MicroMillions: marsss14 hits the right keys in Event #90 $2.20 NLHE 6-Max

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngIt's often a fine line between deal and no deal in a poker tournament. Usually the breaking point is a stubborn player, perhaps with an inflated chip stack, or worse, an inflated ego, trying to squeeze every last dollar. However in a rare twist, tonight's event had a perfectly good deal fall through because one player had a problem with his keyboard. Yep, an "agreement" without the "a", "g" or "e" letters is simply just a "rmnt". Unfortunately that spells "no deal" but it didn't stop marsss14 from claiming a great victory for Germany.

Event #90 of the PokerStars MicroMillions schedule was the $2.20 No Limit Holdem 6-Max event which offered our players a $10,000 guarantee. The short-handed format is always a popular choice and again the players showed up in droves with 9,184 entrants creating a prize pool of $18,368.

The top 1,200 places were paid but unfortunately for mario33368 from Romania, he was our bubble boy, narrowly missing out on a MicroMillions result and a $3.48 min-cash.

Scouring the lobby for signs of the red spade did turn up one good result for Team PokerStars as Canadian Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome continued her fine MicroMillions series.


Rowsome was able to navigate her way to 34th place, which will be equally pleasing as it is disappointing to get so deep but fall short of the final table. Rowsome picked up $55.10 for her result.

When ViperJack999's 7♣A♠ was outdrawn by the Q♦J♣ of drupa-lucker our final table of six was set:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: santoyo21 (3,001,246 in chips)
Seat 2: drupa-lucker (5,184,474 in chips)
Seat 3: marsss14 (15,030,605 in chips)
Seat 4: moca2k8 (8,377,146 in chips)
Seat 5: sr. quijito (6,232,345 in chips)
Seat 6: Mr.NBZ (8,094,184 in chips)

marsss14 was a clear chip leader with the blinds at 80k/160k/20k as sr. quijito was very quick to toss up the idea of a deal.

sr. quijito said, "u guys wanna discuss a deal?"
sr. quijito said, "anyone? wanna chop?"
marsss14 said, "call the mod he can watch numbers then we see"

But before the six players could all agree to commence deal negotiations, we had our first bustout of the final table. And it was a rather brutal one at that:

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Set over set is enough to defeat any mere mortal as drupa-lucker finished in tournament in 6th place and received $275.52 for a fine tournament.

At this point, the five remaining players managed to overcome language barriers to pause the clock and commence deal negotiations. And those discussions were rather amusing.

I believe it's the first time in history that a deal negotiation has ever broken down due to the inability for one player to use three vital keys on their keyboard. You can't type "I agree" without the 'a', 'g' or 'e'.

When the deal was first brokered, the chip counts were as follows:

moca2k8 - 15,826,620 in chips
marsss14 - 14,370,605 in chips
Mr.NBZ - 6,994,184 in chips
sr. quijito - 5,912,345 in chips
santoyo21 - 2,816,246 in chips

And the proposed breakdown of the deal was:

moca2k8 - $2,004.67
marsss14 - $1,849.06
sr. quijito - $1,245.13
Mr.NBZ - $1,160.75
santoyo21 - $714.25

The proposal also left $200 for the winner with four of the five players quickly typing "I agree" into the chat box. Unfortunately for Mr.NBZ, he couldn't quite get the right combination of keystrokes together and stumbled over random 'u', 'i' and 'o' characters.

sr. quijito said, "i think the letters "A" "G" "E" in his keyboard is broken...lol"

So they tried a new tactic...

marsss14 said, "NBZ write ZZZ when you agree"
Mr.NBZ said, "zzz"

It was like communicating with the after-life via an Ouija board as the players tried to communicate with Mr.NBZ without him being about to type much but "zzz".

Unfortunately PokerStars Host Felix was unable to accept that as a valid agreement to the deal. Mr.NBZ couldn't seem to figure out how to copy and paste the required words into the chat box and after almost thirty minutes of frustrations, the match was reluctantly re-started without a deal made.

marsss14 said, "ok fk it lets play"
sr. quijito said, "administrator, i think its obvious that he agrees the deal"
moca2k8 said, "yes, but there are certain procedures, and admin canot let it slide"
Mr.NBZ said, "zzz"

After play resumed, it was santoyo21 who was next to be eliminated after being unable to recover from the short stack. Santoyo21 moved all in with A♦5♦ but was dominated by marsss14's A♥7♥ as the board fell 8♦9♠J♣4♠6♠. Santoyo21 was left to collect $413.28 for his 5th place result.

The frustrations of Mr.NBZ came to an end soon after when he moved all in with K♣J♠ and was unlucky to be outdrawn by the J♥T♦ of marsss14 as the board of 5♥6♦T♥T♠J♦ improved marsss14 to a full house. Mr.NBZ finished the tournament in 4th place and received $780.64.

That opened the door again to deal discussions with a deal quickly agreed to. The chips were as follows:

marsss14 - 24,888,153 in chips
moca2k8 - 10,195,370 in chips
sr. quijito - 10,836,477 in chips

And after a little resistance from sr. quijito, the following deal was agreed to:

marsss14 - $2,299.08
moca2k8 - $1,752.89
sr. quijito - $1,727.97

In addition, the winner would receive an extra $200.

Despite the deal being reached, three-handed play continued to be tight until sr. quijito found a remarkable split pot to stay alive:

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However sr. quijito's luck soon ran out when he got his chips in preflop with J♥J♦ only to run smack bang into the monstrous A♣A♦ of marsss14. Not even a flopped set was enough as the board of J♠A♠6♦Q♦9♥ also gave marsss14 a set of aces to take the pot. sr. quijito collected $1,752.89 for 3rd place.

Marsss14 held a two-to-one chip lead over moca2k8 as heads-up play commenced and slowly extended that lead as the two exchanged plenty of small pots.

Moca2k8 was able to land one double up after firing three barrels on the board of 3♥9♦T♠6♠T♥ with 7♠6♣ and surprisingly getting paid off by just 3♦5♥. Moca2k8 grabbed the lead, but it was only brief as Marsss14 doubled back with pocket sevens against pocket fours as the heads-up battle reached epic proportions.

The final hand saw the players raise the flop before getting it all in on the turn on the board of 7♠3♥7♦9♥. Moca2k8 went with K♣3♠ but trailed the 9♦5♦ of marsss14. Both players filled up on the 7♣ river but it wasn't enough to save moca2k8 from elimination. Second place was worth $1,727.97 as marsss14 takes the MicroMillions title to Germany with victory worth $2,499.08!

Final Table Results
1st marsss14 (Germany) - $2,499.08*
2nd moca2k8 (Lithuania) - $1,727.97*
3rd sr. quijito (Philippines) - $1,752.89*
4th Mr.NBZ (Germany) - $780.64
5th santoyo21 (Argentina) - $413.28
6th drupa-lucker (Russia) - $275.52

* denotes deal

There's just one more day to jump head first into the PokerStars MicroMillions with the final ten events including the prestigious MicroMillions Main Event. For more details of the schedule including results, statistics and more, head to the MicroMillions Main Page.