MicroMillions: It's all ok for dimokpro in Event #53 $2.20 NLHE

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngAfter a year's worth of championship events have been crammed into the first week of the PokerStars MicroMillions, the micro-limit grinding continued this evening with Event #53 of the popular schedule.

It was the $2.20 No Limit Holdem Event with another impressive field of 9,077 players taking to the virtual felt. Among them was the cream of the micro-stakes talent pool. At least, we assume that was the case (we admit that our knowledge of micro-limit players isn't the best!).

Marcin "Goral" Horecki was the only PokerStars Team Pro in the field as it appears evident he is seeking a little glory in this MicroMillions series. In a recent tweet, Horecki said:

Marcin Horecki: Apparently I got 16 min cashes in MicroMillions and missed FT yesterday again. 2nd in cashes. 5th in TLB. Will get them one day. In 2020? ;)

Unfortunately Horecki wasn't able to add to that record in Event #53 after bowing out in the middle of the field as the top 1,170 would share in the $18,154 prize pool. That number easily surpassed the $10,000 guarantee for this event.

Also missing the cash was MT3000T from Japan who was the unlucky bubble, falling just short of the $3.63 min-cash.

After eight hours of play, the final table was formed with avokatis from Greece holding a commanding chip lead.


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: Guiblink (4,681,818 in chips)
Seat 2: Daju33 (6,605,054 in chips)
Seat 3: SheriffPwnsU (5,613,564 in chips)
Seat 4: Dani R 9 (3,597,064 in chips)
Seat 5: avokatis (16,723,945 in chips)
Seat 6: dimokpro (3,609,154 in chips)
Seat 7: The1Messiah (1,200,226 in chips)
Seat 8: awesonek (945,068 in chips)
Seat 9: DAVIDPSP (240,9107 in chips)

Avokatis held a massive chip lead with the blinds starting at 70k/140k/17.5k, while a couple of short stacks had some work to do. PokerStars Host Mick welcomed the players to the MicroMillions final table with some players taking a liking to the spotlight.

SheriffPwnsU said, "If i win can i get presented with a large cheque and get my pic took with lots of chicks in bikinis please Mick?"
HostMickP said, "Well Sheriff, I don't remember us ever doing such a thing. But if you bring the girls, I'll bring the camera!"
SheriffPwnsU said, "I dont know any girls in real life"

One who wouldn't have to worry about a winner's photo was The1Messiah who was first to be eliminated from the final table. DAVIDPSP moved all in from early position A♠K♥ as The1Messiah called off a little over five big blinds with 9♥9♠ from the big blind. The race went the way of DAVIDPSP as the board arrived A♦K♣Q♥4♦Q♦ to see The1Messiah pick up $140.69 for 9th place.

Awesonek was soon to follow after moving all in for just 3.5 big blinds from the button with 5♣5♦. Guiblink made the call in the big blind with K♦T♥ and improved to a flush on the J♥7♥8♥A♥A♦ board to leave awesonek to collect $208.77 for 8th place.

Play tightened up when seven-handed with avokatis and SheriffPwnsU the most active players on the table. Dani R 9 was fortunate to stay alive when he caught lucky chop with A♣T♠ against avokatis' A♠J♦ when the board double-paired.

But the luck of Dani R 9 didn't last. Moments later SheriffPwnsU, Dani R 9 and Guiblink saw a flop of K♣K♥7♦. Action checked around but when the 8♣ hit the turn, Guiblink moved all in with Dani R 9 calling for less as SheriffPwnsU got out of the way. Dani R 9 showed A♦A♥ but was drawing to just two aces as Guiblink tabled K♦Q♣ for trip kings. The river was the 2♥ to end the tournament of Dani R 9 in 7th place for a $363.08 score.

Double KO

One of the key hands of the final table came moments later when avokatis was able to spike a two-outer and land a double elimination:

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It was a nasty queen for avokatis' opponents as SheriffPwnsU's well-laid trap with pocket aces didn't pay off. The double KO saw Guiblink collect $544.62 for 6th place as SheriffPwnsU had to be content with $726.16 for 5th place.

Avokatis jumped out to a big chip lead as everything was going the way of the Greek. Avokatis tried to apply the heat to opponents with some aggression, but the key hand of the final table was the double up of dimokpro. A bet and call on a K♠A♥7♥ flop preceded fireworks on the A♠ turn. Avokatis bet, dimokpro raised and Avokatis moved all in, but K♣5♦ was no match for dimokpro's A♣8♦ as the 4♦ completed the board.

That evened things up at the top, but at the other end DAVIDPSP was unable to make a comeback, falling in 4th place when outdrawn by avokatis. It was DAVIDPSP's Q♣J♣ which looked in good shape against Q♠5♠ with all the chips in preflop but the board of 7♥6♠9♣3♥4♦ gave avokatis a straight to win the pot. DAVIDPSP added $914.96 to the bankroll for 4th place.

Deal time?

Avokatis was keen to take a look at possible deal numbers during a well-timed break, and while dimokpro was open to the idea, the short-stacked Daju33 remained silent and the game continued.

Daju33 fought hard, but slipped back even further before making a final stand with 9♦9♥. Avokatis made the call with a pretty Q♥J♥ which improved after making a backdoor flush:

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As Daju33 was sent to the rail in 3rd place for $1,361.55, the two remaining players were pretty happy to be heads-up for the title.

dimokpro said, "yesss"
dimokpro said, "gg"

After a couple of hands were played, the two remaining players quickly entered into deal negotiations. With a little bit of a language barrier between the Russian and the Greek, with neither speaking great English, there was a little confusion over the deal amounts.

The chips counts were as follows:

dimokpro - 28,182,688 in chips
avokatis - 17,202,312 in chips

The players were a little confused about having to leave $200 for the winner but eventually dimokpro agreed to the following deal:

dimokpro - $2,325.06
avokatis - $2,200

The winner would receive an additional $200.

With that, it was game on again and with the stacks rather deep, it took an action flop to see the players commit all of their chips.

Avokatis raised the button to four times the big blind and dimokpro made the call to see a flop of K♥6♦8♦. The chips went flying as avokatis tabled A♠A♦ but would need to fade a heap of outs as dimokpro showed 9♦7♦ for a straight-flush draw. The 6♥ bricked the turn, but the river was the Q♦ to complete the flush for dimokpro for the victory!

Thanks to a favourable deal, Avokatis wins $2,200 for runner-up as dimokpro is the latest MicroMillions champion winning $2,525.06.

Final Table Results
1st dimokpro (Russia) - $2,525.06*
2nd avokatis (Greece) - $2,200*
3rd Daju33 (Germany) - $1,361.55
4th DAVIDPSP (Spain) - $914.96
5th SheriffPwnsU (United Kingdom) - $726.16
6th Guiblink (Brazil) - $544.62
7th Dani R 9 (Spain) - $363.08
8th awesonek (Spain) - $208.77
9th The1Messiah (Belgium) - $140.69

* denotes deal

The PokerStars MicroMillions continues throughout the next week with almost 50 more chances to turn micro stakes into thousands of dollars in cash! For a complete rundown of the schedule, as well as results, statistics and more, head over to the MicroMillions Main Page.