MicroMillions: SergeySil83 turns $8.80 into $8K-plus, wins Event #75 (NLHE, Ante Up)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngThe second of two "Ante Up" tourneys in the 100-event MicroMillions series, the $8.80 buy-in no-limit hold'em Event #75, drew 5,869 entrants to create a $46,952 prize pool, thus exceeding the event's $40K guarantee. The top 765 finishers got paid, with $7,348.08 going to the winner.

Antes Go Up, Players Go Down

The "Ante Up" format means the blinds remain the same throughout the entire tournament (5/5), but every 10 minutes everybody's paying a little more per hand for the antes, starting with the very first level.

It took just about three-and-a-half hours for the bubble to burst, at which point zorbas013 and ashanator06 led the way as the only players with more than 200,000 chips with BillBlitz83 close in third with a little more than 197,000.

Among those making the money was Team PokerStars' own Marcin "Goral" Horecki, earning yet another MicroMillions cash with a 582nd-place finish, worth $15.96.

Players continued to fall as they reached the five-hour break, at which point just over 200 players were still with chips. antipoker70 led the way then with 514,678, with Carsten01968 next (505,093) and -BOGANOJA- close behind in third (499,426).

About an hour later they were under 100 players, with jent4eva having grabbed the top spot while inching close to 1 million chips. zapote85 was next, having just crossed the 900,000-chip mark, and ROUNDSKY third with about 750,000.

It would take another 45 minutes or so for the field to be cut down to 50 players, at which point jent4eva was still out in front with better than 2.43 million, followed by jubacca111 with almost 1.85 million and adept@this with right at 1.38 million.

By the time the tourney reached the eight-hour break just 18 players remained, gathered around two nine-handed tables. SergeySil83 led with 4,606,831, jubacca111 was next with 3,095,930, and killerjozsi third with 2,791,008 while jent4eva fell back into the middle of the pack. The antes by then had climbed to 25,000 (with the blinds holding steady, of course, at 5/5).

Over the next hour came the next nine eliminations: badcat27 (18th, $138.50), reblandmario (17th, $138.50), Efrim1511 (16th, $138.50), jent4eva (15th, $208.93), Astroman54 (14th, $208.93), Havalencia (13th, $208.93), zapote85 (12th, $279.36), Dragon_JD (11th, $279.36), and 5h0rtstack (10th, $279.36).

They were down to nine.


Seat 1: SergeySil83 -- 6,162,093
Seat 2: NATAS OLAK -- 5,827,490
Seat 3: ivet2008 -- 3,596,174
Seat 4: killerjozsi -- 5,061,248
Seat 5: vinutiwa -- 469,794
Seat 6: adept@this -- 4,562,212
Seat 7: jubacca111 -- 2,075,426
Seat 8: antipoker70 -- 984,879
Seat 9: Cipetto666 -- 605,684

"wohoo" typed adept@this (see the pic), saying what all nine no doubt felt to still be playing more than nine hours after the tourney had begun.

Nine Quickly Become Six

On just the third hand of the final table, the antes were up to 70,000 when Cipetto666 open-raised all in from under the gun for 395,679 and got a single caller in NATAS OLAK from a couple of seats over.

Cipetto666 had 5♦5♥, but needed help versus NATAS OLAK's Q♦Q♣. The board came J♦7♣A♦8♦J♥ and they were quickly down to eight.

Just two hands after that, killerjozsi limped in from early position (for just five chips), then vinutiwa raised to 119,785, leaving just four chips behind. It folded to antipoker70 on the button who called, and NATAS OLAK called as well from the big blind before killerjozsi stepped aside.

The pot was 919,365, then, when the flop came K♥9♠Q♠. It checked to antipoker70 who bet 125,635, NATAS OLAK folded, then vinutiwa called with those four chips he had left.

vinutiwa: A♣5♠
antipoker70: A♠J♠

Neither had connected, but antipoker70 had the lead and a big draw. The turn was the 8♦ and the river the T♠, completing antipoker70's flush and knocking out vinutiwa in eighth.

About 10 minutes later the antes had bumped up to 80,000 when killerjozsi again limped from UTG, then adept@this raised to 198,670 from a seat over. SergeySil83 called the raise from the button, and the blinds and killerjozsi got out.

The flop came single-suited -- 8♦K♦6♦ -- and adept@this led with a bet of 333,575, about one-third the pot. SergeySil83 called. The turn was the 3♥ and this time adept@this pushed all in with the 1,931,197 he had remaining and SergeySil83 was there with the call once more.

adept@this showed K♠Q♥ for top pair, but was already drawing dead against SergeySil83's A♦Q♦ -- the nut flush. The river 7♦ was no matter, and adept@this was gone in seventh.

Killer Comeback for killerjozsi

The remaining six played a few more hands during which stretch killerjozsi became crippled after losing a big, unlucky hand against NATAS OLAK.

In that one, killerjozsi got NATAS OLAK all in on the turn with the board showing J♥4♥T♥2♠. NATAS OLAK had 4♣2♥ for two pair, but killerjozsi had the better two pair with J♣T♣. Then the river brought the 4♦, filling up NATAS OLAK -- to the tune of a 6.68 million pot -- and knocking killerjozsi down to just 84,206 (less than the size of the 100,000 ante).

On the next hand, killerjozsi was all in before the flop versus five opponents, including NATAS OLAK. When NATAS OLAK was the only one to bet at a 2♦T♦6♦ flop, their cards revealed NATAS OLAK had flopped two pair with T♣6♣ while killerjozsi had a pretty helpless-looking 8♠3♣.

But the turn was the 3♠ and river the 3♦, giving killerjozsi a trips and a much-needed sextuple up to better than 500,000! Take a look (note: the replayer doesn't reflect that killerjozsi was in fact all in preflop):

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The pair had some fun in the chat box after that one.

NATAS OLAK: hahahaahahhaaayeah))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
killerjoszi: niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
NATAS OLAK: hahahahahahaa
killerjozsi: a little back
killerjozsi: i think i deserve that
NATAS OLAK: no question

Meanwhile, on the very next hand antipoker70 found himself all in for his last 170,069 with A♠3♦ and up against ivet2008's A♣A♥. The board ran out 3♣K♦5♣5♥4♠ and antipoker70 was out in sixth.

On the next one after that, killerjoszi picked up A♥A♣ himself and scored a double-up, grabbing some more chips back from NATAS OLAK who had J♦9♥ to push back up over 1.11 million.

A half-dozen hands would pass, and killerjoszi would double up again to nearly 2.9 million with Q♠9♣ against ivet2008's pocket deuces. A nine flopped on that one, and killerjoszi's hand held to push him back up well out of the danger zone.

Soon after that it was a short-stacked ivet2008 limping to see a flop with killerjozsi, SergeySil83, and NATAS OLAK. All checked the 6♥5♣Q♥ flop. Then when the turn brought the 4♣ it checked around to NATAS OLAK who bet 165,965 and ivet2008 called with the 76,745 he had left. killerjoszi called as well and SergeySil83 got out.

The river was the 6♣ and the two remaining players checked. killerjozsi showed K♥4♥ for sixes and fours and both NATAS OLAK and ivet2008 mucked, the latter having been eliminated in fifth.

Let's Make a Deal

It wasn't long after that the remaining four decided to talk about a deal and the tourney was paused. At that point SergeySil83 was way out in front with more than 17.65 million, NATAS OLAK second with just over 7.41 million, killerjozsi third with about 3.79 million, and jubacca111 on the short stack with just under 490,000.

"Chip chop" numbers were produced and all agreed except jubacca111 who wanted a little more, and the others were amenable to his request. Soon play resumed once more.

On the first hand back the antes were 125,000 when jubacca111 open-pushed all in from the button and both SergeySil83 (small blind) and NATAS OLAK (big blind) called. The latter two checked the Q♦Q♥K♠ flop, then NATAS OLAK led at the 3♥ turn to force a fold from SergeySil83.

NATAS OLAK showed Q♠8♣ for trip queens, which meant jubacca111 had no chance with A♣7♥ and one card later they were down to three.

The antes increased to 150,000, and SergeySil83 opened with a raise to 195,855 from the button which both NATAS OLAK and killerjozsi called. The flop came J♣K♣4♦ and NATAS OLAK led for 760,150. killerjozsi called, and SergeySil83 folded.

The turn was the A♥. This time NATAS OLAK shoved all in for 3,514,790 and killerjozsi quickly called. NATAS OLAK had K♥7♦ for kings, but killerjozsi had him with A♣2♣ for aces. The river was the A♦ to make it trips for killerjozsi, and he'd recovered every last one of those chips NATAS OLAK had taken from him earlier to knock the latter out in third.

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Two Players, One Title

Heads-up play began with the players close to even, with SergeySil83 in front with 15,686,282 to killerjozsi's 13,687,718. However, on the fourth hand of heads-up SergeySil83 cut deep into killerjozsi's stack to claim a 10 million-plus pot and a better than 2-to-1 chip lead. They'd battle for another eight hands after that before the end arrived.

In the final hand, the antes were still 150,000 when SergeySil83 opened for 225,366 from the button, then killerjoszi reraised to 1,071,475. SergeySil83 called the reraise, and the pair saw the flop come 8♠3♣2♦.

killerjozsi led for 1,405,590, and SergeySil83 thought just a moment before making the call. The turn was the 2♣, and this time killerjozsi pushed all in with the 6,291,683 he had left and SergeySil83 called once more.

killerjozsi had A♣5♠ and was drawing to a gutshot while SergeySil83 had eights and deuces with his A♠8♣. The river was the T♠, and SergeySil83 had won.

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Congratulations to SergeySil83 for taking down Event #75 and a cool $8K-plus payday for an $8.80 buy-in. And kudos as well to killerjozsi for coming back from nearly nothing to make it to the four-way chop and second-place finish!

MicroMillions Event #75 ($8.80 No-Limit Hold'em, Ante Up) Results (*reflects four-way deal):
1st: SergeySil83 ($8,125.45)*
2nd: killerjozsi ($3,577.41)*
3rd: NATAS OLAK ($4,556.39)*
4th: jubacca111 (3,085.05)*
5th: ivet2008 ($1,995.46)
6th: antipoker70 ($1,525.94)
7th: adept@this ($1,056.42)
8th: vinutiwa ($586.90)
9th: Cipetto666 ($375.61)

Still a weekend's worth of MicroMillions action to go! Check the schedule for information about the remaining events and satellites.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions