MicroMillions: Jannick Wrang's 98 events

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngSo, a funny thing happened on the way to an EPT Campione championship.

If you were to pitch it to a film studio, it would probably sound a lot like this:

Man loses $150,000, punishes himself by registering for nearly 100 poker tournaments, loses a couple hundred dollars more, but wins more than half a million euros in a single event.

It's not a work of fiction. It's a documentary starring Jannick Wrang.

Wrang registered for 98 of the 100 PokerStars MicroMillions events. Only one other person played as many, but that person did not simultaneously win an EPT title, so it's easy to tell the two guys apart.

Wrang spoke to my friend Rick Dacey in Campione before the EPT event was over and said, "I played the MicroMillions to punish myself because I lost a $100,000 roll and a $50,000 roll in two days. I've got a few friends who wanted to play them and after one or two days I had got a lot of points so decided to play them all. I wanted to win the MicroMillions, SCOOP and WCOOP leaderboards. I was second in the SCOOP last time and I'm going for first this time."

It's a bit mind-boggling, to be honest. Wrang lost $150,000 in a couple of days, played the MicroMillions to get his head right, and signed up nearly every one of the 100 events. He was not, as you might imagine, your typical MicroMillions player. First, almost nobody is so masochistic as to try to play that many events. Second, none of them won one of the world's most prestigious poker trophies and €640,000 over the weekend.


Jannick Wrang in Campione

I wrote to Wrang before he actually won Campione, which he admitted "worked out pretty fine." I wanted to know what kind of profit (or not) he ended up turning after playing so many events. He responded a couple of days after winning his fortune. It turned out not to be a very easy question to answer.

"Dont know. Did not keep track," he said. "Probably lost a few hundred, but still I came 9th on leaderboard a won a $1050 (SCOOP) ticket."

So, yes, there's that.

But there's also the matter of how Wrang's quest for an EPT title and MicroMillions leaderboard win ended up conflicting. Obviously, the kid had to sleep at some point. The answer turned out to be pretty obvious. He registered for 98 events, but he didn't play every one of them.

"I was just registered for 98. I probably blinded out in ten events, and in 10-15 others I just late-regged and went all-in to see if I could get a huge stack fast or go to sleep," he explained.

So, there's your answer. It's a story you probably won't see again for a while unless Paramount pictures buys the rights to it. Word on the street is Tobey McGuire wants the lead role.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in MicroMillions