MicroMillions: jagur1 mauls massive field in Event #61 $4.40 NL

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngHow many of you woke up with sublime thoughts about winning a poker tournament? Today, 14,587 courageous souls took a plunge into the heart of darkness knowing almost 90% of them would perish before they had a crack at the money. A few thousand would be annihilated in the first couple of hours of play, yet that morose fact did not deter anyone. They all had an unified dream -- to become the next MicroMillions champion -- but only one of them could achieve that arduous task after ten strenuous hours of poker.

Shipping any tournament is an impressive task, so it goes without saying that topping a ginormous field in Event #61 is considered a remarkable feat. Event #61 $4.40 NL was one of the most popular tournaments of the entire MicroMillions series attracting 14,587 runners. The top 2,025 places got a cut of the $58,348 prize pool.

With two tables remaining, Short-stacked eerkr made a valiant final stand with A♠K♦ against jagur1's 9♦9♣. Unfortunately, the board ran out T♥7♠2♠8♠J♣. Hungary's eerkr lost a coin flip and failed to improve his Big Slick. He bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Seat 1: cochito6666 (1,997,152)
Seat 2: jagur1 (16,520,494)
Seat 3: cambraia1984 (7,886,370)
Seat 4: digi88 (2,437,450)
Seat 5: EPT_Junkie89 (11,686,868)
Seat 6: themis_4_vts (8,725,256)
Seat 7: Dmitrij282 (3,801,547)
Seat 8: Scholten55 (5,359,174)
Seat 9: TURCII (14,520,689)

With two tables to go, EPT_Junkie89 became the first player to pass the 10 million chip mark. When the final table was set, EPT_Junkie89 slipped to third place while Spain's jagur1 held the overall lead with 16.5 million.

AIRBAG: digi88 eliminated in 9th place

Short-stacked digi88 thought he was on the path to redemption. Within a few minutes of sitting down at the final table, he doubled up with pocket Aces and he gained some much-needed momentum. Just when things were looking up disaster struck.

When TURCII raised to 800,000, digi88 moved all-in for his last 3,224,900, and TURCII called. TURCII was behind, but racing, with K♣J♦ against digi88's 8♥8♠. TURCII even had to fade a gutshot draw on the turn, but he rivered a Jack to win the pot when the board ran out 9♣9♦7♥ 6♠J♣. The pocket Ochos were no good. The dubious distinction of being the player to bust from the final table went to Bolivia's digi88, who won $350.08 for ninth place.

PARANOID ANDROID: cochito6666 eliminated in 8th place

EPT_Junkie89 opened to 1.2 million. Dmitrij282 shoved for his last 2,764,047. Super shorty cochito6666 called all-in for 797,152 from the big blind. EPT_Junkie89 called both players.

EPT_Junkie89: A♠K♣
Dmitrij282: A♣K♠
cochito6666: K♥J♣

Cochito6666 was in deep trouble with both opponents holding Big Slick. The board ran out T♥6♠3♣6♥ 8♣, and Dmitrij282 and EPT_Junkie89 chopped the pot with Ace-high. Mexico's cochito6666 said "Adios!" For an eighth-place finish, cochito6666 won $525.13.

SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK ALIEN: Scholten55 eliminated in 7th place

Scholten55 started the skirmish with an 1,350,000 wager. EPT_Junkie89 escalated the war when he bumped it to 7,250,000. Scholten55 didn't hesitate and called all-in for 5,121,674, confident that his K♠K♦ could survive a back-alley brawl against EPT_Junkie89's A♠T♠. The battle took an unfortunate turn, when the A♦ appeared as the "door card" and Scholten55's Kings were savagely beheaded. The board ran out A♦3♣3♠Q♦7♥ and EPT_Junkie89 won the pot with Aces up. Germany's Scholten55 adsorbed a wicked beat, but as a consolation, he collected $1,021.09 for seventh place.

With six players remaining, jagur1 was out in front with a 21 million lead while Dmitrij282 brought up the rear with 2.6 million.

EXIT MUSIC (FOR A FILM): Dmitrij282 eliminated in 6th place

Shorty Dmitrij282 shoved for 2,062,623 and monster-stacked jagur1 called from the big blind with any two cards... 4♠2♠. Dmitrij282's fate looked promising with T♦9♣. However, the flop was J♥7♦4♣ and jagur1 took the lead with a pair of fours. Dmitrij282 picked up a couple of outs with a gutshot draw. The turn was the A♥ and the river was the A♠. Neither aces helped Dmitrij282 and jagur1 gobbled up the pot as the rich got richer. Dmitrij282 busted out in sixth place and won $1,575.39.

CLIMBING UP THE WALLS: cambraia1984 eliminated in 5th place

Poor poor cambraia1984. On consecutive hands, themis_4_vts came from behind both times to extract all of his chips.

On the first hand, both players got it all in preflop and cambraia1984 led with A♥T♥ against themis_4_vts's 9♥8♥. But a nine fell on the flop which allowed themis_4_vts to double up. On the next hand, the two tangled again. Just like the previous hand, both players got all their chips into the pot preflop. And just like before themis_4_vts was behind. His K♣J♠ needed help against cambraia1984's A♣9♥. The flop was A♥3♠2♥, and cambraia1984 solidified his lead. Alas, the absolute worst possible scenario played out -- running Kings. The turn was the K♥ and the river was the K♦. It was not pretty, but themis_4_vts won the pot with trips. A stunned cambraia1984 headed to the rail in fifth place, collecting $2,158.87

KARMA POLICE: themis_4_vts eliminated in 4th place

Ah, the poker gods were paying close attention to how themis_4_vts manhandled cambraia1984. Alas, it was themis_4_vts' turn to be on the receiving end of a bitter beat. Chip leader jagur1 continued his campaign of aggression and opened to 1.6 million. That prompted themis_4_vts to shove from the small blind for 7,163,003. jagur1 called with K♣8♦ and was in trouble because themis_4_vts held A♠6♣. The flop wasQ♦8♠2♦ and jagur1 seized the lead. The turn was the 3♥, and the 3♠ fell on the river. Neither trey helped themis_4_vts, so jagur1 dragged the pot. Greece's themis_4_vts busted in fourth place for a $2,742.35 score.

THE TOURIST: EPT_Junkie89 eliminated in 3rd place

With three players remaining, a sizzling hot jagur1 was approaching 38 million with over 50% ofthe chips in play. Both EPT_Junkie89 and TURCII were in the same boat -- holding approximately 17 million apiece. Which one of them would be the jagur1's next prey? Within 20 hands, jagur1 chipped up to 52 million.

While jagu1 held a monopoly on the chips, the two smaller stacks fought each other to the death. TURCII open-shoved for 11,487,962 and EPT_Junkie89 called all-in for 7,394,668.

EPT_Junkie89: Q♥J♠
TURCII: 9♥7♦

The flop was T♦5♣3♥ and EPT_Junkie89 maintained the lead. The turn was the 4♥ and TURCII needed a miracle on 5th Street to win the pot. And then... the 9♣ spiked on the river. Ouch. T'was a mortal wound for EPT_Junkie89 as TURCII's suckout resulted in a winning pair of nines. EPT_Junkie89 from the Netherlands finished in third place and collected $3,909.31.

HEADS-UP BATTLE: jagur1 (Spain) vs. TURCII (Brazil)

Heads-Up Chippies:
Seat 2: jagur1 (51,802,370)
Seat 9: TURCII (21,132,630)

With the blinds escalating to redonkulous amounts, the action was paused so both players could discuss a deal. The two came to a quick agreement on numbers with $500 left on the table for the eventual champion.

NO SURPRISES: TURCII eliminated in 2nd place

On the 20th hand of heads-up play... a winner finally emerged. TURCII shoved for 17,997,630 and jagur1 called. Both players held Ace-X but jagur1 had a better kicker...

jagur1: A♠8♦

On the turn, both players picked up different gutshot draws but the board ran out K♥5♦7♠6♦7♥. jagur1's Dead Man's Hand held up and as a result... he dodged a bullet, dragged the pot, and binked the tournament. TURCII from Brazil busted out in second place and collected $5,700 for a sensational runner-up performance.

Spain's jagur1 is now $6,698.16 richer after winning Event #61. Congrats!

You can watch the final hand in the replayer:

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1st - jagur1 (Spain) - $6,698.16 *
2nd - TURCII (Brazil) - $5,700 *
3rd - EPT_Junkie89 (Netherlands) - $3,909.31
4th - themis_4_vts (Greece) - $2,742.35
5th - cambraia1984 (Portugal) - $2,158.87
6th - Dmitrij282 (Russia) - $1,575.39
7th - Scholten55 (Germany) - $1,021.09
8th - cochito6666 (Mexico) - $525.13
9th - digi88 (Bolivia) - $350.08

* Denotes a deal was struck with the final two players

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in MicroMillions