MicroMillions: Sh_Ad1337 turns $11 into $35K in Event #97 (NLHE, Sunday Storm Spec. Ed.)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngLike last Sunday's Event #32 -- another "Sunday Storm Special Edition" -- Event #97 offered players a $11 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with an eye-boggling $400,000 guarantee attached. In last week's event, a total of 40,774 joined the fray, thus beating that guarantee by a few thousand.

Swordsman885 sliced and diced his way through that huge field for a $33K-plus score, as our own Dr. Pauly described for us a week ago.

Event #97 saw even more sign up on this, the last day of the MicroMillions series. This time 44,109 came along, creating a prize pool of $441,090 and thus shredding yet another MicroMillions guarantee.

The top 5,625 finishers got paid. A minimum-cash got you a double-up to $22.05. Finishing in the top 729 guaranteed you a cool hundy. Making it to the final fifteen meant at least a four-figure score. And to take it all down earned you a $35,319.24 addition to your PokerStars account.

When the money bubble burst and players began earning cashes in Event #97 there were three representatives of Team PokerStars among those profiting. Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby of Team PokerStars Czech Republic grabbed $35.28 for a 2,294th-place finish. Toni Judet of Team PokerStars Romania ended in 2,884th place for $30.87 score. And Nuno Coelho of Team PokerStars Portugal finished 3,624th for a $26.46 prize.

Eight hours after the first hands were dealt just 36 players were still moving chips back and forth. At that point four of them had accumulated more than 10 million chips each. alanguay led everyone with more than 15.43 million, followed by Lerim88 (13.02m), edfveder (10.44m), and AACP (10.06m).

It would take a little over an hour for the field to be halved down to 18, with Lerim88 having moved into the top spot with over 31.2 million, well ahead of alanguay in second with just over 18.8 million and ShAd_1337 in third with about 16.75 million.

Over the next 40 minutes eight more players hit the virtual rail. edfveder (18th), KillerNorbit (17th), and Prugi (16th) each earned $763.08 for their finishes. belloss13 (15th), Sr amarillo (14th), and KarJen (13th) followed, each scoring a nifty $1,071.84 for their $11 buy-ins. And alanguay slipped back from the leaders to go out in 12th, then Lerim88 went out in 11th, with both earning $1,385.02.

Then with 10 left came a huge hand between joaobarb and WarGawd. The hand began with WarGawd leading with more than 50 million chips and joaobarb sitting in third place with almost 32 million.

The two players ultimately got all of joaobarb's chips in the middle on a J♥2♥K♠ flop with joaobarb holding K♣J♦ for top two pair but behind WarGawd's flopped set of deuces with 2♦2♣. But the turn was the K♦, giving joaobarb the better of both players' full houses, and after the 5♦ river joaobarb was the chip leader with nearly 64 million.

Then joaobarb would win another big pot on the very next hand after rivering a flush against duboy85, momentarily pushing his stack up over 80 million.

Not long after that one, AACP fell in 10th, also earning $1,385.02, and the final table was set.


Seat 1: benzidebuc -- 12,126,862
Seat 2: joaobarb -- 77,651,384
Seat 3: WarGawd -- 24,190,810
Seat 4: duboy85 -- 19,797,662
Seat 5: ShAd_1337 -- 7,407,517
Seat 6: sammycon23 -- 12,095,750
Seat 7: iesko -- 14,543,280
Seat 8: darkjf -- 28,843,160
Seat 9: WSOPTH -- 23,888,575

After a couple of orbits at the final table the blinds were 500,000/1,000,000 when sammycon23 open-shoved from UTG+1 for 7,475,750 and got one caller in WSOPTH from a few seats over. sammycon23 had A♠6♦ and WSOPTH A♥Q♣, and after the board came 5♣T♦8♣T♣2♣ sammycon23 was gone in ninth.

It would take more than a half-hour for the next knockout. With the blinds up to 800k/1.6m, WSOPTH raised to 3.5 million from UTG+1, then joaobarb reraised all in from middle position. It folded back around and WSOPTH called with the 14,130,767 he had left, showing J♦J♠ to joaobarb's A♠Q♠. The flop came Q♥6♥9♦ to pair joaobarb, and after the 4♦ turn and 3♣ river they were down to seven.

Just four hands later, it was joaobarb again taking the initiative with a min-raise from the small blind to 3.6 million and WarGawd called from the big blind. The flop came 3♦3♣9♦ and joaobarb continued for 2.7 million. WarGawd raised to 8,547,855, then joaobarb came back with a reraise to 14,395,710. WarGawd responded by pushing all in for 20,427,458 total, and joaobarb quickly called.

joaobarb: 5♣3♠ -- trip treys
WarGawd: 9♠7♠ -- nines and treys

A perfect flop for joaobarb, and after the J♥ turn and the 4♣ river they were down to six.

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A few hands after that the blinds had bumped up to 900k/1.8m when joaobarb raised to 3.6 million from UTG, then iesko reraised all in for 16,582,746 from late position. It folded back to joaobarb who called, showing J♥J♦ to iesko's A♠K♠. The board came Q♣6♠5♥4♥5♣, and joaobarb's jacks remained best, eliminating iesko in sixth.

The remaining five would play more than three orbits, then darkjf raised all in from UTG for 19,728,037 with A♦T♦ and got a single caller in duboy85 in the small blind holding T♣T♠. The community cards came K♣7♣9♠7♠8♠, and darkjf was sent out in fifth.

On the very next hand it was joaobarb once again taking over the duties of eliminating players. With the blinds up to 1m/2m, joaobarb opened for 4 million from under the gun then duboy85 reraised to 42,411,141 from one seat over. All folded, then joaobarb called.

joaobarb held A♠Q♣ and duboy85 8♣8♥. All was fine for duboy85 through the 5♣9♦4♦ flop and 6♠ turn, but the river was the A♦, giving the red-hot joaobarb aces and knocking duboy85 out in fourth.

With three left joaobarb enjoyed a huge lead with more than 166 million chips to benzidebuc's 29.4 million and ShAd_1337's 24.6 million.

Before long benzidebuc was open-shoving his stack -- then at 19,259,931 -- from the small blind and joaobarb called in the BB. benzidebuc had A♥9♥ and the edge over joaobarb's Q♣T♣. But there was no cooling down joaobarb as the board came 9♠7♣8♠6♦J♣ to give joaobarb a winning straight and end benzidebuc's run in third.

Heads-up play began with joaobarb almost a 3-to-1 leader with 162,924,592 to ShAd_1337's 57,620,408.

ShAd_1337 would quickly score a double-up to pull about even, using A♠9♥ to beat joaobarb's A♥3♠. But over the next 50 hands joaobarb would push back out in front and was sitting at about 141 million to ShAd_1337's almost 79 million when two quick hands quickly brought the tourney to a conclusion.

In the first, joaobarb opened to 5 million from the button -- a min-raise as the blinds had moved up to 1.25m/2.5m -- and ShAd_1337 called. The flop came 4♥9♥7♠ and ShAd_1337 checked. joaobarb bet 5.25 million, then ShAd_1337 check-raised to 15 million. joaobarb then pushed all in and ShAd_1337 thought just a beat before calling.

joaobarb had 9♦5♦ for top pair, but ShAd_1337 had Q♣9♠ for the same pair with a better kicker. The turn was the 2♦ and river the 4♦, and suddenly ShAd_1337 had the lead with more than 157 million chips.

On the next hand, ShAd_1337 wasted little time open-raising all in from the button and joaobarb was just as quick with the call. ShAd_1337 had J♠T♣ while joaobarb held 8♦8♠. The flop came K♣J♣9♦ to put ShAd_1337 in front. The turn was the 7♣ which gave joaobarb a few straight outs though taking away one of the eights as ShAd_1337 had a club. But the river was the 7♠ and ShAd_1337 had won.

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Congratulations to ShAd_1337 for outlasting 44,108 other players and a little over 11 hours of poker to turn an $11 buy-in into more than $35K!

MicroMillions Event #97 ($11 No-Limit Hold'em):
1st: ShAd_1337 ($35,319.24)
2nd: joaobarb ($25,481.46)
3rd: benzidebuc ($16,659.96)
4th: duboy85 ($13,303.27)
5th: darkjf ($9,977.45)
6th: iesko ($6,656.04)
7th: WarGawd ($4,622.62)
8th: WSOPTH ($3,144.97)
9th: sammycon23 ($1,848.16)

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions