MicroMillions II: ploven13 wins Event #74 ($8.80 NLHE, 4-Max, SuperKnockout)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngEven though the name may make you think that the winner of Event #74 is a fan of pot limit omaha todays results may just change that feeling.

ploven13 held the lead for most of the final table, only losing it for a few hands during heads-up play after suffering a bad beat. Even after suffering a bad bead and getting close to having only 10 big blinds ploven13 battled back, laid a bad beat himself, and then finished off his opponents on the way to winning the event.


The prize pool for Event 74 was over $62,000, more than double the guarantee, but with half of that going to the bounty pool only $31,000 got split amongst the 1,000 that made the money. Simply surviving to the money guaranteed each player $9.63 and getting to the final four meant a payday of no less than $712.06 with the eventual winner taking home $3,290.48 along with any bounties they collected along the way. Here is a look at the numbers:

Entrants: 7,397
Guarantee: $25,000
Prize pool: $31,067.40
Bounty pool: $31,067.40
Paid Players: 1,000

André "acoimbra" Coimbra continued his quest to play all 100 events of the MicroMillions II schedule in event #74. Unfortunately for Coimbra his bounty was collected before late registration ended and he was credited for a 3,485th place finish. If you are interested in reading about Coimbra's journey you can do so in his daily diary.

Adamyid led the way when the field got down to the final two tables with bgigra4 and Tibbii nipping at his heels. Tibbii moved even closer to Adamyid after eliminating thanos26 in 8th place. It took only a few hands from there for Tibbii to over take Adamyid. By the time they reached the final table of five Tibbii remained on the top followed by plover13. Here is their seat assignments:

Seat 1: GuusjeG (5733968 in chips)
Seat 2: FENIX RR (4143753 in chips)
Seat 3: Adamyid (5765392 in chips)
Seat 4: ploven13 (9178702 in chips)
Seat 5: Tibbii (12163185 in chips)


Down to the "official" Final Table:

ploven13 moved a bit closer to Tibbii after eliminating once chip leader Adamyid. The pair got the chips into the middle pre flop with Adamyid holding A♦Q♥ while ploven13 held K♠K♥. The 2♣2♦4♠7♣7♦ board brought no assistance to Adamyid who collects $450.78 for fifth place.


Let's make a deal:

After playing a few hands on the official final table the four remaining players decided to take a look at the numbers for a chip chop. Once the numbers were posted the players all agreed and play resumed to determine the winner of the $500 they had to leave to play for. Here is a look at the deal:

FENIX RR:$1,495.20
Left To Play for: $500.00

First one out:

GuusjeG moved all-in from the small blind with the short stack on the table. FENIX RR, who just had GuusjeG covered called and the players cards were revealed with FENIX RR holding T♣9♣ while GuusjeG held J♦6♣. The A♥T♥9♦ flop gave FENIX RR two pair, tens and nines, to pull ahead in the hand. The Q♠ turn and A♣ river changed nothing sending GuusjeG out in fourth place collecting $1,467.53.


Down to two:

FENIX RR moved all-in facing an open to 3.3 million from ploven13. ploven13 called and showed 3♥3♣ against FENIX RR's A♦7♦. The Q♥8♠6♣6♠2♣ board meant FENIX RR's tournament was over with collecting $1,495.20.



Heads-up play began with ploven13 holding about 15 million more than Tibbii. That lead only held for five hands as Tibbii caught a straight with Q♥T♣ on a J♥T♠7♣9♣8♥ to beat ploven13's K♣K♦.

From there Tibbii tried to keep the pressure on ploven13 but that pressure eventually back fired as ploven13 managed to get some revenge for the above kings hand. On a Q♣Q♥8♥ flop ploven13 moved all-in with A♠J♠ and Tibbii called with 8♠7♦. The J♥ turn gave ploven13 the lead while the 9♠ sealed the deal giving ploven13 a much needed double.

ploven13 did not slow down from there eventually taking the lead and then the win. The final hand saw both players flop a pair on the 9♠5♦4♠ flop and the chips went into the middle. ploven13 held the best of it with Q♣9♣ as Tibbii held 9♦7♦. The board finished up with a 2♥ in the turn and a 6♥ on the river. Tibbii collects $1,937.97 for second while ploven13 takes $2,244.92 for first.


Congrats to ploven13 on winning event 74.

MicroMillions Event #74 ($8.80 NLHE, 4-max SuperKnockout) Results (reflects a deal):

Players: 7,397
Prize Pool: $31,067.40
Bounty Pool: $31,067.40
Places Paid: 1,000

1st place: ploven (Denmark) - $2,244.92*
2nd place: Tibbii (Romania) - $1,937.97*
3rd place: FENIX RR (Russia) - $1,495.20*
4th place: GuusjeG (Netherlands) - $1,467.53*
*Reflects a four-way deal

The MicroMillions II is moving into the final days, you can find information on what events remain along with satellites on the main MicroMillions page.