MicroMillions: kromestar shines in Event #49 $4.40 Mixed NLHE/PLO

micromillions-thumb-blog.png"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

The origins of that ubiquitous saying are unknown, but when in doubt, just give Shakespeare credit. Besides, the "grass is always greener" metaphor sounds like something from one of Richard III's rambling soliloquies.

In a dual mixed-game format, there's no guessing which side is greener because you're forced to play both. You can't run. You can't hide. MicroMillions Event #49 featured a popular mix of no-limit hold'em and pot-limit Omaha. This particular tournament awarded skilled players with prowess on both sides of the fence. The game format switched every ten minutes, so no one had too much time to grow envious of his neighbor's lawn.

Event #49 $4.40 Mixed NL/PLO attracted 5,647 runners. Any time you host any sort of PLO tournament, players swarm to the events like degenerate moths frothing at the mouth at the first glimpse of illumination in the bleak darkness of night. The top 720 places got a cut of the $22,588 prize pool.

Beckersen81 from Germany bubbled off the final table in 10th place. During a round of PLO, Beckersen81's Q♦T♦T♠2♦ lost to aDutSa's A♠A♦J♣5♦ after aDutSa flopped a set of Aces and a faded a gutshot draw to win the pot.


Seat 1: ryevad (1,267,272)
Seat 2: BADBEATS213 (1,033,914)
Seat 3: KingKris91 (2,403,450)
Seat 4: IVORY.KID (3,434,558)
Seat 5: aDutSa (4,877,282)
Seat 6: waWe (1,938,636)
Seat 7: Petakya (6,588,043)
Seat 8: kromestar (2,527,800)
Seat 9: El. Juninho (4,164,045)

Spain's Petakya began the final table as the overall leader with a 6.5 million stack.

BREATHE: BADBEATS213 eliminated in 9th place

On the 13th hand of the final table, we had our first unfortunate incident. During a round of hold'em, aDutSa opened to 340,000, short-stacked BADBEATS213 shoved all-in for 473,914 and aDutSa called. BADBEATS213 flipped over 8♠8♣, but was in trouble because aDutSa held K♥K♣. The Ochos could not come from behind to beat the Cowboys. The board ran out A♦A♣5♠7♣J♠ and aDutSa dragged the pot. BADBEATS213 became the first player to bust out from the from the final table. He collected $180.70 for ninth place.

ON THE RUN: KingKris91 eliminated in 8th place

Short-stacked KingKris91 made a stand by moving all-in for 1,443,450, but kromestar woke up with K♠K♦ in the big blind and insta-called. KingKris91 trailed with A♦8♠ but flopped a gutshot draw on a board of 7♣5s]4♠. The turn was the T♥, and the river was the J♠. Neither card helped KingKris91 and he whiffed on his straight draw. He hit the road in eighth place, collecting $282.35.

TIME: waWe eliminated in 7th place

During a round of PLO, chip leader Petakya opened to 700,000, El. Juninho smooth called, and short-stacked waWe called all-in for 378,636. The flop was A♦4♣2♠. Petakya fired out 2,078,636 and El. Juninho folded. It was heads-up and the players tabled their hands...

Petakya: A♠A♣9♦7♣
waWe: A♥J♦6♦4♥

Although waWe flopped two pair, Petakya had flopped top set. Ouch. The river was the 5♥ and Petakya won the pot. Germany's waWe was knocked out in seventh place, earning $508.23.


With six to go, Petakya maintained the lead with 8.7 million and El. Juninho was bringing up the rear with 1.5 million. Action was paused while players eagerly worked on an ICM deal. They all agreed on the numbers with an extra $300 awarded to first place and play resumed.

THE GREAT GIG IN THE SKY: ryevad eliminated in 6th place

On the first hand back after the break, fireworks ensued. During a round of PLO, ryevad opened to 400,000, IVORY.KID called, and Petakya also called from the small blind. The flop was an action-induced A♠K♣J♥. Petakya checked, ryevad fired out 600,000, the IVORY.KID folded, Petakya check-raised to 3.2 million, and ryevad called all-in for his last 1,114,544. Both players flopped two pair...

Petakya: A♦K♠J♠T♠
ryevad: A♥J♣Q♦9♦

Alas, Petakya flopped a bigger two pair. The turn was the 7♦ and the river was the 5♥. Neither helped ryevad and he bailed out in sixth place, winning $1,365.88.

US AND THEM: El. Juninho eliminated in 5th place

During hold'em... shorty El. Juninho opened to 750,000, Petakya re-raised to 3.5 million and El. Juninho called all-in. El. Juninho was ahead with A♣T♣ against K♠J♥, but it wasn't his day because the board ran out K♥T♠9♥4♠K♣. Petakya won the hand with trip Kings. Brazil's El. Juninho was knocked out in fifth place for a $1,205.79 payday.

ANY COLOUR YOU LIKE: IVORY.KID eliminated in 4th place

During a round of hold'em, the IVORY.KID got clipped in a fatal shootout. Here's how his demise went down... kromestar opened to 750,00, IVORY.KID called, and aDutSa re-raised all-in for 6,163,174. kromestar was covered but called all-in for his last 3,175,205. IVORY.KID also called all-in for 2,559,558. The trio of players tabled their hands...

kromestar: K♦Q♦
aDutSa: K♠Q♥

The IVORY.KID appeared in good shape until the dreaded flop of Q♣9♦8♦ because kromestar flopped top pair and a flush draw. The turn was the 3♥, but the 7♦ spiked on the river, filling in kromestar's flush. IVORY.KID's pocket Aces were snapped off and he was eliminated in fourth place. Tough way to go, but at least he won $1,811.79 for his efforts.

With three to go, Petakya lead everyone with a big stack worth 14.7 million compared to kromestar's 11.2 million and aDutSa's 2.2 million.

BRAIN DAMAGE: aDutSa eliminated in 3rd place

During a round of holdem, kromestar shoved all-in for11,546,999 and aDutSa called all-in for his last 3,413,438. kromestar was trailing with A♦5♦ against aDutSa's 3♦3♠. The race was on and the board ran out... K♠J♦T♣A♥ T♠. When the dust settled, kromestar won the pot with a better two pair. Romania's aDutSa collected $1,907.28 for a third-place performance.

HEADS- UP BATTLE: Petakya (Spain) vs. kromestar (Switzerland)

Heads-Up Chip Counts:
Seat 7: Petakya (12,930,813)
Seat 8: kromestar (15,304,187)

ECLIPSE: Petakya eliminated in 2nd place

On the 7th hand of heads-up action, both players got down and dirty. kromestar started the aggression with a 750,000 opening wager. Petakya shoved all-in for 16,149,563 and kromestar called all-in for 11,272,937. Petakya was ahead with K♠K♦ versus kromestar's A♣8♣. The flop was A♥8♦4♠ and Petakya's Kings were crushed. The turn was the Q♣ and the river was the J♦. Petakya failed to improve and kromestar avoided elimination to chip up to over 24 million. He had a 6-1 chip advantage at that point.

On the 22nd hand of heads-up play, a winner was finally determined. Petakya shoved all-in for his last 7,782,002 and kromestar called with 4♦4♣. Petakya needed help with his A♦6♦, but the board ran out Q♦Q♠5♠3♣J♣. Kromestar won the pot... and the tournament.

For a runner-up performance, Petakya from Spain earned $2,351.85. Meanwhile,
kromestar from Switzerland shipped $2,360.07 for winning Event #49.

Check out the final hand using the replayer:

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1st - kromestar (Switzerland) - $2,360.07 *
2nd - Petakya (Spain) - $2,351.85 *
3rd - aDutSa (Romania) - $1,907.28 *
4th - IVORY.KID (U.K.) - $1,811.79 *
5th - El. Juninho (Brazil) - $1,205.79 *
6th - ryevad (Denmark - $1,365.88 *
7th - waWe (Germany) - $508.23
8th - KingKris91 (U.K.) - $282.35
9th - BADBEATS213 (Canada) - $180.70

* denotes a six-way ICM chop with $300 set aside to the champion

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Pauly McGuire
@PokerStars in MicroMillions