MicroMillions: Take note of the Russians

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngLet's first accept a few givens. Russia is big. Russia has a lot of people inside its borders. Russia turns out a lot of good poker players. We know all of that. With those givens stated, it must be said:

Wow, Russia is killing the MicroMillions.

We're now more than 60 events into the MicroMillions and nearly every measurable, important statistic has a Russian flag above it.

Take for instance Swordsman885, aka Andrey Bocharov. The 26-year-old from Moscow has already won more money than anybody else in the MicroMillions. His $33,000 in cashes have him atop the money list, and have him half-thinking about a life change.

"I was looking for a job, but now I think that I will change my mind to the professional poker player side," he said.

He said it with a smile, but there's no denying he's doing well. His cash came by way of the $11 win in the MicroMillions version of the Sunday Storm. It's his biggest win since a $2,500 deep stack win a couple of years go.

"I plan to take a part into RPS Kiev and maybe some another live events. And of course I won't play any more micro-limits," he said. "Now I plan to play $11-55 tourneys regularly, because I'll have a lot of time. I'm very glad to be free and not depend on the work. I may travel where I want when I want. This is great."



Meanwhile, the top of the Player of the Series leaderboard belongs to mother Russia, too. Russian AleksS69 has cashed in 21 of the 55 events he's played. That makes him the points-leader in the Player of the Series race and the player with the most cashes so far.

So far, Russia has cashed for $687,470, nearly $200,000 more than the second-place country, Germany. That money comes from 16,566 cashes and 78 final tables, the most of any country in the event by a significant margin.

There are several reasons for this, the Russians' talent for the game being among easiest to recognize. Of course, there is also the fact there are simply more Russians playing.

Here's how the entry and championship numbers for the top five countries look:


  • Russia: 135,810 (14 wins)
  • Germany: 93,347 (7 wins)
  • Spain: 65,035 (5 wins)
  • Canada: 64,741(2 wins)
  • United Kingdom: 51,810 (5 wins)
  • The MicroMillions continues through this weekend. The $22 main event with the $1 million guaranteed prize pool could change the statistics significantly, but for right now, the Russians are clearly in control.

    You can follow all the action on our MicroMillions coverage page. For satellite and schedule information, visit the PokerStars MicroMillions home page.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in MicroMillions