MicroMillions: Staaken3000 stacks field in Event #9 $2.20 NL Omaha Hi-Lo

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngSometimes you are the windshield. Sometimes you are the bug. Today Staaken3000 was the windshield and everyone else were the bugs. That is just how it goes some days when there is nothing you can do wrong and the cards just seem to fall your way.

The ninth event of the MicroMillions brought the first split pot game to the series It boasted a $10,562.00 prize pool, well over the $5,000 guarantee, that was generated by 5,281 entrants.


Final Table Chip Counts:

Seat 1: GMalex89 (4139250 in chips)
Seat 2: Barfuss82 (1489132 in chips)
Seat 3: Staaken3000 (8705138 in chips)
Seat 4: babak90 (2808344 in chips)
Seat 5: zahei (1290356 in chips)
Seat 6: MissTans (1916598 in chips)
Seat 7: olechia (1237755 in chips)
Seat 8: Walrus91 (682277 in chips)
Seat 9: AloredanaA (4136150 in chips)

Who's the first to go?:

Split pot games generate lots of all-in situations where at one moment your opponent is on the way out the door and the next minute they are pulling in half the pot. This was rather evident when the final table got started with GMalex89 and olechia both getting a portion of the pot when they got all-in to stay alive.

That trend ended when zahei got all-in against MissTans after the two saw a T♠4♥3♥ flop. Zahei had the best of it with A♠J♣T♥T♣ when the cards were flipped over, while MissTans' A♥7♦5♥4♦ was looking for a little help to either get half the pot or even scoop it all. The 6♦ turn brought that assistance and the 8♣ only helped to slightly improve MissTans hand eliminating zahei in 9th place collecting $84.49


A couple quick exits:

The next two hands saw two more players make their exits with olechia going first followed by Walrus91.

Olechia's exit came after seeing the Q♥J♦3♠ flop against Staaken3000 and babak90. First to act and moving all in olechia was called by Staaken3000 while babak90 got out of the way. Staaken3000's A♥J♣6♠3♥ was ahead while the A♠K♥T♣2♣ of olechia had some outs. Unfortunately for olechia none of those outs came as a Q♠ and 6♦ were delivered in that order eliminating olechia who collected $132.02 for their effort.

Walrus91 found himself in a three-way all in pot pre-flop with AloredanaA and babak90, with AloredanaA having both players covered. The cards were revealed with Walrus91 holding A♣A♦Q♠9♣, AloredanaA holding A♠K♣K♥6♠, and babak90 holding A♥9♠3♠2♠. By the time the dust settled the board read K♦8♦4♠2♦7♣, AloredanaA and babak90 each took a portion of the pot and Warus91 collected $237.64.


Half the field is now gone:

After quite a few all-in moments that saw a chip lead Staaken3000 continued on his eliminating ways this time taking down MissTans. The two saw the 9♠8♣5♣ flop with AloredanaA and GMalex89. AloredanaA and Gmalex89 both checked and Staaken3000 made it 1,035,000. MissTans moved all in for 2,641,560 and the other two folded, leaving Staaken3000 to either call or fold. He called and the players cards were revealed, with MissTans holding Q♥J♥8♠8♦ for a flopped middle set and Staaken3000 holding 9♥9♣5♥2♣ for a flopped top set. The 4♥ turn and 5♠ river did nothing to help MissTans eliminating her in fifth place collecting $448.88.

Staaken3000 drops another:

It didn't take Staaken3000 long to find his next victim his way to collecting all the chips. This time it was Barfuss82 who suffered the fate of running into him. It all happened in a three-way pot with the two previously mentioned and AloredanaA. After seeing a A♦J♣8♥ flop Barfuss82 checked to Staaken3000 who bet 1.2 million. AloredanaA called and Barfuss82 moved all in for 3,016,528 total. Both Staaken3000 and AloredanaA called then checked both the K♥ turn and 9♦ river. Barfuss82's T♥5♠3♥2♦ was no good against Staaken3000's A♠T♣9♥4♣ while AloredanaA's cards were mucked. Barfuss82 collected $596.75 for his fourth place effort.


Another one goes down:

The windshield known as Staaken3000 collected another bug as he eliminated GMalex89 in third place. The hand began when AloredanaA limped from the button, Gmalex89 called from the small blind and Staaken3000 checked his option. The three players saw a J♣8♠2♥ flop and Gmalex89 opened to 280,000. Staaken3000 made it 7,420,000, enough to cover both his opponents. AloredanaA folded leaving Gmalex89 who called off his remaining 3,849,750 chips. When the cards were revealed Gmalex89's fate was all but done, as his J♦8♥4♠2♦ needed to catch either running twos, running eights, or running low cards that didn't pair him up in order to stay alive against the K♠J♠J♥4♣ of Staaken3000. The T♦ turn card closed the door eliminating him in third place collecting $871.36.

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Heads-up play:

When heads-up play started AloredanaA asked if Staaken3000 was interested in looking at the numbers for a deal. With the way that he had been running over the table and his current chip count Staaken3000 opted to not enter into that discussion and play resumed.

Seat 3: Staaken3000 (20,051,464 in chips)
Seat 9: AloredanaA (6,353,536 in chips)

The heads-up match only lasted five hands with the pair each winning two of the four hands that led up to the final hand. The final hand began with Staaken3000 raising to 280,000 and getting called by AloredanaA. AloredanaA checked to Staaken3000 after seeing the J♣4♣4♠ flop. Staaken3000 bet 595,000, he was raised to 1,933,750 by AloredanaA and Staaken3000 called. The turn brought the J♠ which brought a 2,231,250 bet from AloredanaA. Staaken3000 raised to 4,462,500. AloredanaA moved all in for 6,287,813 total and Staaken3000 called. AloredanaA was delivered some bad news when the cards were revealed as he saw his Q♠T♣9♥4♥ hand that flopped a set of fours was not as good as the set of jacks that Staaken3000's Q♣J♥6♠3♣ turned. The 7♣ river brought no assistance to AloredanaA who collects $1,230.47 for his second place effort while Staaken3000 collects $1,660.26.


Congrats to Staaken3000 for his win.

Event #9 $2.20 NL Omaha Hi/Lo, $5k GTD - Final Table Results:

1st: Staaken3000 ($1,660.26)
2nd: AloredanaA ($1,230.47)
3rd: GMalex89 ($871.36)
4th: Barfuss82 ($596.75)
5th: MissTans ($448.88)
6th: babak90 ($343.26)
7th: Walrus91 ($237.64)
8th: olechia ($132.02)
9th: zahei ($84.49)

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