MicroMillions: jointy333 wins Event #73 ($5.50+R NL Single Draw 2-7)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngSometimes the cards you are dealt in life are not the ones that you really want, you can't just give them back and re-draw for another chance. For jointy333 he was able to give some cards back today for an opportunity to improve his chance at winning Event 73 of the MicroMillions series. Improve his chance he did as he marched through 801 other players to take home $1,459.89.


Five cards, one chance to improve your hand, best hand of all low cards that don't form a straight or give you a flush starting with a deuce wins, no limit on the size of your bet. Yep that is what 802 players signed up for in Event 73, a $5.50 No Limit Single Draw 2-7 re-buy event. With a 60-minute re-buy period the prize pool easily surpassed its $5,000.00 guarantee getting to $9,485. Here's a look at the numbers:

Entrants: 802
Guarantee: $5,000.00
Re-buys: 648
Add-ons: 447
Prize pool: $9,485
Paid Players: 105

The only member of Team PokerStars to play today made it into money but not much beyond that. Finishing 93rd for $29.02 was Marcin "Gorel" Horecki who has numerous cashes in the MicroMillions series up to this point.

HarveyDent93 was sitting at the top of the leader board when they made it to the money. He managed to hang near or at the top of the leader board until they were down to eight. That is when he ran into an unfortunate string of hands that resulted in his elimination on the final table bubble.


Seat 1: Anastangel (1,737,018 in chips)
Seat 2: ha-gegc (1,432,460 in chips)
Seat 3: dennder (1,887,489 in chips)
Seat 4: jointy333 (2,648,680 in chips)
Seat 5: SoUNdzRise1 (2,405,883 in chips)
Seat 6: vas_panev74 (355,518 in chips)
Seat 7: Meizii (135,452 in chips)

Shorties battle:

The first time that Meizii was all-in on the final table he managed to get a double-up through jointly333. The second time he was all-in he was in a battle of the short stacks with vas_panev74. With only 103,404 to start the hand and blinds at 25,000/50,000/12,500 Meizii moved all-in from under the gun. Everyone folded to vas_panev74, in the big blind, who called. Both players drew one card and then the reveal happened. Meizii held T♦8♣6♠5♣3♠, but it was the 9♥8♠7♣6♥4♣ that managed the win. Meizii collects $196.14 for his seventh place effort.


You take one, you lose one:

The elimination of Meizii was the only high point for vas_panev74 as he was the next one to make his exit. Facing a 100,000 chip raise from ha-gegc, vas_panev74 moved all-in from the big blind, ha-gagc called. vas_panev74 drew one and ha-gegc stood pat. When the players cards were revealed it as the 9♣8♥7♣3♥2♦ held by ha-gegc beating vas-panev74's 9♥8♠7♥6♥4♠. vas-panev74 collects $260.26 for finishing in sixth place.



Anastangel seemed content with sitting back and waiting for the right cards to get in on the action. After SoUNdzRise1 opened to 120,000 Anastangel moved all-in for 381,036 total, denneder called from the big blind and SoINdzRise1 folded. denneder drew one card and Anastangel stood pat. Both players held ten-high so it would come down to the next card to determine the fate of Anastangel. It was the 8♠ of denneder that beat the 9♦ of Anastangel eliminating her in fifth place for $340.13.


Long four-handed battle:

The battle between the final four players lasted 89 hands, with only seven of those seeing one of the players go all-in. Actually it was only two players who put their tourney life on the line during these hands, SoUNdzRise1 and ha-gegc both survived all-in moments with SoUNdzRise1 getting seven of the double-ups and ha-gegc getting one before finally getting eliminated.

Moving all-in from the button ha-gegc was called by jointy333 from the big blind. jointy333 drew one card while ha-gegc stood pat. Holding 8♦7♣6♠3♣2♣ meant that jointy333 eliminated ha-gegc who only held T♠9♠7♦4♦2♥ collecting $500.33.


A deal?

The players all tried to come to an agreement on a deal at the beginning of four-handed play. That deal was shot down by ha-gegc. Well since he was eliminated in fourth place the three remaining player decided to once again look at the numbers. They all agreed to the following numbers and play resumed.

  • ointy333:$1,494.26

  • SoUNdzRise1:$1,045.01

  • dennder:$956.63

  • Left To Play for place 1: $100.00

A quick elimination:

It didn't take long for the chips to go flying after the players struck the above deal. A raise to 350,000 from dennder induced an all-in raise from jointy333, who had dennder covered. SoUNdzRise1 folded and dennder called. jointy333 stood pat while dennder drew one, that one card didn't improve things for dennder who's 9♣6♦4♦4♠2♦ was not good enough to beat jointy333's J♦9♠7♥4♥2♠. For his third place finish dennder collects $1,044.19.


Heads-up play:

The heads-up match lasted 40 hands, with SoUNdzRise1 getting two double-ups but the lead never changing. Here is a look at what the players started heads-up with.

jointy333 (8,529,682 in chips)
SoUNdzRise1 (2,072,818 in chips)

The final hand started with SoUNdzRise1 raising to 480,000, jointy333 moved all-in (enough to cover) and SoUNdzRise1 called, putting himself all-in. jointy333 stood pat while SoUNdzRise1 drew one. That new card delivered no help to SoUNdzRise1 giving him a pair of sevens (9♣8♠7♦7♥2♦) against jointy333's Q♣J♥9♠6♦5♣. SoUNdzRise1 takes home $1,091.82 while jointy333 gets $1,459.89 for the win.

2012MicroMillion73-Final Hand.jpg

Congrats to jointy333 on your win!

MicroMillions Event #73 ($5.50+R NL Single Draw 2-7) Results (reflects a deal):

1st place: jointy333 - $1,459.89*
2nd place: SoUNdzRise1 - $1,091.82*
3rd place: dennder - $1,044.19*
4th place: ha-gegc - $500.33
5th place: Anastangel - $340.13
6th place: vas-panev74 - $260.26
7th place: Meizii - $196.16
*Indicates a three-way deal

Only a few days remain in the inaugural MicroMillions, you still have a chance to get involved in the excitement. Check out the main page for all tournament and satellite information, as well as the Leaderboard and Statistics pages.