second chance format (just a single re-buy with no add-ons) players dug into their virtual pockets for 8,674 re-buys. That additional firepower boosted the prize pool to $124,540. Only the top 2,100 players were paid out with over $17,000 originally set aside for the champion.

By the way, PokerStars Team Online Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra is a machine. The pro from Portugal is attempting to play every single one of the 100 events on MicroMillions II schedule. Check out Coimbra's online diary as he recaps his ambitious journey. Unfortunately, Coimbra is running out of gas and nearly missed the money in Event #78 when he busted out in 2,418th place.

Event #78 progressed at a rapid pace with a player hitting the rail every few seconds. The money bubble quickly burst in 3 hours and 33 minutes, but it would take another 4 hours before a final table was set.

With 420 players remaining on 70 tables, mamlja from Russia held the lead with 1.2 million. When the tournament reached its sixth hour, only 200 players remained and FlushJunky from the Netherlands sat atop of a big stack with 2.3 million. With 99 players left, reizen from Finland held the top spot on the leader board with almost 4 million. When the tournament hit the seventh hour, 60 players lurked in the shadows and reizen extended his lead to 8.4 million... only to fizzle out in 33rd place. With 23 players remaining, HITH83 from Switzerland held the lead with 12.8 million. With 16 to go, Vadim496 seized the lead with 17.5 million.

On the final table bubble and seven to go, agent116 snuck into the lead with 23 million. Action went hand-for-hand and all the fireworks occurred on the four-handed table. Germany's sir caninus min-raised to 800,000, agent116 moved all-in over the top for 25,693,340, and sir caninus called. Sir caninus was trailing with Q♦J♦ versus agent116's K♥J♣. The board ran out T♠5♣4♦7♦ J♥. Despite sir caninus picking up a flush draw on the turn, agent116 faded a diamond and rivered a pair of Jacks to win the pot. Alas, sir caninus bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


Event #78 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: HITH83 (22961600 in chips)
Seat 2: Boraas (9847520 in chips)
Seat 3: Vadim496 (17005060 in chips)
Seat 4: OmG_WoW_LoL (16533960 in chips)
Seat 5: agent116 (27874253 in chips)
Seat 6: simubai (30317607 in chips)

The final table commenced during Level 47 with blinds at 200K/400K and a 50K ante. Russia's simubai began the final table as the leader.

GO GO: Vadim496 eliminated in 6th place

The first bust out at the final table was one heck of a cooler. HITH83 raised to 2,000,000, Vadim496 shoved for 4,967,560, and HITH83 called. Classic race. HITH83 was fighting for his tournament life with A♠K♠ against Vadim496's J♠J♦. The flop was J♣T♥2♥ and Vadim496 improved to a set of Jacks. HITH83 was in trouble, but held a glimmer of hope with a Broadway gutshot draw. The turn was the 6♠ and the Q♦ spiked on the river. HITH83 rivered a Broadway straight and won the pot. Vadim496's set of jacks were toast and he hit the rail in sixth place, which paid out $1,494.48.

With five to go HITH83 held over 47.6 million and had almost twice as much as OmG_WoW_LoL in second place.

SOMETHING'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE: Boraas eliminated in 5th place

The action stalled for a bit for the final five. It appeared as though no one was going to bust as the lead got passed around a few times and the short stacks all doubled up. Then disaster struck. Short-stacked Boraas shoved for 3,620,040, and agent116 called from the big blind. Boraas made a final stand with J♠2♠, but was in trouble against agent116's Q♣J♦. The board ran out K♦5♦3♣Q♠T♠ and agent116 won the pot with a pair of Queens. Germany's Boraas was eliminated in fifth place and took home $2,490.80.

With four remaining, OmG_WoW_LoL took over the lead with 55 million while everyone else (HITH83, simuba, and agent116) was about even with 21 million.

FUNKY BIRD: simubai eliminated in 4th place

OmG_WoW_LoL kicked off the melee with a raise to 3,565,676, simubai shoved for 3,791,867, HITH83 smooth called and so did OmG_WoW_LoL. Three-way with simubai all-in. The flop was 8♣5♦3♣ and both HITH83 and OmG_WoW_LoL checked. The turn was T♦ and both HITH83 and OmG_WoW_LoL checked again. The river was the 2♣ and both players checked it down. OmG_WoW_LoL won the pot with A♣2♥ for a pair of deuces. It wasn't much but it was strong enough to beat out simubai's K♣J♥ and HITH83's K♦Q♠. Russia's simubai hit the road in fourth place and won $4,358.90.

With three to go, OmG_WoW_LoL improved to almost 80 million.

DOO RAG: HITH83 eliminated in 3rd place

HITH83 open-shoved for 10,021,442 and agent116 called all-in. HITH83 took K♠7♠ into battle against agent116's A♠4♥. The board ran out 9♣5♥5♣6♦6♥ and agent116 won the hand with two pair and an Ace-kicker. Switzerland's HITH83 busted out in third and earned $8,095.10.

HEADS-UP: agent116 (Russia) vs. OmG_WoW_LoL (Romania)
Seat 4: OmG_WoW_LoL (94,652,180)
Seat 5: agent116 (29,887,820)

With heads-up set, OmG_WoW_LoL held slightly better than a 3-1 edge over agent116.

Despite being outchipped, agent116 struck first blood and won a 43 million when he doubled up with Q♠9♠ versus OmG_WoW_LoL's J♦9♥. After that hand, the action settled down for a couple of levels.

The two discussed a deal and agreed on an arrangement in which OmG_WoW_LoL locked up $14,231.38 and agent116 secured $13,661.33. A total of $1,000 was left off the top for the champion.

EVERYBODY WANTS SOME: OmG_WoW_LoL eliminated in 2nd place

Shortly after the deal was sealed, we had a deciding hand... agent116 min-rasied to 4,000,000, OmG_WoW_LoL bumped it to 10,000,000, and agent116 called. The flop was Q♠J♠2♥. OmG_WoW_LoL fired out 17,575,757 and agent116 called. The turn was the T♥. OmG_WoW_LoL shoved for 42,835,777, and agent116 called all-in for his last 26,052,709. OmG_WoW_LoL picked a perfect time to pick up A♣A♠, meanwhile agent116 was ind deep trouble with Q♦5♦. The river was the 8♠. OmG_WoW_LoL's Aces held up and won the pot... and the tournament. For a gutsy runner-up performance, Russia's agent116 won $13,661.33.

How many times can you say that you won a tournament with pocket Aces? For winning Event #78, OmG_WoW_LoL from Romania shipped $15,231.38. Congrats.

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

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Event #78 - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 16,234
Re-Buys: 8,674
Prize Pool: $124,540
Places Paid: 2,100

1. OmG_WoW_LoL (Romania) - $15,231.38 **
2. agent116 (Russia) - $13661.33 **
3. HITH83 (Switzerland) - $8,095.10
4. simubai (Russia) - $4,358.90
5. Boraas (Germany) - $2,490.80
6. Vadim496 (Ukraine) - $1,494.98

** denotes the final two cut a deal

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in MicroMillions