MicroMillions: Nemans dominates Event #27 ($5.50 NLHE 1r+1a)


It did not take long to determine who the favorite was to win this event, after eliminating three of the first four players Nemans held the chip lead and the rest of his opponents started to fear getting involved against him. Eventually Nemans would eliminate his remaining four opponents on his way to the win where he collects just over $9,400.


The 1 re-buy plus 1 add-on format for Event 27 offers every player a couple of game plans. They can choose to re-buy right away to have a starting stack of 10,000 and play like they are in a normal freeze out tourney or they can keep the re-buy in their back pocket to use just in case they run through their first 5,000 chips at some point during the 120 minutes.

Overall 6,300 players signed up to play Event 27 and 3,959 of them opted to use their re-buy in some sort of way. With 1,842 add-ons the $60,505.00 prize pool more than doubled the $25,000.00 guarantee with 810 players earning a share of the money.

Final Nine:


Seat 1: DGENERIC (6,129,126 in chips)
Seat 2: VETER RA (1,815,734 in chips)
Seat 3: Nemans (14,058,007 in chips)
Seat 4: freestyler55 (6,413,191 in chips)
Seat 5: O.Kendy (6,911,183 in chips)
Seat 6: Svetikvik (4,242,519 in chips)
Seat 7: VRNilya (8,459,253 in chips)
Seat 8: ONEGA 1991 (10,178,981 in chips)
Seat 9: CHRISDADDY06 (2,297,006 in chips)

Let the eliminations begin:

Svetikvik was looking for an early double-up on the final table but that didn't materialize when he got involved in a hand against Nemas. Nemas raised pre flop to 800,000 in late position, Svetikvik moved all in from the big blind for 3,942,519, Nemas called and the players cards were revealed. Svetikvik held A♦J♠ while Nemas had 3♠3♣. The 5♥4♥4♦K♥7♠ board was a safe one for Nemas eliminating Svetikvik in ninth place collecting $484.04.


Shorty makes his stand:

VETER RA couldn't wait any longer to get his chips into the middle. After action folded to DGENERIC in the small blind who made it 800,000 VETER RA called off the rest of his stack, 715,734 from the big blind. VETER RA's 5♦4♥ looked bleak against DGENERIC's K♣T♥. The Q♦J♣8♣A♥Q♥ board was all too high for VETER RA's liking sending him out with $756.31 added to his bankroll.


The next shorty goes:

So far being the shortest stack on the table has not been the best thing, though is rarely is. The double-ups are just not coming, CHRISDADDY06 attempted to break that trend. Unfortunately for him he ran into Nemans. All the action happened pre-flop with Nemans raising to 1,000,000. Action folded to CHRISDADDY06 who called off his 959,506 stack. CHRISDADDY06 held 9♥6♥ and Nemans held K♠T♦. Once again the Q♣5♦4♣7♣2♥ board was a safe one for the larger stack which sent CHRISDADDY06 to the rail with $1,361.36.


Not the short stack, but eliminated:

Unlike all the previous eliminations where the shortest stack on the table was the one to make the exit DGENERIC found himself second in chips but all-in against the chip leader. DEGENERIC raised to 1,800,000 in early position. Nemans, who was next to act, re-raised to 9,999,999. DGENERIC then made it 10,494,860, putting him all in. Nemans called and their cards were revealed with Nemans holding A♦K♣ while DGENERIC held A♠T♥. It was the K♦ turn that sealed the deal on the 9♣6♦4♦K♦ board and the 3♦ river delivered an unneeded flush to eliminate DGENERIC in sixth place collecting $1,966.41.


Just a bad luck hand:

When you are the short stack and get dealt pocket jacks in the blinds you are hoping that someone will make a raise before you. That is just what happened for O.Kendy who saw a raise to 1,600,000 from Nemans. OKendy wasted no time going all-in for 8,744,732. The big blind folded and Nemans called flipping over A♥A♠, having O.Kendy's J♥J♠ dominated. The board ran out T♠T♥5♠3♠9♠ giving both players a flush but Nemans' ace high was better than the jack high for O.Kendy eliminating him in fifth place collecting $2,571.46.


Rich gets richer:

Holding just under a 2 to 1 chip lead over his nearest opponent and eliminating four of the five that have exited to this point Nemans was on a tear and just abusing the table. When action folded to him he would put in a raise just one chip shy of 10 big blinds and most of the time his opponents just folded. freestyler55 tried to make a stand and moved all-in for 10,850,762, Nemans called showing A♦J♠ while freestyler55 held A♠9♦. The Q♥J♣7♦ flop brought a pair for Nemans and the Q♣ turn sealed the deal sending freestyler55 out collecting $3,418.53.



The hottest player on the table remained hot eliminating his seventh player of the final table. This time Nemans took down VRNilya. VRNilya moved all-in for just over 2 millions and Nemans called. VRNilya's J♦9♦ needed some assistance against Nemans' K♣9♣. Both players caught on the flop but it was Nemans who caught two pair on the K♠9♠7♣ flop. The 7♥ turn closed the deal while the K♥ river added an extra nail to the coffin sending VRNilya out in third place collecting $4,982.58.



When heads-up play began Nemans held just over 80% of the chips in play against ONEGA 1991. Here's a look at their chip counts:

Seat 3: Nemans (49,316,770 in chips)
Seat 8: ONEGA 1991 (11,188,230 in chips)

With that chip lead and the way that Nemans has ran over the final table it was no surprise that the heads-up match lasted only nine hands. Nemans kept the pressure on winning six of the eight hands all pre-flop before ONEGA 1991 finally got his chips into the middle. ONEGA 1991 raised to 2 million, Nemans made it 9,999,999 (enough to cover ONEGA 1991), and ONEGA 1991 called off the remainder of his stack. ONEGA 1991 held the lead with A♣5♣ while Nemans held K♣T♦. That lead was short lived as the T♣6♣4♥ flop brought a pair to Nemans. That pair ended up being all that Nemans needed as the J♦ and 3♥ on the turn and river brought no help to ONEGA 1991. ONEGA 1991 collects $7,048.83 for his effort while Nemans collects $9,466.39.


Congrats to Nemans on his win.

MicroMillions Event #27 ($5.50 NLHE 1r+1a) Results:

1st place: Nemans - $9,466.39
2nd place: ONEGA 1991 - $7,048.83
3rd place: VRNilya - $4,982.58
4th place: freestyler55 - $3,418.53
5th place: O.Kendy - $2,571.46
6th place: DGENERIC - $1,966.41
7th place: CHRISDADDY06 - $1,361.36
8th place: VETER RA - $756.31
9th place: Svetikvik - $484.04

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