MicroMillions II: @rtemur surges to victory in Event #32 Sunday Storm Special Edition

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe "perfect storm" is an expression that explains a series of impossible and improbable events that must occur in order to facilitate a rare happening. It goes without saying that almost every tournament victory comes about due to a series of "perfect storm" events that ushered along a fortuitous outcome. That could not have been more true tonight for Russia's @rtemur, who snagged their first-ever MicroMillions crown.

MicroMillions II Event #32 $11 NL doubled as the Sunday Storm Special Edition. For a mere $11 investment, players had a shot at a payday worth over $31,000. This popular event attracted 36,523 runners and the prize pool swelled to $365,230 with the top 4,617 places getting a cut of the pool. Most of the cheddar was at the final table with at least five figures set aside for the top four spots.

PokerStars Team Online Andre 'acoimbra' Coimbra from Portugal is in the middle of his quest to play in all 100 tournaments on the MicroMillions II schedule. He met his fate in Event #32 when he ran Q♠Q♥ into martinezf78's A♠A♥, and busted out in 18,077th place.

Two-thirds of the field were decimated in the first two hours of play -- before the late registration even ended! The field was quickly liquidated and reached the money in less than 3.5 hours.

A pair of Team PokerStars Pros cashed in this event: Dag Palovic (Slovakia) and Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby (Czech Republic). Team PokerStars Pro Dag Palovic's A♠9♦ could not rundown @rtemur's J♦J♠. DagPalovic was knocked out but cashed in 1,856th place. Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby cashed in 1,343rd place involved in a multi-way pot against iitmii's A♥A♣ and SamQui333's T♦T♣. Hruby whiffed on a gutshot with J♣8♦ and hit the rail in 1,343rd place.

When the tournament reached its sixth hour, only 227 players were left in the hunt. KrDek held the lead with 4 million. With 50 players remaining, supertenants led with 11 million. With three tables to go, daikin525 was the overall leader with almost 17 million. He retained the top spot with two tables to go.

With ten players remaining and action hand-for-hand, Kursant 9 bubbled off the final table in tenth place. Kursant 9 shoved for 15,932,192 and daveyzz called. Kursant 9's 7♣7♦ were in trouble against daveyzz's A♠A♥. Kursant 9's pocket sevens failed to improve and that's all she wrote.


Event #32 - Sunday Storm - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: 177272 (19,406,468)
Seat 2: daikin525 (6,688,305)
Seat 3: Rinat L (14,251,230)
Seat 4: @rtemur (24,366,863)
Seat 5: Rom4iks (23,270,459)
Seat 6: daveyzz (44,723,438)
Seat 7: Dibble999 (16,258,768)
Seat 8: royalestarr (19,628,161)
Seat 9: jacu131 (14,021,308)

The final table commenced during Level 50 and blinds at 350K/750K with a 70K ante. The U.K.'s daveyzz was out in front with over 44 million.

WOULDN'T IT BE NICE: Dibble999 eliminated in 9th place

It took a while before the first player busted at the final table, but that dubious distinction went to Dibble999. When @rtemur min-raised to 1,600,000, Dibble999 moved over the top for 6,192,158, and @rtemur called. Dibble999 was not in good shape with K♥Q♠ versus @rtemur's A♣7♣. The flop was 7♠7♦6♠ and @rtemur improved to trips. The turn was the 6♣ and the river was the A♥. @rtemur won the hand with a full house, meanwhile Dibble999 hit the rail in ninth place, which paid out $1,676.40.

YOU STILL BELIEVE IN ME: jacu131 eliminated in 8th place

Classic race. Big Slick versus pocket tens. The fracas kicked off with @rtemur's standard min-raise to 1,800,000 and jacu131 shoved for 11,971,308. @rtemur called and was flipping with T♠T♦ against jacu131's A♠K♠. The board ran out 8♦3♦2♦3♠5♥, and @rtemur's tens held up. Poland's jacu131 was knocked out in eighth place, but won $2,848.79.

With almost 60 million, @rtemur solidifoed the top spot on the leader board.

THAT'S NOT ME: royalestarr eliminated in 7th place

Short-stacked royalestarr open-shoved for 6,114,226 and 177272 re-raised all-in to isolate. Heads-up. 177272 held a dominating A♠K♥ against royalestarr's A♥Q♠. The board ran out 9♣4♦2♥T♥3♥ and 177272 won the hand with Ace-high and a King-kicker. Canada's royalestarr earned $4,185.53 for seventh place.

I'M WAITING FOR THE DAY: 177272 eliminated in 6th place

Here's how the fireworks happened... 177272 opened to 2,520,000, @rtemur raised to 5,200,000, 177272 four-bet shoved for 20,368,400 and @rtemur called. 177272 trailed with K♠J♥ against @rtemur's K♦Q♦. The board ran out A♥T♠8♥3♣6♣ and neither player improved their hand. As a result, @rtemur won the hand with King-high and a Queen-kicker. The U.K.'s 177272 busted in sixth place and took home $6,029.94.

With five to go, @rtemur extended his big stack to over 82 million.

LET'S GO AWAY FOR A WHILE: daveyzz eliminated in 5th place

As per usual, big-stacked bully @rtemur raised to 2,800,000, daveyzz shoved for 25,295,133, daikin525 called all-in for 4,425,450, and @rtemur folded. Heads-up. daikin525 dominated with A♥K♦ versus daveyzz's A♣T♠. The board ran out Q♣J♠5♣7♠3♣. Once again, nothing paired for either player, however, daikin525 won the pot with Ace-high and a King-kicker. The U.K.'s daveyzz busted in fifth and earned $9,043.09.

With four to go, @rtemur still retained the lead but slipped to 77 million. Meanwhile, daikin525 chipped up to 58.5 million.

SLOOP JOHN B: Rinat L eliminated in 4th place

Just when things started to slow down another player hit the rail. daikin525 opened to 20,800,000, and shorty Rinat L called all-in for 4,082,096. daikin525's A♦4♠ led against Rinat L's K♠9♣. The board ran out A♥8♦3♣K♦Q♥. The Ace on the flop sealed the pot for daikin525. Meanwhile, Russia's Rinat L bowed out in fourth place, but collected $12,056.24.

I JUST WASN'T MADE FOR THESE TIMES: daikin525 eliminated in 3rd place

Action did not play three-handed very long... daikin525 kicked off the betting with a raise to 7,200,000, which prompted @rtemur to shove for 110,656,729, and daikin525 called all-in. Another race with daikin525 flipping with 5♥5♠ against @rtemur's A♠K♣. The board ran out J♣6♣3♠9♦K♥ and the King on the river sunk daikin525's dreams at winning a MicroMillions II title. @rtemur added more chips to his big stack. The Netherlands' daikin525 earned $15087.65 for a third-place performance.

HEADS-UP: @rtemur (Russia) vs. Rom4iks (Ukraine)

Seat 4: @rtemur (141,694,541)
Seat 5: Rom4iks (40,920,459)

Despite a sizable lead, both players agreed on a money deal with @rtemur getting $25,376.06 and Rom4iks locking up $23,793.20, and an additional $6,000 set aside for the champion.

PET SOUNDS: Rom4iks eliminated in 2nd place

The heads-up battle did not last very long. It only took six hands before @rtemur won every single remaining chip. On the final hand... Rom4iks min-raised to 3,600,000, @rtemur bumped it to 8,100,000, and Rom4iks called. The flop was 4♣4♦2♦. @rtemur fired out 8,742,400, Rom4iks raised to 34,616,448, @rtemur re-raised to 60,490,496, Rom4iks called all-in for 9,904,011. @rtemur's 5♦5♥ were ahead of Rom4iks' Q♦3♦, but Rom4iks picked up a flush draw. The turn was the 2♥, and the river was the 3♠. @rtemur faded a diamond and a Queen to win the pot and ship the tournament.

The Ukraine's Rom4iks won $23,793.20 for an impressive runner-up performance. Meanwhile, Russia's @rtemur earned $31,376.06 for winning MicroMillions II Event #32 and the Sunday Storm Special Edition.

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

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Event #32 - Sunday Storm Special - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 36,523
Prize Pool: $365,230
Places Paid: 4,617

1. @rtemur (Russia) - $32,050.21 **
2. Rom4iks (Ukraine) - $23,119.05 **
3. daikin525 (Netherlands) - $15,087.65
4. Rinat L (Russia) - $12,056.24
5. daveyzz (U.K.) - $9,043.09
6. 177272 (U.K.) - $6,029.94
7. royalestarr (Canada) - $4,185.53
8. jacu131 (Poland) - $2,848.79
9. Dibbe999 (U.K.) - $1,676.40

** denotes a deal between the final two

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in MicroMillions