MicroMillions: ricardolago reins in event #10 $5.50 NLHE


Ten percent.

When downloading or updating something, you might groan when you see that number after two days, but not here.

Not in the MicroMillions.

Here we celebrate that number because it means all the poker madness we've seen is only 10 percent done.

We still have a lot of poker to go.

For now though, a few players will be taking a break, especially ricardolago, who just won Event #10.

ricardolago just went through a 10-hour poker battle, two of which where played out on the final table.

For more details, read on faithful poker fans, read on.

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

This event started early for those of us in the Americas, it was a nice afternoon tournament for our European friends, and our mates down in Oceania enjoyed a nice, nightly poker event.

But for everyone around the world, it was MicroMillions time.

It's a fantastic time of the year when thousands of micro-stakes players get a chance to play in tournaments with fields and prize pools usually associated with larger buy-in tournaments.

Today is the second day of MicroMillions time and 10 events are already internet history. One fact that will surely be remembered is how every guarantee has been crushed by enthusiastic micro-stakes players.

PokerStars guaranteed $290,000 during the first 10 tournaments, but players rushed in en masse and the total payouts for these tournaments exceeded $874,000.

The players in today's tournament were guaranteed $25,000, a guarantee they met before the tournament even started. By the time the 120-minute late registration period ended, 14,241 players had registered to create a prize pool of $71,205.

This meant that the grand prize for Event #10 was $9,443.75, but first place wouldn't be the only person to see a return on their investment. A total of 1,800 players would cash for a minimum of $8.54.

The other 12,441 players would go home empty handed, but some would get closer to the money than others. It took almost four hours to reach the bubble, and when we did, gladiator757 would be the unlucky one to miss out on the money.

Less Players, More Money

As per usual tournament fashion, eliminations picked up after the bubble burst.

One of the players to cash was Team PokerStars Pro Bryan Huang. Huang, playing under the name BryanHuang, was playing with an average stack throughout most of the tournament.

But ever-increasing blinds and table aggression started getting in the way.
Huang called one all in but was then faced with another. He had his first opponent covered, but not his second.

Huang decided to make the call and...

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Huang was eliminated in 1,384th place, earning $11.39 for his MicroMillions cash.

Russians Rush In

With around 50 players left, a group of Russians starting dominating the chip counts. First, it was BaronMax and pavelgord who lead the field. For a while, they were the only players with more than 5MM chips.

Then, with 30 players left, BaronMax remained in the lead. But pavegord would lose his spot as 2nd best Russian in the tournament.

That title would go to another Russian, Aloon74, a player who'd stay near the top of the chip counts until the final table.

The tournament went on and while some things changed, others didn't. One change was the number of players, it went down to 25; a constant was BaronMax, he stayed in the chip lead. Another change was second place, Aloon74 would lose that spot to buterbrod88; the constant was his country of origin: Russia.

buterbrod88 would also make the final table, along with a third Russian, MikiMouseRus.
Russia was the most represented country at the final table, taking up a third of the seats. They came close to victory, but the lone Brazilian at the table would be the one to come out with the victory.

Two to go

With two tables to go, a few dominating chip leaders started to emerge. buterbrod88 sat at one table with 11.4MM, more than twice the amount of the second largest stack at his table.

buterbrod88 then went on to win six hands in addition to knocking out two players. By the time the final table was set, he was sitting with 18,056,736, good enough for the chip lead.

The other table had a more even distribution of chips. ngukop held the lead there with 8MM and marsh888 was in second with 5.7MM.

Both players continued to increase their stacks with well-played hands, but ngukop jumped ahead of the field after a key elimination.

ngukop raised to 750,000 from early position and BaronMax - our chip-leading Russian from earlier in the post - raised to 1.5MM from the button.

The flop was 8♥9♦A♥ and BaronMax lead out for 1MM. ngukop raised to 2.25MM and BaronMax made the call.

Both players checked when the 9♥ came on the turn, but when the river brought a [10s], and BaronMax moved all in for his remaining 3.6MM.

ngukop made the call and showed A♣Q♠ for top pair. BaronMax showed Q♣Q♦, a fantastic preflop hand that was doomed on the flop.

This hand put ngukop past 16MM.

marsh888 would also find himself with a lot of chips, he'd also find himself responsible for bursting the final table bubble.

It was a classic battle of the blinds when João Spider2 raised from the small blind. Then....

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The Final Nine

With João Spider2's elimination, we had our final table for the MicroMillions Event#10.

If you're having trouble picturing what the final table was like, here's some help:


Seat 1: DavidDorky - 3,021,773
Seat 2: buterbrod88 - 18,094,236
Seat 3: ngukop - 16,518,401
Seat 4: ricardolago - 3,935,494
Seat 5: MikiMouseRus - 2,500,383
Seat 6: lasygirl - 2,792,753
Seat 7: skugga20 - 3,564,406
Seat 8: marsh888 - 15,978,523
Seat 9: Aloon74 - 5,799,031


When the final table was set, one of the table short stakcs, lasygirl, had a queston.

"Deal?" she asked.

The other table short stack, DavidDorky, repeated her question. Aloon74 threw in his support of a deal but added that he doubts the "17 million stacks want a deal."

He was right about that.

No Deal (yet)

Talk about a deal died down and poker action continued.

The first five hands consisted of preflop raises and folds. Not much changed until hand #6.

Short-stacked MikiMouseRus moved all in from early position for 2.3MM and Aloon74 decided to make the call.

MikiMouseRus showed a pair of jacks and was up against Aloon74's ace-king. The board was devoid of any face cards and MikiMouseRus doubled up.

With 200,000/400,000 blinds and 50,000 antes, MikiMouseRus still didn't have enough chips to make too many moves. Four hands later, he'd find himself all in again.

This time it was buterbrod88 who made the first move. He raised to 1MM and MikiMouseRus moved all in from the button.

buterbrod88 called.

MikiMouseRus showed [10s][10d], a good pocket pair, but not as good as buterbrod88's J♣J♦.

MikiMouseRus couldn't improve and he was eliminated in 9th place.

Dealing with Shorty

The next elimination would come a little quicker.

lasygirl, who had unsuccessfully lobbied for a deal at the beginning of the final table, found herself getting chipped down by the massive blinds and antes.

With just 1.4MM left, lasygirl decided to move all in. marsh888 moved all in himself and everyone else got out of the way.

lasygirl showed A♣J♦, a hand dominated by marsh888's A♦K♣.

The board ran 3♠4♥Q♣6♥9♠ and lasygirl was eliminated in 8th.

DavidDorky found himself in a similar situation as lasy girl. He entered the final table short on chips and found his stack shrinking even more thanks to the blinds antes.

Aloon74 moved all in from the small blind and DavidDorky called from the big blind for his last 1MM.

DavidDorky's hand was weaker than Aloon74's, but the flop was deceivingly hopeful...

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DavidDorky was out in 7th and we were down to our final six.

skugga20 would be the next to go. He too was a victim of short-stackitis but, unlike the other two, his beat was one that many would consider bad.

ricardolago, who had skugga20 covered, moved all in from the small blind. skugga20 made the call and showed A♣8♦, dominating ricardolago's A♥5♠.

The flop was a safe 6♥4♥9♥ for skugga20, but a 5♦ came on the river and skugga20 was eliminated in 6th place.


Five-handed play started dragging on and buterbrod88 suggested a deal. "Little bit crazy game," the Russian added. His countryman, Aloon74, agreed and asked for a deal too.

The very next hand, Aloon74 would find himself in a better position for a deal.

marsh888 moved all in from the small blind and Aloon74 called. Aloon74 showed a pair of fives and was up against marsh888's A♠5♣.

The board fell 2♦8♥7♦4♠K♦ and Aloon74 doubled up to just under 10MM.

But two hands later his dreams of a deal, and a MicroMillions title, would vanish.

Aloon74 raised to 1.2MM from the button and ngukop made the call in the small blind.

The flop was a monochromatic 9♣5♣6♣ and Aloon74 led out for another 1.2MM after ngukop checked. ngukop raised to 3.6MM and Aloon74 made the call, bringing a 3♥ on the turn.

ngukop bet 4.2MM and Aloon74 moved all in for his remaining 4.74MM. ngukop threw in the additional 540,000 chips and flipped over Q♣2♣ for the flush.

Aloon74 was drawing dead with A♠5♥ and was eliminated in 5th place.

Finally, A Deal

The four remaining players decided to see some deal numbers based on their chip counts.

PokerStars staff did their magic and came out with these numbers:

ngukop: $6,745.71

buterbrod88: $6,554.86

ricardolago: $5,770.89

marsh888: $4,786.16

Everyone agreed to a deal except for marsh888. He demanded more money.

Both butterbrod88 and ngukop offered to give him $100 each, but marsh888 still refused.

"5500," marsh888.

"no way marsh," responded ricardolago.

"why shall we give you more?" asked buterbrod88.

ngukop also chimed in, "no more."

marsh888 lowered his price to $5,200, but everyone still refused. They were willing to give him $5,000, not a penny more.

"this or gamble," said ricardolago.

marsh888 decided to take a pass on the gambling.

PokerStars crunched the new numbers in their state-of-the-art mega poker computer and came out with the new deal:

ngukop: $6,638.79
buterbrod88: $6,447.94
ricardolago: $5,770.89
marsh888: $5,000

An additional $500 would go to first place.

All four players typed in "I agree," and play resumed.

Play ball!

Not gambling turned out to be a good decision for marsh888.

Despite doubling up a few hands after the deal was made - making him second in chips - marsh888 lost two key hands and was eliminated in 4th place.

The first hand was for a whopping 30MM chips.

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to see replay

Left with only 3MM, marsh888 moved all in the next hand from the small blind. buterbrod88 called, showing A♠8♥, a big favorite against marsh888's [10s]2♠.

An A♣ fell on the flop and marsh888 would find himself eliminated in 4th place. But thanks to the deal, he made more money than what was originally designated for 3rd place.

Back and Forth

ngukop led the final three with 30MM, but he'd soon lose that lead to ricardolago. After raising from the button, ngukop was faced by an all-in raise from ricardolago. nguckop called and showed ace-jack, but he was dominated by ricardolago's ace-king.

No help came for ngukop and he became the table short stack.

But ricardolago would repay the favor a couple of hands later when he doubled ngukop right back up. ngukop moved all in from the button and ricardolago called with a pair of fives. ngukop showed A♠8♣ and he hit an ace on the flop for a double up.

But the two would be at it again a few hands later. Once again, ngukop led out from the button and ricardolago reraised from the small blind.

ngukop called and the flop came 7♣[10d]4♠. ricardolago led out for 2.4MM and ngukop raised all in. ricardolago made the call and sowed a pair of queens. ngukop held K♠[10s] for a pair of tens, but tens can't beat queens.

ngukop was eliminated in third place and the tournament was heads up.

Heads up

ricardolgo entered the heads up match with the lead, 43MM, against buterbrod88's 27MM.

The players passed around the blinds for a bit until ricardolago got a timely trio of threes.

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ricardolago now had a dominating chip lead and he wasn't about to let it go to waste.

Players switched turns moving all in, each time one did, the other would fold. They were both waiting for the right time, and they both knew it.

It wouldn't take long before they both found a hand they liked.

buterbrod88 moved all in from the button with [10h]J♠ and ricardolago made the call, showing A♣K♥.

The final board ran 9♠2♣K♠4♣5♠ and ricardolago became the official champion of Event#10.

MicroMillions Event #10 $5.50 NLHE Results:

1st ricardolago - $6,270,89*
2nd buterbrod88 - $6,447.94*
3rd ngukop - $6,638.79*
4th marsh888 - $5,000*
5th Aloon74 - $2,776.99
6th skugga20 - $2,064.94
7th DavidDorky $1,352.89
8th lasygirl - $640.84
9th MikiMouseRus - $427.23

* Numbers reflect a four-way deal with $500 going to first place.

Remember, we're only done with 10 events, there's still 90 to go. For more information about the MicroMillions check out the MicroMillions page. Good luck at the tables, we'll see you next time.

Alex Villegas
@PokerStars in MicroMillions