MicroMillions: SMIRKIND smiling after Event #12 win ($1+R NLHE 3x-Turbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngLike yesterday's MicroMillions Event #2, today's Event #12 followed a similar format -- a no-limit hold'em tourney played with a "turbo" structure (5-minute levels) with an inviting $1 buy-in. The tourney likewise allowed rebuys for an extended period of 90 minutes, thereby ensuring wild and woolly play from the get-go.

Players started with 3,000 chips and could rebuy as many times as they liked during that first hour-and-a-half, provided they found themselves with 3,000 or less. For another buck they'd get 3,000 more chips, then the add-on period offered a bargain of 30,000 chips for one more dollar.

Small Buy-in, Big Field

As happened with Event #2 -- won by waterbee174 who outlasted Kenny "SpaceyFCB" Hallaert after the latter had cashed earlier in the day at EPT Madrid -- Event #12 saw a big turnout and a super-sized prize pool that well exceeded the tourney's $75K guarantee.

Take a look at the numbers...

Total entrants: 28,185
Rebuys: 118,203
Add-ons: 12,273

Total Prize Pool: $144,381.51
Places paid: 3,600
1st place prize money: $13,732.90

By the time late registration had closed and the add-on period had ended, there were 13,234 still vying for the title, then led by jony bublle (355,965), STUDENT_BAO (333,385, Bobacadie (315,273).

In the Money

It would take about a half-hour after that -- just past the two-hour mark -- for the cash bubble to burst at which point 3,600 remained. The first cashers all scored $8.66 for a couple of hours' work, but all continued to eye the four- and five-figure paydays awaiting those making the final table.

At that point 10 players had crossed the 1 million-chip mark, led by BRODWEI with a little over 1.57 million, 1bandit45 with about 1.24 million, and Mandre123 right at 1.20 million.

Play continued, and as the field shrunk to less than 1,000 the big stacks got bigger. Along the way Team PokerStars Pro Maxim Lykov -- the only Team Pro to cash in Event #2 -- also became the only one the make the money in Event #12 with a 2,148th-place finish ($14.43).

By then the biggest stack around belonged to ray5000222 who had pushed out in front as the first player to 5 million, with otiko101, jamaicaweed, and Cruel Ego not far behind in the rearview mirror.

The Incredible Shrinking Field

By the time they'd reached the four-hour mark the field had swiftly diminished to 197 players. TOM BISHEP went to that break with the chip lead with 13,355,944, smiddie68 was second with 12,887,594, and tiptop444 third with 12,409,907.

A half-hour later just 100 were left. chicoangel71 had ascended to the top spot with nearly 27 million, with mike10226 and karen19852 the closest competitors, both hovering around 18.5 million.

Soon they were down to 50, with lajka1975 setting the pace with about 52.5 million, chicoangel71 still right there with 46.2 million, and SMIRKIND just over 36.9 million.

Players continued to fall, and before long they were down to two tables. By then mike10226 had catapulted way out ahead of the pack to more than 184 million chips -- more than 100 million better than second-place PK1589.

The next nine eliminations came in short order, during which stretch egor max won a sequence of pots to close in on mike10266 and then grab the lead. The last nine to go before the final table included lajka197th (18th), qra64 (17th), and V-ZaLin (16th), each of whom took away $295.98 for their finishes; chirilaalin (15th), jamaicaweed (14th), and ialnok (13th) who grabbed $418.70 apiece; and Dragonvn87 (12th), PK1589 (11th), and chicoangel71 (10th) who earned $541.43.

Just nine remained.


Seat 1: Killgamers -- 37,305,532
Seat 2: RemasBio -- 29,876,430
Seat 3: FortoViuSam -- 56,154,769
Seat 4: Piskar88 -- 8,982,415
Seat 5: mike10226 -- 182,641,346
Seat 6: SMIRKIND -- 152,812,620
Seat 7: Trigkin -- 32,621,504
Seat 8: Rike Sex -- 81,300,853
Seat 9: egor max -- 225,658,531

Three Quick Ones

On just the fifth hand of the final table, the blinds were 2.25m/4.5m when Trigkin opened with an all-in push for 30,371,504 from UTG and it folded around to Piskar88 who called from the button with the 14,814,830 he had left. The blinds stepped aside, and Trigkin showed 9♠9♥ to Piskar88's A♥Q♥.

The flop came 7♦8♠2♥ and Trigkin's nines were still best. But the A♣ fell on the turn to put Piskar88 out in front. Then came the river -- the 9♦! -- giving Trigkin a set and ousting Piskar88 in ninth.

On the very next hand, Killgamers opened with a minimum-raise to 9 million from middle position and got one caller in FortoViuSam from a couple of seats over. The flop came 5♦4♣A♦, and Killgamers continued with a bet of 9 million. FortoViuSam promptly shoved all in for nearly 60 million -- well more than Killgamers' 14,355,532 -- and Killgamers made the call.

Killgamers had A♣J♦ for top pair of aces, but FortoViuSam had flopped a set with his 5♠5♣. The T♠ turn made the 2♦ river no matter, and Killgamers was out in eighth.

On the hand after that came the third elimination in three hands. This time mike10226 opened for 13.5 million from the cutoff, then Trigkin reraised all in for 50,586,334 from the small blind. The BB folded and mike10226 called, tabling the K♥J♦ to Trigkin's Q♠Q♣.

It was a bad flop for Trigkin, coming 8♥K♦K♠ to give his opponent trips. The A♣ turn and A♦ river improved mike10226 to a full house, and Trigkin was eliminated in seventh.

From 6 to 2

The remaining six players would play a couple of orbits' worth of hands before another knockout came. The blinds had increased to 2.5m/5m when RemasBio open-pushed for 16,382,045 from early position, then SMIRKIND reraised all in from the small blind to force a fold from Rike Sex.

RemasBio: A♦Q♦

RemasBio had the preflop edge, but when the five community cards came 4♠2♣9♠7♣3♠ SMIRKIND had rivered a wheel to send RemasBio to the rail in sixth.

Soon the blinds were 2.75m/5.5m, then came the biggest hand of the tourney thus far, one worth more than 287 million chips!

The hand began with everyone folding around to mike10226 on the button who made it 13.75 million to go. SMIRKIND called the reraise from the small blind, and the pair saw the flop come 7♣9♣9♠.

SMIRKIND checked, and mike10226 took a 39,325,000-chip stab -- a little over the size of the pot. SMIRKIND responded with an all-in push and mike10226 called with the 86 million or so he had left.

SMIRKIND had K♣4♣ for a flush draw while mike10226 held Q♥Q♠. The K♦ on the turn was another card that could take the lead away from mike10226, and the 6♣ on the river sealed it, knocking mike10266 out in fifth. Take a look:

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That hand chipped SMIRKIND just over the 400 million mark, with egor max his nearest challenger with just over 248 million. Rike Sex had third-place chips with about 104 million, and FortoViuSam was last with about 54.7 million.

Those four would play another 30 hands with SMIRKIND continuing to maintain the lead while adding to his stack. Then suddenly in the space of just two hands they went from four to two.

With the blinds 3.5m/7m, SMIRKIND opened with an all-in from the button and RIKE SEX called for 119,203,412 from the small blind. It was A♣K♦ for SMIRKIND and A♦Q♣ for Rike Sex. The flop brought a queen, but a king, too, coming 5♠Q♠K♣. The turn was the 7♥ and the river the 6♠, and Rike Sex was bounced in fourth.

Then, on the next hand, FortoViuSam open-pushed for 55,532,572 from the small blind and SMIRKIND called from the BB, showing K♠4♠ to FortoViuSam's A♦J♦. The flop came 7♦8♠T♠ to give SMIRKIND a spade draw, and the 6♠ completed the flush, making the K♣ on the river inconsequential and ending FortoViuSam's run in third.

Two Players, Three Hands

Heads-up play began with SMIRKIND way ahead with 622,897,175 to egor max's 184,456,825. And on the very first hand of heads-up play SMIRKIND would manage to claim close to half of his opponent's stack to increase his advantage even further.

In that one SMIRKIND limped from the button and egor max called, meaning there was 15.4 million in the middle when the flop came 7♣K♦K♥. Both checked, and when the turn brought the 2♥ egor max pushed out a big bet of 28 million which SMIRKIND called.

The river was the Q♠. This time egor max bet 49 million, and a doubting SMIRKIND called again, turning over 7♦5♦ for kings and sevens. It was a good call, as egor max had but 6♥4♠ and was suddenly down to just under 100 million.

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A small hand followed, then came the tourney's final hand, not quite six hours and 20 minutes after Event #12 had begun.

This time SMIRKIND raised from the button to 14 million and egor max called. Both again checked the 8♦T♥7♦ flop, then when the turn came the 6♠ egor max bet 14 million and SMIRKIND called.

The river brought the 5♦ and a check from egor max. SMIRKIND took the opening to fire 35 million, then egor max check-raised all in with the 78,756,825 he had remaining. SMIRKIND quickly called, showing J♦2♦ for a rivered flush, better than the straight egor max had flopped with 9♥6♦.

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Congratulations to SMIRKIND for topping a huge field of 28,185 and turning a teeny tiny buy-in into a cool $13,732.90 score!

MicroMillions Event #12 ($1+R No-Limit Hold'em, 3x-Turbo) Results:
1st: SMIRKIND ($13,732.90)
2nd: egor max ($10,014.30)
3rd: FortoViuSam ($6,497.16)
4th: Rike Sex ($5,197.73)
5th: mike10226 ($3,898.30)
6th: RemasBio ($2,598.86)
7th: Trigkin ($1,804.76)
8th: Killgamers ($1,227.24)
9th: Piskar88 ($721.90)

Plenty more MicroMillions to go with events running through March 25th. Check the schedule and join the fun!

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions