MicroMillions: smattle smiling after Event #43 win ($5.50 Razz)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngWith 100 different events, PokerStars' MicroMillions series has something for everyone, including tournaments in just about every format one can imagine. Hold'em and Omaha events have dominated the schedule so far, with stud hi/lo, draw, Badugi, H.O.R.S.E. events also popping up here and there.

Event #43 presented players with the first and only Razz tournament of the MicroMillions, a $5.50 buy-in tournament with a $5,000 guarantee. A total of 2,916 lowrollin' lowballers joined in for this one, creating a total prize pool of $14,580, nearly three times that guarantee. The top 368 finishers got paid, with a nifty $2,480.28 going to the winner.

It would take three hours and 23 minutes for the cash bubble to burst, with Team PokerStars Pro Martin Staszko among those coming relatively close to the money with a 469th-place finish.

With 368 players left it was Domico leading the way with 135,831, followed by Shajon91 (121,109), aynin (119,938), Jos biljart (114,606), and NEDTY (111,806). About an hour later they were down to just 100, with aynin having moved out in front with more than 700,000, with Gack00 closest with a little over 492,000 and Pokerbasti90 the only other player over 400,000.

As they crossed the five-hour mark the field shrunk to less than 40, with ostholm having recently become the first player to 1 million while Moisés and smattle followed closely behind as the only others above 900,000. A half-hour later they were down to 16, with DonKrzysztof leading with just over 1.3 million, NEDTY close in second with a little more than 1.28 million, and Just1Answer third with just under 1.18 million.

Coming close but just missing the final table were frogrene (16th), Just1Answer (15th), slythefly (14th), and Domico (13th), each of whom earned $72.90. And taking $102.06 were Vati 111 (12th), NEDTY (11th), and DonKrzysztof (10th).

Just nine remained, with the two short-handed tables playing hand-for-hand. Then, just past the six-and-a-half-hour mark for the tournament, two eliminations occurred at once on both tables.

First a short-stacked djyandy was all in by fourth street with [3][J] / [2][A] against freeyoumind's [Q][6] / [3][4]. dyjandy drew [A][8][7] to end with an 8-7-3-2-A, but freeyoumind picked up [7][5][9] to end with a 7-6-5-4-3 and send djyandy out in ninth for $102.06.

Meanwhile on the other table, it was ramogg all in by fourth with [9][Q] / [A][3] against smattle's [3][5] / [Q][7]. ramogg then drew a pair and two more big cards -- [9][K][10] -- to end with a Q-low while smattle picked up [10][4][5] to make a 10-7-5-4-3 and oust ramogg in eighth ($145.80).

They'd reached the final table, with one seat already vacant.


Seat 1: olligol123 -- 2,100,372
Seat 2: empty
Seat 3: ostholm -- 2,196,993
Seat 4: oeli70 -- 2,737,317
Seat 5: smattle -- 1,950,575
Seat 6: freeyoumind -- 1,632,024
Seat 7: opti36 -- 3,148,212
Seat 8: B1@ck_He@rt -- 814,507

The stakes were 120,000/240,000 to start the final table, and after three orbits all eight remained while the stakes had risen to 160,000/320,000. That's when smattle opened over a B1@ck_He@rt bring-in with a [6] showing and freeyoumind raised from one seat over showing an [A]. All got out, smattle three-bet, and freeyoumind called with the 148,024 he had left. Their downcards were revealed, and smattle had the edge with [3][5] / [6] to freeyoumind's [2][K] / [A].

By seventh street smattle hadn't drawn that well, ending with a Q-6 low after ending with [3][5] / [6][6][Q][4] / [3]. But it was good enough as freeyoumind had ended [2][K] / [A][7][8][7] / [Q] for a Q-8 low. They were down to six.

Play continued, and the stakes had risen to 200,000/400,000 when ostholm completed with a [3] up, oeli70 raised with a [4], and ostholm called. oeli70 picked up a [2] on fourth and bet, and ostholm raised after drawing a [7], leaving but 55,979 behind. oeli70 raised again and ostholm called all in.

ostholm: [5][3] / [3][7]
oeli70: [7][6] / [4][2]

The last three streets would come [8][9][2] for ostholm, making an 8-7-5-3-2. But oeli70 would pick up [3][A][7] to make a 6-4-3-2-A and knock ostholm out in sixth.

With 10-minute levels, the stakes kept on creeping up and had reached 250,000/500,000 when a series of bets on third found B1@ck_He@rt all in and facing two competitors in oeli70 and smattle. The remaining two checked it to sixth at which point oeli70 took a stab and smattle stepped aside.

By then oeli70 had an 8-5-3-2-A with [2][A] / [5][J][3][8] while B1@ck_He@rt had an Q-low with [8][7] / [2][4][Q][2]. A deuce on seventh didn't change oeli70's hand, and while a [3] on seventh improved B1@ck_He@rt to an 8-7-4-3-2 it still wasn't enough, and B1@ck_He@rt was out in fifth.

The remaining four reached the seven-hour break, with opti36 sitting in first with 5,159,613, oeli70 next with 4,232,531, smattle third with 2,702,396, and olligol123 last with 2,485,460.

Soon after the break oeli70 would lose the majority of his stack in a hand against smattle in which oeli70 was the aggressor on third, called bets on fourth and fifth and raised on sixth -- with opti36 dropping out along the way -- then bet out on seventh with an 8-6-5-4-2 to get called by smattle who had him barely beat with 8-6-5-3-2. Take a look:

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Down to just 157,531, oeli70 would be all in on third the next hand against olligol123, and after oeli70 drew [5][Q] / [T][2][9][T] / [8] for a 10-low and olligol123 [J][A] / [3][4][6][8] / [2] for a smooth-6, oeli70 was out in fourth.

The very next hand would see another big chip swing with opti36 losing most of his stack after drawing an 8-6-3-2-A against smattle's 8-5-3-2-A. Watch how that one unfolded:

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Knocked down under 800,000 -- with the stakes having bumped up to 300,000/600,000 -- smattle would last but three hands more, soon getting it all in on third against olligol123. opti36 would end that one [6][K] / [5][T][Q][9] / [Q] for a Q-low, not good enough against the 9-7-5-3-2 that olligol123 had after drawing [7][3] / [2][5][5][9] / [T]. Just two were left.

Heads-up play began with smattle well out in front with 10,977,396 to olligol123's 3,602,604. The pair quickly agreed to pause the tourney for some deal talk, and after "chip chop" numbers were produced -- leaving $100 for which to play -- the pair quickly assented to the figures and a deal was struck.

Once play resumed it would only take about five minutes and 15 or so hands for the end to come. In the last hand, olligol123 completed on third with a [2] up and smattle called showing a [6]. On fourth olligol123 drew a [3] and smattle paired his [6], and when olligol123 bet smattle called. On fifth olligol123 was the one pairing up with a [3] while smattle picked up an [A]. olligol123 bet again, and when smattle raised olligol123 called with his remaining chips. Their down cards were turned over:

olligol123: [4][K] / [2][3][3]
smattle: [9][5] / [6][6][A]

smattle had the edge heading to sixth, though would pick up a [Q] and a third [6] to end up with a Q-9-6-5-A. But that would prove enough as olligol123 picked up a second pair with a [2] on sixth, and after the [8] on the end had but a K-8-4-3-2. smattle had won!

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Congratulations to smattle for besting a huge field of 2,916 to grab the title in first and only Razz event in the inaugural MicroMillions series!

MicroMillions Event #43 ($5.50 Razz) Results (*reflects two-way deal):
1st: smattle ($2,317.96)*
2nd: olligol123 ($1,911.92)*
3rd: opti36 ($1,312.20)
4th: oeli70 ($1,020.60)
5th: B1@ck_He@rt ($729.00)
6th: ostholm ($437.40)
7th: freeyoumind ($291.60)
8th: ramogg ($145.80)

Fan of non-hold'em tourneys? Later in the week come plenty of options for you, including Triple Stud (Event #69), NL Single Draw (#73), NL Omaha Hi/Lo w/extended rebuys (#74), Stud (#78), and limit Omaha hi/lo (#79). Check the full MicroMillions schedule for details.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions