MicroMillions II: Wieger1980 scorches field en route to victory in Event #41 ($1+R Turbo_

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThink about your local football stadium. Some of them can easily hold in excess of 27,000 rabid fans. Picture your stadium filled with online poker enthusiasts. Then you can get a better grasp on the sea of humanity that you have to fight through in order to win MicroMillions Event #41. Thankfully, the tournament was set up as a Turbo, which meant combatants only had to invest six hours of their time to turn a couple of dollars into a $15,000 pay day.

Event #41 $1+R NL (3x-Turbo) attracted 26,695 runners. They added 136,083 re-buys and 14,156 add-ons, which boosted the prize pool to $161,009.94. The top 3,600 places got a cut of the prize pool.

PokerStars Team Online Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra from Portugal played in this event. Heck, if you don't know, Coimbra is playing every single event on the MicroMillions II schedule. All 100. Talk about ambitious. Check out Coimbra's online diary as he recaps his journey.

Unfortunately, Coimbra failed to cash when he busted in 5,398th place.

With action hand-for-hand at ten players, short-stacked zlatnaruka97 made a stand with 9♣7♣ against Gabe_Logan23's Q♦Q♠. The board ran out Q♣T♠6♣A♠9♥. Gabe_Logan23 won the hand with a set of Queens, and zlatnaruka97 was eliminated in tenth place, and bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #41 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: makar67.ru (104,912,899)
Seat 2: catta_allin (29,086,060)
Seat 3: painterman64 (229,715,155)
Seat 4: fastwin88 (12,3938,608)
Seat 5: cipple444 (97,383,241)
Seat 6: Wieger1980 (72,336,424)
Seat 7: Gabe_Logan23 (66,973,682)
Seat 8: Fangwui (67,212,759)
Seat 9: JoaoJoO23 (121,455,172)

When the final table commenced, painterman64 from the Netherlands held the lead with almost 230 million.

UNCLE JOHN'S BAND: fastwin88 eliminated in 9th

Ah, the nature of Turbo tournaments means the final tables never last very long. The first elimination occurred shortly after the final table began. Here's how the first casualty happened... fastwin88 shoved all-in for 56,675,849, and JoaoJoO23 called from the big blind. JoaoJoO23 was flipping with K♦Q♦ against fastwin88's 9♦9♠. A King on the flop improved JoaoJoO23 hand and it held up when the board ran out A♥K♣4♦8♠2♥. Alas, fastwin88's pocket nines failed to hold up and he went busto in ninth place. For being the first player to go busto from the final table, fastwin88 collected $805.04.

HIGH TIME: catta_allin eliminated in 8th

It didn't take long before the next bust out... makar67.ru opened to 27,000,000 and catta_allin called all-in for 22,386,060. makar67.ru was trailing with K♠J♥ versus catta_allin's J♣J♦. However, the flop was A♣A♦K♥ and makar67.ru took the lead. The turn was the 3♥ and the river was 3♣, which meant makar67.ru won the pot. Romania's catta_allin hit the road in eighth place and won $1,368.58.

DIRE WOLF: Fangwui eliminated in 7th place

Fangwui raised to 9,047,894 and Gabe_Logan23 defended the big blind. The flop was A♦Q♥J♦. Gabe_Logan23 fired out 22,500,000, and Fangwui bumped it up to 65,803,942 and moved all-in. Gabe_Logan23 was covered and called all-in 43,303,942. Gabe_Logan23 flopped two pair with Q♣J♥. Fangwui trailed with A♣T♣, but flopped top pair and a gutshot. The turn was the J♣, and the river was the K♠. Fangwui improved with a Broadway straight, but it lost to Gabe_Logan23's full house. Singapore's Fangwui was sent packing in seventh place, yet earned $2.012.62.

With six remaining, painterman64 retained the lead with a monster stack worth 234 million.

NEW SPEEDWAY BOOGIE: cipple444 eliminated in 6th place

Action did not last six-handed very long. As the tournament reached its sixth hour, painterman64 kicked off a raising war with a bet to 22,000,000, cipple444 shoved all-in for 92,033,241, and painterman64 called. cipple444 was ahead with A♠T♦ against painterman64's K♣Q♣. The board ran out T♠7♦4♣K♥2♦ and painterman64 won the hand with a pair of Kings. Russia's cipple444 was knocked out in sixth place and earned $2,898.17.

CUMBERLAND BLUES: makar67.ru eliminated in 5th place

Russia's makar67.ru made a stand and moved all-in for 141,498,959, and Wieger1980 re-shoved for 201,686,424 to isolate. Heads-up. Unfortunately, makar67.ru ran A♥5♦ into Wieger1980's A♠A♣. The board ran out Q♥9♠6♣7♠7♦. Wieger1980's pocket rockets held up and makar67.ru went busto in fifth place, which paid out $4,347.26.

BLACK PETER: painterman64 eliminated in 4th place

The flurry of eliminations continued when painterman64 rumbled with JoaoJoO23. All-in preflop. Another classic race with painterman64 was flipping with A♦Q♣ versus JoaoJoO23's 9♠9♣. The board ran out J♥8♥3♥J♣2♦ and JoaoJoO23's mines held up. The Netherlands' painterman64 earned $5,796.35 for a fourth-place finish.

With three remaining, Wieger1980 held the lead with 420 million, JoaoJoO23 was second with 311 million, and Gabe_Logan23 was the shorty with 180 million. Action was paused while the trio discussed a deal. A deal was quickly brokered with Wieger1980 locking up $12,069.70, JoaoJoO23 securing $10,826.65, and Gabe_Logan23 getting $9,318.78. Also, $1,500 was set aside to the champion. Action resumed.

EASY WIND: JoaoJoO23 eliminated in 3rd place

The ink of the deal wasn't even dry and fireworks ensued. JoaoJoO23 opened to 12,000,000, Wieger1980 popped him for 27,000,000, JoaoJoO23 four-bet shoved for 270,029,417, and Wieger1980 called. Wieger1980 looked solid with T♦T♥ against JoaoJoO23's A♥Q♠. The flop was A♠Q♦7♣ and the rail exploded with chants of "Vamooooooooooooooooo!" JoaoJoO23 flopped top two pair and took the lead. The turn was the 8♦ and the the T♠ spiked on the river. That dangerous card improved Wieger1980 to a set of tens. Portugal's JoaoJoO23 was knocked out in third place, but earned $10,826.65 for his deep run.

HEADS-UP: Gabe_Logan23 (Germany) vs. Wieger1980 (Netherlands)
Seat 6: Wieger1980 (751,564,800)
Seat 7: Gabe_Logan23 (161,449,200)

Wieger1980 held almost a four to one edge over his opponent.

CASEY JONES: Gabe_Logan23 eliminated in 2nd place

The heads-up battle was a five-minute slugout that lasted only 38 hands. Although Gabe_Logan23 tried to chip away at the lead, just as he was gaining momentum, Wieger1980 delivered a knockout blow.

The final hand was kicked off when Wieger1980 opened to 20,000,000 and Gabe_Logan23 smooth-called from the big blind. On a flop of K♥Q♠8♥, Gabe_Logan23 fired out 24,000,000 and Wieger1980 called. The turn was the Q♦. Gabe_Logan23 fired out 16,000,000, Wieger1980 bumped it to 104,768,000, and Gabe_Logan23 shoved over the top for 333,811,200, and Wieger1980 snap-called. Although Gabe_Logan23 was ahead preflop and on the flop with K♠T♥, Wieger1980 seized the lead with Q♥7♦ after turning trip Queens. The 8♦ on the river improved Wieger1980's hand to a full house. Wieger1980 won the hand and shipped the tournament. Meanwhile, Gabe_Logan23 was busted in second place.

Germany's Gabe_Logan23 collected $9,318.78 for an impressive runner-up performance. Meanwhile, the Netherlands' Wieger1980 won the MicroMillions II Event #41 and earned $13,569.70.

Check out the final hand in the snazzy replayer:

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Event #41 - Final Table Results and Payouts:
Entrants: 26,695
Re-buys: 136,083
Add-ons: 14,156
Prize Pool: $161,009.94
Places Paid: 3,600

1. Wieger1980 (Netherlands) - $13,569.70 **
2. Gabe_Logan23 (Germnay) - $9,318.78 **
3. JoaoJoO23 (Portugal) - $10,826.65 **
4. painterman64 (Netherlands) - $5,796.35
5. makar67.ru (Russia) - $4,347.26
6. cipple444 (Russia) - $2,898.17
7. Fangwui (Singapore) - $2,012.62
8. catta_allin (Romania) - $1,368.58
9. fastwin88 (Germany) - $805.04

** a deal was reached among the final three players

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Pauly McGuire
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