MicroMillions: KidForum Event #66 champ ($8.80 NLHE); Sne1231 biggest cash after 5-way chop

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngWe're more than 60 events into the MicroMillions' 100-event schedule and there are no signs of any drop off of players interested in trying to turn a little into a lot. Case in point: Event #66 featured an $8.80 buy-in and a $40K guarantee, and a whopping 7,518 joined the fray, building a guarantee-smashing prize pool of $60,144.

The top 990 finishers would divide up those dollars. $13.83 would go to the first players eliminated once they reached the payout stage. Those making the final table all guaranteed themselves at least $466.11. Lasting a couple more spots to make the top seven ensured one a four-figure payday for that small buy-in. And to win meant seeing a $9.152.48 addition to one's PokerStars account, barring any final table deals.

It would take about three hours and 40 minutes for that cash bubble to burst. With 990 players left, Menrath led the way with about 191,000 with both iPayU9 and nois84 not far behind.

Also among the final 990 was Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki, registering yet another cash in a MicroMillions event. Short-stacked with about 12,000 (six big blinds), Horecki didn't last much longer, ultimately getting his stack in with A♥5♥ but falling to lenzer62's A♦K♣ to finish in 762nd place ($16.23)

By the five-hour mark the field had shrunk to less than 250 players, with TeQ- having recently become the first of the bunch to have crossed the 500,000-chip mark, followed soon thereafter by 3eBc and JaumeHorrach. About an hour after that the field had been cut down to just 100, at which point LiViN2GrInD, KidForum, dubina59, and VENIXXX sat atop the leaderboard as the only players with more than 1 million chips.

KidForum would be the one from that bunch first to push out further, adding more and becoming the first to 2 million. Then CRAZY_YEHOOO would scream past everyone to grab the lead and be the first to 3 million, 4 million, then 5 million as the field reduced to less than 20 players.

CRAZY_YEHOOO kept right on adding chips as they blew through the eight-hour mark, then fell back to the group a bit while Sne1231, Mr.Pacmann, and KidForum caught up to challenge for the lead.

Along the way Berkuti (18th), willy7163 (17th), and hurebritt (16th) hit the rail, taking $168.40 apiece as they did. tilt21sted (15th), cJloH1991 (14th), and (13th) followed, each earning $252.60. Then DarthTonton (12th) and Cearense84 (11th) went out, claiming $336.80 for their efforts.

With 10 left a double-knockout happened on one of the tables, with PRICKLY-72 using pocket kings to eliminate pro100_RaZoR who held A♣3♣ and HANANIHA who had A♦8♦. pro100_RaZoR took 10th and a $336.80 prize, while HANANIHA earned $466.11 for the ninth-place finish

Just eight were left.


Seat 1: CRAZY_YEHOOO -- 5,819,125
Seat 2: PREVED-_-l -- 3,078,976
Seat 3: kapara35 -- 2,857,342
Seat 4: PRICKLY-72 -- 7,305,999
Seat 5: TeQ- -- 1,739,598
Seat 6: Sne1231 -- 5,213,951
Seat 7: Mr.Pacmann -- 5,945,995
Seat 8: empty
Seat 9: KidForum -- 5,629,014

It would only take a few hands before the first elimination came. The blinds were 80,000/160,000 when it folded around to PRICKLY-72 who raised to 640,000 from the small blind. TeQ- responded with an all-in shove for 1,649,598 from the big blind, and PRICKLY-72 called, turning over J♣J♦ to TeQ-'s A♠5♦. The board came 8♣2♦9♣4♥9♥, and TeQ- was gone in eighth.

That hand put PRICKLY-72 out in front with better than 8 million chips. Just a few moments later it was CRAZY_YEHOOO opening for 336,000 from middle position, and it folded around to PRICKLY-72 in the small blind who reraised to 999,999. Sne1231 folded in the big blind, then CRAZY_YEHOOO repopped with an all-in shove for 5,293,125 total and PRICKY-72 made the call.


The five community cards came 5♠5♦9♥2♦6♦, giving neither a pair. PRICKLY-72's cards gave him the best hand, and CRAZY_YEHOOO was eliminated in seventh.

PRICKLY-72 suddenly had a commanding lead with six left, but Sne1231 would grab the lead away after doubling through. The blinds then moved to 100,000/200,000, at which point PREVED-_-l raised to 440,000 from middle position, then PRICKLY-72 reraised all in for 4,076,118 from the small blind. kapara35 folded the BB, and PREVED-_-l called with the 2,899,976 he had left.

PRICKLY-72 had A♣7♣ while PREVED-_-l held 8♦8♣. The flop came an eye-popping 7♠J♠7♥, giving PRICKLY-72 trip sevens. The turn was the J♥ and river the 4♠, and PREVED-_-l was knocked out in sixth.

A few more hands passed, then the tourney was paused for the five players to talk about a possible deal. At that point Sne1231 had claimed the lead with more than 13.36 million, KidForum was next with almost 8.7 million, kapara35 third with just under 5.57 million, PRICKY-72 fourth with about 5.26 million, and Mr.Pacmann last with about 4.69 million.

Both "chip chop" and ICM numbers were produced (leaving $800 for which to play), and after some discussion and a bit of negotiation, terms were agreed upon and a deal was struck.

Play resumed and soon an preflop all-in confrontation occurred involving kapara35 and PRICKLY-72. kapara35 had A♦K♦ and PRICKLY-72 A♠T♣, but after an A♣T♠5♦ flop PRICKLY-72 had the edge. But the turn and river brought running diamonds and a flush to kapara35, thus crippling PRICKLY-72. Take a look:

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Left with just 21,410 -- not even an ante -- PRICKLY-72 was all in before the flop on the next hand with J♦7♥ against kapara35 in the big blind with A♠5♥. The flop brought an ace to further kapara35's lead, and two cards later PRICKLY-72 was bounced in fifth.

The final four continued to battle as the blinds increased once more to 125,000/250,000. Sne1231 fell back to short-stacked status with less than 2.8 million while KidForum pushed out into the lead with better than 17.4 million. Then came a hand in which KidForum opened for the minimum from UTG to 500,000 and got two callers in Sne1231 (small blind) and Mr.Pacmann (big blind).

The flop came A♥5♥7♣ and it checked to KidForum who bet 500,000. Sne1231 responded with an all-in shove for 2,244,152, Mr.PacMann stepped aside, and KidForum quickly called.

Sne1231 had 7♦4♦ for middle pair, but KidForum had that beat with A♣2♠. The turn was the 3♦ and river the J♥, and they were down to three.

They played on through the nine-hour break, at which point KidForum had built a stack of 20,824,416. kapara35 was next with 11,717,028 and Mr.Pacmann third with 5,017,306.

It wouldn't be long before Mr.Pacmann open-pushed that short-stack -- at the time down to 4,236,056 -- from the small blind and KidForum called from the BB. Mr.Pacmann had Q♦3♠ and KidForum K♠4♦, and after the board came T♦7♦5♥K♥Q♣ KidForum had the better pair and Mr.Pacmann was out in third.

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Heads-up play began with KidForum enjoying about a 2-to-1 chip lead with 25,029,222 to kapara35's 12,560,778. The pair would push chips back and forth for two dozen hands after which the stacks were close to the same. That's when the final hand arrived.

The blinds were 150,000/300,000 and KidForum was in the small blind/button. KidForum opened with a min-raise to 600,000, kapara35 made it 1.5 million to go, and KidForum called.

The flop came 9♠Q♥K♣ and kapara35 continued for 1.2 million. KidForum called the bet.

The turn was the J♣. This time kapara35 bet 2.1 million, then KidForum raised to 4.2 million. kapara35 then reraised all in for 11,498,278 total, and KidForum snap-called.

kapara35 had K♠8♥ for a pair of kings, but KidForum had flopped a straight with J♥T♣. The river was the 5♦, and KidForum had won.

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Congratulations to KidForum for besting a field of 7,518 to take down Event #66! And also kudos to Sne1231 for scoring the biggest payday following that five-way chop.

MicroMillions Event #66 ($8.80 No-Limit Hold'em) Results (*reflects five-way deal):
1st: KidForum ($6,365.48)*
2nd: kapara35 ($4,322.09)*
3rd: Mr.Pacmann ($4,315.53)*
4th: Sne1231 ($7,195.04)*
5th: PRICKLY-72 ($4,366.02)*
6th: PREVED-_-l ($1,924.60)
7th: CRAZY_YEHOOO ($1,323.16)
8th: TeQ- ($721.72)
9th: HANANIHA ($466.11)

Still more than 30 tourneys to go in the MicroMillions series, with the big $1 million guarantee Main Event (Event #98) coming on Sunday. Check the schedule for all of the details regarding the remaining events as well as satellite info.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions