MicroMillions II: oskaart wins Event #38 ($5.50 NLHE)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngTurning $5 into a big payday can make anyones day. Turning it into over $6,000 in less than 10 hours will definitely make your day better. For 8,985 players that is just what they were trying to do in Event no. 38 of the MicroMillions II. For 8,984 players they would fall short of that dream, but for one that dream would become a reality.

That reality is what oskaart is now living, having won $6,441.90 after outlasting the other 8,984 players. If history repeats itself then oskaart will continue to grind out the lower buy-in events, such as the ones that make up the MicroMillions, looking for that next big payday since this is not the first time they have turned a small buy-in into a big return.


Event #38 featured a $5.50 buy-in and a $25,000 guarantee. Even though this was an early tournament on a Monday it came close to doubling that guarantee as 1,170 players would split the $44,925 prize pool. A min-cash could give you $8.98 while a win was scheduled to award just under $7,000. Here is a look at the numbers:

Entrants: 8,985
Guarantee: $25,000
Prize pool: $44,925
Paid Players: 1,170

André "acoimbra" Coimbra was the lone Team Online or Team PokerStars Pro to make the money adding a 328th place finish collecting $17.52. This is Coimbra's seventh cash of the series. Coimbra is starting to feel the effects of playing an around the clock schedule as he pushes to play every event in the MicroMillions II schedule. You can read about his path to this point in his latest diary.

A guarantee of $348.16 waited for the final table participants. It was Mtu4nt leading the way as wtfffsomg held on to the short stack.

Seat 1: botas330 (7,976,428 in chips)
Seat 2: tiger2000169 (4,812,038 in chips)
Seat 3: Mut4nt (9,740,581 in chips)
Seat 4: Dimmkp (4,379,662 in chips)
Seat 5: Tomaschek1 (4,449,900 in chips)
Seat 6: Apch1 (2,814,965 in chips)
Seat 7: quarltje (4,607,723 in chips)
Seat 8: oskaart (4,214,354 in chips)
Seat 9: wtfffsomg (1,929,349 in chips)



Often times when one is dealt pocket Aces they are just hoping to not be on the receiving end of a bad beat. For Tomaschek1 that thought went out the door after catching an ace on the A♦Q♠8♦ flop to leave wtfffsomg's K♣3♠ drawing dead. The board finished out with a 9♣ on the turn and the remaining ace on the river giving Tomaschek1 quad aces sending wtfffsomg out in ninth place collecting $348.16.


The quads kept coming as two hands later it was tiger2000169 flopping quad threes on a 6♣3♠3♦ flop. All the chips did not get into the middle until Tomaschek1 caught a full house on the 8♣ river with 8♥8♦. Tomaschek1 collected $516.63 for an eighth place effort.

Another pocket pair:

Pocket pairs have been a dominating force up to this point. And that trend continued through the next elimination as Dimmkp's all-in shove was called by oskaart. Dimmkp held A♥6♠, but it was the Q♣Q♠ held by oskaart that lead the way. Although the 8♣7♠5♣ flop gave Dimmkp a few extra outs with an open-ended straight draw he was eliminated in seventh place when none of those outs came on the turn or river.


Who needs a pocket pair:

The first three eliminations came with a one of the players holding at least a pair in their hand. It took until the fourth elimination for this to not occur as oskaart called Apch1 with A♦Q♦, Apch1 held A♥9♦. The J♠4♥3♦T♥A♣ board gave both players a pair of aces leaving their kickers to play. oskaart's queen beat Apch1's nine sending him out in sixth place collecting $1,347.75.


Another one down:

Having ace-queen on this table seems to be just as good as having a pocket pair to start the hand. It was quarltje who held A♦Q♦ against tiger2000169's J♥9♠. The Q♣2♠2♦ flop left tiger2000169 looking for some runner-runner help to survive the all-in. When the 8♠ came on the river the end was seen and tiger2000169 collected $1,797 for fifth place.


Another pocket pair:

It was a classic raise, ace-king versus pocket nines. oskaart held A♠K♥ while quarltje held 9♣9♦. Everything was safe for quarltje after the J♣T♦8♠ flop, but that all changed after the K♣ came on the turn. The 6♦ river ended things sending quarltje out to collect $2,264.22.


Let's talk a deal:

The final three players agreed to discuss a deal, and before the numbers could even be posted oskaart, who had a decent chip lead was demanding at least $6,000.

The players decided to look at the ICM numbers as posted below:

Left to play for: $500

Although it was $60 less than what oskaart wanted the players quickly agreed to the numbers and play resumed.

Down to two:

It took eight hands for oskaart to eliminate the next player. Unfortunately for botas330 A♦2♦ was unable to catch against oskaart's K♠K♣. The 8♦5♥3♦5♣9♥ board sent botas330 out in third place collecting $4,496.42 thanks to the previous agreed upon deal.


Heads-up play lasted only one hand as all the chips went into the middle pre-flop with oskaart holding A♣3♥ and Mut4nt holding J♦T♠. The board ran out K♣5♣4♣K♦5♦ putting an end to the tournament with Mut4nt collecting $4,117.08 and oskaart collecting $6,551.90.


Congrats to oskaart on winning Event #38!

MicroMillions Event #38 ($5.50 NLHE) Results (reflects a deal):

Players: 8,985
Prize Pool: $44,925
Places Paid: 1,170

1st place: oskaart (Netherlands) - $6,441.90*
2nd place: Mut4t (Germany) - $4,117.08*
3rd place: botas330 (Australia) - $4,496.42*
4th place: quarltje (Belgium) - $2,264.22
5th place: tiger2000169 (Germany) - $1,797.00
6th place: Apch1 (Lithuania) - $1,347.75
7th place: Dimmkp (Russia) - $898.50
8th place: Tomaschek1 (Germany) - $516.63
9th place: wtfffsomg (Australia) - $348.16
*Reflects a three-way deal

The MicroMillions II is closing in on the half way point. You can find information on what events remain along with satellites on the main MicroMillions page.