MicroMillions: Juro91 turns FPPs into $4,925 victory in Event 56

micromillions_logo.jpg Event 56 of the PokerStars MicroMillions series featured 9,440 players putting up $5,50, creating a prize pool of $47,200 parceled out to the top 1,260 players. The winner is expected to pocket nearly $7,000. However, a deal with four players remaining flattened the payouts at the top. In the end, juro91, qualified via an FPP satellite earning over $4,900.

If you looked through the list of entries in today's tournament (not that it's requested at this moment), you'll find only one player sporting the PokerStars red spade. That player was Marcin "Goral" Horecki as he attempted to earn another cash and move up in the MicroMillions Player of the Series race. Unfortunately in this event, Horecki finished well out of the money.

Double elimination leaves final table of eight

The final table would start with eight after two players were knocked out during hand-for-hand play. Both tables were playing 150,000/300,000 with an ante of 37,500 with action at tables 413 and 619. Starting at the lower-numbered table, jukebox_102 shoved UTG for 1,405,562 with A♦J♣, called by momo633 in the big blind with the dominated A♥2♣. Momo633 gained momentum and the chips of jukebox_102 when the board ran out Q♦7♣6♥2♥ K♠ as bottom pair was good, leaving jukebox_102 out in 10th place, cashing for $250.16

The action at table 619 was a bit more dramatic as juro91 and crupsta played a hand out to the river, but the leader of the hand switched bank and forth until all the chips went in on the river:

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Because crupsta held more chips, he picked up 9th place money, earning $365.80 leaving this lineup for the final table:

MicroMillions Event 56 final table.JPG

Seat 2: tuborg_man (11,099,688 in chips)
Seat 3: momo633 (3,885,709 in chips)
Seat 4: shakall76 (6,040,733 in chips)
Seat 5: BRUDEN0TTA (5,932,225 in chips)
Seat 6: gendaa (1,363,872 in chips)
Seat 7: Juro91 (10,410,973 in chips)
Seat 8: brunobrazil1 (2,240,205 in chips)
Seat 9: shhh_0011 (6,226,595 in chips)

Gendaa turns ticket into 8th place finish ($519.20)

Shortly before reaching the final table, gendaa noted they received a $5.50 MicroMillions ticket after making a deposit. That decision paid off well for the Slovenian, with their final table appearance. Left with just over 1,250,000 chips gendaa shoved from UTG with A♣5♦. Play folded around to shhh_0011, calling with 8♥8♣. Five cards later, shhh_0011 remained in front - K♥K♦9♠T♠ 3♦ giving each player another little boost to their payout.

Brunobrazil1 catches a cooler, out in 7th ($944.00)

Spring is only a couple of days old, but brunobrazil1 was chilled in 7th place after suffering a cooler. Facing a raise by shakall76 to 1,200,000, brunobrazil1 looked down and re-raised all in for over 2,300,000 chips with K♠K♦. The problem was shakall76 held A♣A♥ and made the double-fistpump snapcall. Left with two outs, brunobrazil1 was left drawing dead as the board went 4♥2♥2♠A♦ 7♠ as six remained.

Juro91 surges, Shakall76 shaken down in 6th ($1,416.00)

A wild sequence of hands has juro91 go from 6th to chip leader in less than ten hands. BRUD0NETTA started the sequence by winning a flip against juro91 (99 beats A-K). Juro91 would get their first double up through shhh_0011 with A-K versus A-2. Juro91 then doubled through shakall76 with A-J against A-9, in a pot of over 16 million chips to move back in front.

Romanians Shakall76 and shhh_0011 were next to tangle as shhh_0011 severely crippled their fellow countryman with pocket tens against pocket eights, leaving shakall76 with just 16,814 chips with the blinds now 250,000/500,000 with an ante of 62,500. Following in the example of juro91, shakall76 wins four straight hands (9-5 beats 2-2, 7-6 crushes QQ, A-K against A-5 and T-7 outflops 4-4) to have over 3 million chips.

The heater for shakall76 would come to an end as again it was Romanian v Romanian action against shhh_0011. Players were now facing blinds of 300,000/600,000 with the ante 75,000 as shakall open shoved for over 2,500,000 chips with K♦6♣ as shhh_0011 called, turning over A♣7♥ Both players would flop a pair on the 7♣6♥5♦ board. Neither player improved on the J♣[5♠ turn and river, leaving a field of four.

A quadruple-handed deal is made

Four-handed play started with each player having about the same amount of chips. Unfortunately for shhh_0011, their stack dwindled a bit before players decided to talk deal. Here's how the chip counts looked with the proposed payouts, setting aside $500 for the winner:

tuborg_man: 14,526,186 - $4,667.97
BRUDEN0TTA: 12,773,368 - $4,494.02
Juro91: 12,140,350 - $4,925.17
shhh_0011: 7,760,096 - $3,834.64

All four players would type "agree" to the satisfaction of the final table host as play continued.

shhh_0011 silenced in 4th ($3,834.64)

After quieting shakall76, shhh_0011 was the next player deprived of their talking chips. It was the handiwork of juro91, first rivering a flush with J♠3♠ when four spades hit the board leaving shhh_0011 with just over 1,600,000 chips and in the big blind, as the blinds climbed to 400,000/800,000 with a 100,000 ante. Juro91 shoved from the small blind with 6♦6♠ as shhh_0011 was committed with K♦9♠. The first three cards moved juro91 with a hammerlock on the lead: Q♦Q♠6♣. Left to hope for running cards, the 5♣ on the turn and T♣ on the river weren't the necessary cards giving three players hopes of a MicroMillions triumph.

BRUDEN0TTA busted in 3rd ($4,494.02)

The next hand was the final one for BRUDEN0TTA as tuborg_man dashed the Irish player's title desires in a nearly 24 million chip pot. From the small blind, tuborg_man raised to 2,400,000 with A♦Q♠ as BRUDEN0TTA shoved for over 11 million chips holding 9♦9♣ as turborg_man called. Turborg_man hit their pair on the A♥J♠7♥ flop, making two pair when the Q♥ hit the turn. BRUDEN0TTA needed one of the remaining nines to double up, but the river brings the 4♠ leaving turborg_man the slight chip leader going into heads-up play.

Turborg_man drained in 2nd ($4,667.97)

Heads-up play lasted just twelve hands as juro91 moved ahead on this interesting hand with each player nearly even in chips as both players held hands with non-standard holdings:

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Three hands later juro91 completed the comeback and acquired the rest of turborg_man's stack. Juro91 shoved from the small blind with A♠9♠ as turborg_man called with A♥2♣. The first three cards appearing on the board were 7♦7♠4♠ as juro91 improved to the nut flush draw. The 3♠ on the turn gave juro91 the checkmark as turborg_man was left drawing dead. The final card dealt was the 2♠ to complete the tournament as turborg_man earned $4,667.97, plenty of money to purchase the Danish beer if they were interested in drowning their sorrows.

The spoils went to Juro91 as the Hungarian gobbled up $4,925.17 in victory and 100 points in the MicroMillions Player of the Year standings. The winner earns a 2013 PCA Package with the top 100 players earning SCOOP tickets for the Medium and Low Main Events.

MicroMillions Event 56 ($5.50 NL Hold'em) Final Table Results:

*Reflects deal made four-handed

*1st: juro91 - $4,925.17
*2nd: tuborg_man - $4,667.97
*3rd:BRUDEN0TTA - $4,494.02
*4th: shhh0011 - $3,834.64
5th: shakall76 - $1,888.00
6th: momo633 - $1,416.00
7th: brunobrazil1 - $944.00
8th: gendaa - $519.20
9th: crupsta - $365.80

Live tournament coverage on the PokerStars blog resumes this Thursday with the ANZPT Season 5 debut in Sydney.