MicroMillions: mdv1978 wins for Russia in Event 69, $3.30 Triple Stud

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngIf you've ever played a game of HORSE and wished you could just ditch the silly flop games to show off what a skilled poker player you really are, today's MicroMillions event was tailor-made for you. Triple Stud consists of a rotation of three different variations of Seven Card Stud: Stud Hi, Stud Hi-Lo, and Razz. With 10 minutes allotted to each game, you never have to wait too long to switch to a variant that's more to your liking - and if you happen to like all three, you'll probably always be in a good position.

The joys of Triple Stud - and quite possibly the lure of the $3.30 buy-in - proved irresistible to 3,215 players. Their stakes built a $9,645 prize pool, nearly double the original $5,000 guarantee, and $1,641.76 was set aside for the winner. All it would take to get there would be patience, skill, and a little bit of card luck at key times.

Feeling studly?

As the tournament reached its final two tables with the limits at 80K/160K/16K and Stud Hi-Lo the game, it was still anybody's to win. The largest stack, worth 1.74M chips and in the hands of Russia's Nikolo5, was worth just under 11 big bets. It was good for the lead, but not out of sight for the players at the bottom of the leaderboard with just under three big bets in their stacks. Only one player - Cyprus' Emmico (18th place, $45.81) - was knocked out during the split-pot game, but three would bust after the game switched to 100K/200K/24K Stud. Hungary's shaguar86 (15th), Russia's dove18 (14th) and Poland's Jarzab86 (13th) all earned $45.81 for their finishes.

Spain's yasroymer held the chip lead with 4.58M as the 120K/240K/24K Stud level began. That gave the Spanish player more than twice the chips of the nearest competitor, Russia's mdv1978, who held 2.14M. When the 160K/320K/32K Stud-Hi-Lo level began those two were still in the lead. They would both hang onto their positions atop the leaderboard as Denmark's FODMAN (12th), Germany's Port67 (11th), and Mexico's cal42688 (10th) hit the rail. Finally Belgium's Jos biljart, who had been holding onto a short stack for some time, got squeezed out in 9th place, leaving yasroymer, mdv1978 and the other six players to battle it out for the top prize.

The final table started at 9:45pm ET on the 160K/320K/32K Stud Hi-Lo level with these players still in contention.

MicroMillions Event 69 final table.jpg

Seat 1: yasroymer (4,060,734 in chips)
Seat 2: mdv1978 (2,998,985 in chips)
Seat 3: 0°-MIDWINTER (3,425,653 in chips)
Seat 4: ceramikon (1,536,118 in chips)
Seat 5: Nikolo5 (677,252 in chips)
Seat 6: #1 Man U fan (1,232,708 in chips)
Seat 7: Chrissss3 (727,739 in chips)
Seat 8: Damo13Damo13 (1,415,811 in chips)

Canada's Chrissss3 had been in the top 5 with just 20 players left, but a key loss shortly afterward dropped him to the middle of the pack and surviving to the final table left him with a stack worth slightly more than two big bets. With all that in mind, Chrissss3 decided to make a stand with the A♣ showing on the second hand of the final table. The Netherlands' 0°-MIDWINTER, who had been in 19th place when Chrissss3 was near the top with 20 players left, decided to come in for a raise holding a split pair of jacks; ceramikon also came along, showing the 8♦, but bailed on fourth street after catching the 7♠. That left just 0°-MIDWINTER to put Chrissss3 all-in on sixth street with the two players holding these hands:

Chrissss3: (5♣ 7♦) / A♣ 5♠ 8♠ Q♠
0°-MIDWINTER: (A♦ J♠) / J♣ A♥ 2♥ Q♦

The T♠ on seventh street failed to help Chrissss3; since neither player held a low hand, 0°-MIDWINTER's two pair, aces and jacks, won the pot. Chrissss3 became the first casualty of the final table, earning $89.21 for 8th place.

The second elimination of the final table came on the last hand of Stud Hi-Lo, as Russia's Nikolo5 got to see fourth street on the cheap and couldn't back away from a big scoop draw after getting to fifth street for free:

RSS readers, please click through for replay

That hand vaulted mdv1978 into the chip lead with 4.48M chips and sent Nikolo5 to the rail in 7th place ($183.15).

Six-barrel shotgun

After a five-minute break the players returned to play 200K/400K/40K Stud with all of the remaining players still holding relatively short stacks for the limits in play:

MicroMillions Event 69 final table 6 left.jpg

Holding a stack worth less than two big bets and seeing two players put money in the pot ahead of him, Australia's #1 Man U fan was happy to get chips in after starting with (J♣ T♦) / 7♦. A gutshot straight draw materialized with the 9♥ on fourth street, but 0°-MIDWINTER was holding (J♠ 5♠) / 9♠ 3♠ for a flush draw. That came home on fifth street with the A♠, sending #1 Man U fan out in 6th place ($289.35).

Australia's Damo13Damo13 had been one of the more active players at the final table so it was no surprise to see him complete the bet showing (X-X) / 9♦, or to call after yasroymer raised on third street showing (X-X) / 7♦. The two players each put in one bet on all the remaining streets, but Damo13Damo13 mucked after seventh street when yasroymer showed a jack-high flush that had arrived on fifth street. That moved the latter over 5M chips and the former down to 374K. Two hands later, as the game shifted to 250K/500K/50K Razz, mdv1978 would eliminate Damo13Damo13 in 5th place ($482.25).

Mexico's ceramikon was now the shortest stack but a critical 1.67M-chip pot in Razz, won with 9-6-5-4-A against mdv1978's 9-8-6-3-2, kept him in the game. But after a fifth-street fold in another pot against mdv1978 and getting stuck with the K♣ for the bring-in on the next hand, ceramikon was down to just 252K. A double-up followed, but after catching a pair of sixes on fourth street against 0°-MIDWINTER's (X-X) / 4♥ 9♠, ceramikon had a tough decision to make. Eventually the Mexican player opted to call, and by the end won the 1.43M-chip pot with (8♣ 7♦) / 6♦ 6♥ A♦ 4♠ / (J♦) against 0°-MIDWINTER's (2♥ 2♠) / 4♥ 9♠ 9♥ Q♦ / (8♦). Then, when the game switched over to 300K/600K/60K Stud Hi-Lo, ceramikon scooped the 3.31M-chip main pot in this hand to jump into the thick of the action:

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That left yasroymer with just 1.07M chips, all of which would make their way to the stack of 0°-MIDWINTER on the next hand. Nobody held a low hand so 0°-MIDWINTER's two pair, jacks and eights, was good enough to scoop the three-way, 6.87M-chip pot that also involved mdv1978; yasroymer mucked (X-X) / 5♦ Q♣ J♦ 2♦ / (X) and left in 4th place ($675.15).

One and one and one is three

The chip lead changed hands between mdv1978 and 0°-MIDWINTER through the rest of the Stud Hi-Lo round, but after winning the last two pots of the level mdv1978 was ahead as the game shifted to 400K/800K/80K Stud:

Seat 2: mdv1978 (7,038,304 in chips)
Seat 3: 0°-MIDWINTER (5,902,032 in chips)
Seat 4: ceramikon (3,134,664 in chips)

The Stud round belonged to mdv1978, who made the most of the chip lead by applying proper pressure by betting every time the other players drew unhelpful cards. 0°-MIDWINTER was mostly quiet, slipping slowly into third place with 3.42M chips, while ceramikon stayed active, folded when necessary, and managed to chip up to 4.50M chips.

When the 500K/1M/100K Razz round came along, 0°-MIDWINTER began to catch good up-cards and steal pots without much resistance to get back in the mix. Meanwhile mdv1978 and ceramikon continued to take each other on, and their last battle would end up building the single biggest pot of the tournament.

The hand began with mdv1978 showing (X-X) / J♣ and bringing it in for 150K; ceramikon completed to 500K with (X-X) / 9♠ and mdv1978 called. ceramikon led out again showing (X-X) / 9♠ 5♥, and mdv1978 again called with (X-X) / J♣ 7♥. Now left with 2.62M chips, ceramikon checked after drawing the K♦ on fifth street and had to decide whether to commit after mdv1978 bet 1M showing (X-X) / J♣ 7♥ 4♣. Eventually ceramikon opted to go all the way, putting in a bet on sixth street and the last of his chips on seventh with (7♣ 3♣) / 9♠ 5♥ K♦ 2♠ / (2♦) for 9-7-5-3-2. That was just a bit worse than mdv1978's (4♥ A♠) / J♣ 7♥ 4♣ 9♦ / (3♠) for 9-7-4-3-A, eliminating ceramikon in 3rd place ($868.05).

MicroMillions Event 69 final table heads up.jpg

The lead belonged to mkv1978 with 11.7M chips to 0°-MIDWINTER's 4.37M as heads-up play began. The game was still 500K/1M/100K Razz, and it would stay Razz through the last three hands of the tournament. On the first, 0°-MIDWINTER showed (X-X) 2♥ 6♠ 2♠ 5♠ by sixth street but was unable to beat mdv1978's J-9-8-5-A for the 4.2M-chip pot. On the second, 0°-MIDWINTER took down the 500K pot uncontested with the A♥ showing on third street to get back up to 2.52M chips.

On the final hand, 0°-MIDWINTER had the Q♦ up and was stuck with the bring-in, but opted to complete to 500K instead with (7♥ 2♥) below. With the 4♣ up and (T♠ 6♣) below, mdv1978 decided to raise and both players put the maximum of four bets in. On fourth street 0°-MIDWINTER was dealt the 2♠ but, already being committed, got his remaining 422K in the middle. Meanwhile the 5♦ on fourth street gave mdv1978 the edge. Both players paired on fifth street, but 0°-MIDWINTER's Q♠ eliminated the chance of making anything better than a queen low. When mdv1978 showed down (T♠ 6♣) / 4♣ 5♦ 6♠ 2♦ / (4♦) for a T-6 low, eight-plus hours of rotating Stud action had come to an end.

For the win, mdv1978 claimed $1,641.76 and a place among the other MicroMillions winners. 0°-MIDWINTER was one spot shy of being able to claim the latter, but will surely take the $1,157.40 prize for second place.

MicroMillions Event 69, $3.30 Triple Stud
3,215 entrants, $9,645 prize pool
440 places paid

1st place - mdv1978 (Russia) - $1,641.76
2nd place - 0°-MIDWINTER (Netherlands) - $1,157.40
3rd place - ceramikon (Mexico) - $868.05
4th place - yasroymer (Spain) - $675.15
5th place - Damo13Damo13 (Australia) - $482.25
6th place - #1 Man U fan (Australia) - $289.35
7th place - Nikolo5 (Russia) - $183.15
8th place - Chrissss3 (Canada) - $89.21

There may not be any more Triple Stud events left on the MicroMillions schedule, but there's plenty of variety remaining. And just like all the previous events, the buy-ins are low and the guarantees are big.

Jason Kirk
@PokerStarsBlog in MicroMillions