MicroMillions: NovayaRus' claims first big win in Event #71 $2.20 NLHE with Rebuys

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe micro-stakes rebuy event is a format created by the Gods of Degen. Made from the purest elements known to man, it was crafted together to provide poker players with the most sensual and soothing relaxation therapy possible. It's the ultimate in stress relief. It's a therapy that cannot be matched by throwing a mouse, punching a hole in the wall or the excessive consumption of alcohol. The micro-stakes rebuy event is a gift from the heavens and for that, we give thanks.

Event #71 of the PokerStars MicroMillions schedule was the $2.20 No Limit Holdem with Rebuys event. It's appealing to micro-stakes grinders who have the opportunity to turn a couple of bucks into thousands of dollars, but it also offers massive appeal to low, mid and even high-stakes players who can take out all of their poker frustrations with some maniacal plays that defy all logic, reasoning and fundamentals of poker. It's the chance to degen.

The event attracted a field of 5,042 players and once the 7,257 rebuys and 3,239 add-ons had been tallied, the prize pool had swelled to $31,076 to more than double the guaranteed prize pool of $15,000.

The top 675 players would finish in the money with a min-cash worth $10.56 as Russian timo-bool would become the unfortunate bubble.

Marcin "Goral" Horecki was once again the lone Team PokerStars Pro in the field as he continued his epic MicroMillions run. Horecki can add another min-cash to his record with his 433rd place worth $12.11.

It took almost nine hours for the field to reduce down to the final table.


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: to6eto82 (12,187,202 in chips)
Seat 2: fAisK4 (5,890,842 in chips)
Seat 3: oasispkr1 (13,634,716 in chips)
Seat 4: swifterjet (13,914,752 in chips)
Seat 5: I'm a D0nkk (2,683,828 in chips)
Seat 6: norvrwaranty (2,648,664 in chips)
Seat 7: NovayaRus' (19,494,366 in chips)
Seat 8: Guikill2 (11,157,454 in chips)
Seat 9: BARTOLO91 (4,175,676 in chips)

NovayaRus' from Russia held the chip lead, and with the blinds at 200k/400k/50k there was always going to be some early fireworks with a couple of short stacks in desperate need of a double up.

I'm a D0nkk was able to land one double up through chip leader NovayaRus' when I'm a D0nkk's K♣9♣ rivered a king to better NovayaRus' A♦J♥, before norvrwaranty did likewise when his J♣J♠ held against the 8♣8♦ of Guikill2.

I'm a D0nkk then made it two in a row when his A♠A♦ doubled through the 7♦7♣ of to6eto82 as the short stacks fought back into contention.

It took a while but eventually to6eto82's fall from grace saw him become the first final table casualty. to6eto82 re-raised all in preflop with J♣3♣ but NovayaRus' gambled with his K♠6♠. The board fell K♥6♥Q♣J♦9♣ to see to6eto82 finish in 9th place for $248.60.

A little table talk lightened the mood as some weren't that impressed with the play of NovayaRus'.

swifterjet said, "NovayaRus' are you drunk or just bad?"
swifterjet said, "my personal guess is both .."

NovayaRus' continued on his merry way and extended his big chip lead with the elimination of fAisK4. From the big blind, NovayaRus' called a preflop all-in with K♥9♥ and caught two pair to better the A♦Q♦ of fAisK4 on the board of Q♥9♣T♠K♠8♠. fAisK4 had to be content with $388.45 for his 8th place.

Meanwhile BARTOLO91 had blinded down to just 1.5 big blinds and just couldn't recover. BARTOLO91 committed preflop with K♦J♣ but failed to improve enough to get past the A♣K♠ of I'm a D0nkk on the board of A♦5♠J♦3♦4♠ to pick up $699.21 for 7th place as the prize money started to escalate rapidly.

Guikill2 was next to go when shoving for around two big blinds picked up two callers. The live players checked down the board of Q♥A♣6♣2♠2♣ as I'm a D0nkk tabled K♣Q♣ for the nut flush. It was too good for the A♠4♠ of Guikill2 who collected $1,009.97 for 6th place.

It took just two more hands for norvrwaranty's run to end in 5th place. Norvrwaranty had also blinded down to the point of desperation and found K♦Q♥ to stick 1.5 big blinds into the middle. oasispkr1 was the opponent with A♠7♥ and hit the only pair on the T♦6♠7♠6♦9♦ board. Norvrwaranty pocketed $1,320.73 for 5th place.

At this point oasispkr1 was the first to throw up the idea of a deal which got everyone talking.

oasispkr1 said, "deal ?"
I'm a D0nkk said, "why not"
oasispkr1 said, "see the numbers guys ?"
I'm a D0nkk said, "Novaya?"
swifterjet said, "you think nova speaks english ? or any language coherently ?"
I'm a D0nkk said, "lol"
swifterjet said, "unlikely"
oasispkr1 said, "novaya?"

It appeared that NovayaRus' English was fine as he replied...

NovayaRus' said, "no, will play to the end"
oasispkr1 said, "ok"
oasispkr1 said, "gl"

NovayaRus' had a massive chip lead, so declining the deal was understandable, but that all changed after things started to even up.

Swifterjet doubled through NovayaRus' with ace-ten versus ace-six, before the following hand changed the game around:

RSS readers click through to see replay

A huge double up put I'm a D0nkk back in the game as the pressure tightened on NovayaRus' to do a deal.

I'm a D0nkk said, "now, deal?"
I'm a D0nkk said, "or u wanna be 4th?"

It took one more double up as oasispkr1 caught a pair with ace-ten against NovayaRus' pocket deuces before the Russian finally relented.

The initial numbers were based on chip counts as follows:

I'm a D0nkk (27,104,232 in chips)
NovayaRus' (20,779,880 in chips)
oasispkr1 (19,899,984 in chips)
swifterjet (18,003,404 in chips)

Swifterjet was the short stack but was the one to play a little hard ball with negotiations, wanting a more even split between the three short stacks. I'm a D0nkk and oasispkr1 both agreed to give swifterjet some extra cash from their share as the following four-way deal was agreed to:

I'm a D0nkk - $3,437.18
NovayaRus' - $3,087.02
swifterjet - $3,064.14
oasispkr1 - $2,930.65

The winner would also receive an additional $300.

With the deal agreed to it was game on!

It was already a great deal for swifterjet as the short stack, but it got even better when he lost a race to be the next eliminated. Swifterjet was all in preflop with A♣K♣ as NovayaRus' called with T♠T♥. The board ran out 5♥7♥7♦J♥2♦ to leave the pair in front as swifterjet became this biggest benefactor of the deal, picking up $3,064.14 for 4th place.

Things then got a little crazy as NovayaRus' gambled it up:

RSS readers click through to see replay

NovayaRus' made a straight as oasispkr1 was crippled and eliminated moments later in 3rd place for a $2,930.65 collect.

The way NovayaRus' was playing, it was probably going to be any two cards next hand, but I'm a D0nkk was probably surprised to see his A♣8♦ run into a relative monster as NovayaRus' found A♠Q♥. All the chips were in preflop with the board of 4♥A♦2♦5♣7♥ leaving victory with the Russian!

I'm a D0nkk picked up $3,437.18 for his runner-up finish which ended up being more than the $3,387.02 that NovayaRus' took home for the win.

Final Table Results
1st NovayaRus' (Russia) - $3,387.02*
2nd I'm a D0nkk (Belgium) - $3,437.18*
3rd oasispkr1 (Brazil) - $2,930.65*
4th swifterjet (Canada) - $3,064.14*
5th norvrwaranty (New Zealand) - $1,320.73
6th Guikill2 (Canada) - $1,009.97
7th BARTOLO91 (Spain) - $699.21
8th fAisK4 (Portugal) - $388.45
9th to6eto82 (Bulgaria) - $248.60

* denotes deal

In the chat box NovayaRus' admitted that this tournament was his first big win, so it's fantastic to see someone take the opportunity in the MicroMillions to experience the thrill of championship poker for just a few dollars entry fee.

The PokerStars MicroMillions is rounding the corner into the home straight so you'd better hurry and jump into the action so you don't miss out on the opportunity to turn a few dollars into a little slice of fame and fortune. For a complete rundown of the rest of the schedule, as well as results, statistics and more, head over to the MicroMillions Main Page.