MicroMillions: Moe4379 mows down Event #64 ($2.20 NL Omaha 2R1A)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngDoing a search for Moe4379 showed that before today his largest cash was for $496. After today it will show a cash for $3,110.35 thanks to a win in Event 64 of the MicroMillions. That addition to his bankroll should help him take some more shots at turning a little bit of money into much more.

If one were to google the word Omaha they would get lots of responses for Omaha Nebraska, a town located in the middle of the United States. You would have to add the word 'poker' in order to get any mention of the game that 4,324 players came together to play in Event 64. There are many different variants of the game but for this event the it was No Limit Omaha high, 6-max, with an option of using two re-buys and one add-on within the first 120 minutes. Here's a look at the numbers :

Entrants: 4,324
Guarantee: $10,000.00
Re-buys: 5,283
Add-ons: 1,063
Prize pool: $21,340.00
Paid Players: 570

When the field got down to the final six that made up the final table there was not a massive chip leader. The top five were all within five big blinds of each other, let's take a look at how they stacked up to start off final table play.


Seat 1: Bianconerri1 (10,726,125 in chips)
Seat 2: Moe4379 (9,197,622 in chips)
Seat 3: samdeaf (9,252,842 in chips)
Seat 4: _g01denBet (9,457,107 in chips)
Seat 5: n6th1ngman (4,064,982 in chips)
Seat 6: Melamoree (10,651,322 in chips)

First player down:

Being the first is usually something that is a good thing, being the first out of the final table is not. That is the fate that _g01denBet suffered. Moe4739 opened to 1,200,000, _g01denBet and Melamoree called and the three saw the T♣9♠5♠ flop. Moe4379 opened to 2,050,000, _g01denBet moved all-in for 6,092,125, Melamoree folded, and Moe4379 called. The players cards were revealed with Moe4739 holding A♥K♠J♣6♠ while _g01denBet held A♠K♣T♠5♦ for a pair of fives. The Q♣ turn brought a straight for Moe4379 elimination _g01denBet in sixth place collecting $362.78.


Let's make a deal:

The five remaining players decided to take a look at the numbers. They asked to see a chip chop, here are the numbers that they saw:

  • Moe4379: $3,160.35
  • samdeaf: $1,809.56
  • n6th1ngman: $1,381.17
  • Bianconerri1: $1,359.53
  • Melamoree: $1,153.88
  • Left To Play for 1st: $200.00

Three of the players agreed to the above numbers while n6th1ngman and Bianconerri1 both asked for a bit to be taken from Moe3479, the current chip leader. After some discussion Moe3479 agreed to give up the extra and the players all agreed to the following numbers:

  • Moe4379:$2,910.35
  • samdeaf:$1,809.56
  • n6th1ngman:$1,506.17
  • Bianconerri1:$1,484.53
  • Melamoree:$1,153.88
  • Left To Play for place 1: $200.00

Finally another player drops:

After the players struck the above deal play resumed and it took a while before the next elimination happened. Chips were flying all over the place with Melamoree getting a double-up, Moe4379 picking up some pots, and samdeef getting the best of Bianconerri1 before n6th1ngman and Melamoree got involved in a hand.

Melamoree raised from under the gun to 1,000,000, it folded around to n6th1ngman in the big blind who moved all-in for 5,667,464 total, Melamoree called. When the cards were revealed n6th1ngman held the lead with A♠A♥J♥9♠ against Melamoree's Q♦J♣8♣7♦. The A♣Q♣K♦ flop improved n6th1ngman's hand but also brought more outs for Melamoree who now had a flush draw. The 4♥ turn did not help any side. The T♣ river however changed everything giving Melamoree the flush eliminating n6th1ngman in fifth place collecting $1,153.88 thanks to the deal.


A double then another elimination:

The next two hands provided more action for Melamoree who first mixed things up with Bianconerri1 and then samdeaf. The hand between Binaconerri1 and Mealmoree resulted in Bianconerri1 doubling up to survive. The same could not be said for samdeaf though. After open-limping samdeaf called the 2,000,000 chip raise of Melamoree. The pair saw the A♣T♣5♣ flop, samdeaf checked, Melamoree made it 1,000,000, samdeaf moved all-in for 4,114,020, and Melamoree called. samdeaf showed J♣9♣6♠5♠ for the jack-high flush while Melamoree showed A♠K♥Q♣4♣ for the queen-high flush. The 9♠ turn and 8♠ river meant nothing for either player sending samdeaf out in fourth place collecting $1,809.56.

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Down to 2:

Holding just 10% of the chips in play when you are three-handed is not an ideal place to be but that is just where Bianconerri1 was sitting. It didn't take long for that 10% to get into the middle as both Melamoree and Moe4379 kept pressure on him. Bianconerri1 did manage to get a little from Melamoree but when he moved all-in pre-flop and got called by Moe4379 his fate was on the line. Moe4379 held the lead to start the hand with A♥K♦Q♣6♥ against the Bianconerri1's K♣T♥5♥4♣. The A♦9♣7♣ flop may have brought a few more outs for Bianconerri1 but it also brought a pair of aces to Moe4379. The club that Bianconerri1 needed did not come on the 4♦ turn or 7♦ river eliminating him in third place collecting $1,484.53.


Heads-up play:

Heads-up play began with Moe4379 holding the chip lead, here's a look at chip counts to start heads-up.

Seat 2: Moe4379 (31,404,497 in chips)
Seat 6: Melamoree (21,945,503 in chips)

The play over the 15 hands featured a lot of pre-flop play and only four hands that they actually saw a flop. Of those four hands three made it to the river with the pair splitting who won on the first two. The third and deciding hand went to Moe4379. All the action for this hand was pre-flop. Moe4379 opened to 1,800,000 and Melamoree moved all-in for 24,720,503, Moe4379 called and their cards were revealed. Melamoree held K♦K♣7♦7♠ for a pair of kings while Moe4379 held A♣A♥J♣3♣. Those pocket pairs wound up being all that mattered as the board ran out J♣T♦3♥9♣5♥. Melamoree takes home $1,153.88 for second while Moe4379 collects $3,110.35.

2012MicroMillions64-Final Hand.jpg

Congrats Moe4379 on your win!

MicroMillions Event #64 ($2.20 NL Omaha, 2R1A, 6-Max) Results (reflects a deal):

1st place: Moe4379 - $3,110.35*
2nd place: Melamoree - $1,153.88*
3rd place: Blanconerri1 - $1,484.53*
4th place: samdeaf - $1,809.56*
5th place: n6th1ngman - $1,506.17*
6th place: _g01denBet - $362.67
*Indicates a five-way deal

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